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Kuruna: ...

Micah: Kuruna?

Kuruna: Y-Yes?

Start of First Unity Festival

Kuruna: Comrade!

*pant pant*... I deeply apologize for my tardiness!

Did I keep you waiting?

Micah: No, I just got here too, actually.

Kuruna: Oh, that's a relief! Shall we, then?

Micah: I'll lead the way!

Kuruna: Thanks again for agreeing to accompany me today. It means a lot.

<Both of them moves to the street by 'Blaise's Diner'>

Micah: Is something wrong? Kuruna: I've just been thinking... After everything I've said about the Hornless, am I really welcome? Are you sure I won't be causing any trouble?

Micah: Don't worry about it. Everyone's accepted you. You'd cause more trouble if you DIDN'T come!

Kuruna: You have a point there. Thanks for standing by me! As long as you're here, I know the Unity Festival will go well.

Micah: You're welcome!

<Both of them moves to the center of the Plaza>

Micah: Kuruna, please wait by the tree.

Kuruna: With pleasure.

Micah: Wells, I believe you've got something to say? Wells: Indeed I do. Today is a watershed event for our two communities. At long last, we have begun the reconciliation process. This is a cause for trepidation... but also celebration! Everyone, have fun... in moderation!

Micah: And... Kuruna, I believe you have something to say now?

Kuruna: I do. Greetings, Hornless! I am Kuruna. I'm the univir elder. I oversee every single decision in our settlement. And despite that, I had opposed the Unity Festival until the very end. But my mind and heart were closed. I did not see the Hornless as anything but savages. But I don't see savage in front of me. Instead, I feel kindness.

Micah: Thanks, Kuruna. I know that had to be hard for you. It's time to begin the Unity Festival! I hope everyone has a great time today!

<Screen fades>

Kuruna: I have a request, comrade.

Micah: What is it? Kuruna: I'd like to meet all the Hornless in town. Could you introduce me?

Micah: Of course!

Kuruna: Let's go then! It's time to meet some Hornless!

  • Note that this request is optional and can be cancel anytime. It's only for the fun of having multiple characters talks at once.

Just Kuruna

Kuruna: I'm relieved at how kind the hornless are.


Micah: This is Wells, the town mayor.

Kuruna: I bid you the warmest of greetings, Hornless Leader!

Wells: And I bid you the warmest of greetings as well! Hmm... Aren't you a little... young to be an "elder"?

Kuruna: I'm actually older than you.

Wells: Ah, that's right. the univir are quite long-lived. I should've known better.

Kuruna: No, I don't mind. I take that it as a compliment.

Micah: (Kuruna seems... mellow!)


Shino: It's nice to meet you, Horn Woman. I'm Shino.

Kuruna: It's Kuruna. I'm the univir elder.

Shino: Well, I'm from out of town, so I don't even know or care about what happened between you and the humans. I'm just happy to meet some new neighbors!

Kuruna: Me too!

Shino: You'll stop by our bath, won't you, Kuruna?

Kuruna: I'll try to make some time.


Kuruna: I'm Kuruna, the univir elder over at the settlement. And you are...?

Hazel: I'm Hazel. I run the general store.

Kuruna: Ah, you run it all by yourself?

Hazel: No, I actually have-- On second thought, yes. Yes, I do run it all by myself.

Kuruna: Uh... I get the feeling I'm not getting the whole story here.

Hazel: What did I do to deserve this?! Didn't I raise her right...?

Kuruna: Raise who right?

Micah: Uh, let's get out of here, Kuruna!


Kuruna: Pleased to meet you. I'm Kuruna, the univir elder.

Sherman: Wrong! This isn't our first time meeting!

Kuruna: What?! We've met before?

Sherman: Indeed! It's been a long time, Horn Girl!

Kuruna: I'm pretty sure I would've remembered someone who called me "Horn Girl"...

Micah: Sherman has an... odd way of communicating, to say the least! Just flip what he says to the opposite!

Kuruna: That defies logic!

Sherman: The feeling is mutual! It's like passing a kidney stone to meet you, Horn Girl!

Kuruna: I... should get out of here before my brain turns to mush!


Colette: N-N-Nice to meet you! I-I-I-I...

Kuruna: Please calm down. There is no reason to be nervous. Why don't we just have some fun?

Colette: O-Okay! Y-Y-You're right!

Kuruna: ...


Marian: Hey, is your horn like a tooth? Where you have a new one grow in?

Kuruna: No. It grows as our body grows.

Marian: Hmm. Too bad.

Kuruna: Why?

Marian: Horns have a lot of properties so they're great for making medicine. But they don't get any new ones that grow in. That's just too bad...

Kuruna: ...

Micah: P-Please don't mind her. It's just the way she is.


Kuruna: I'm Kuruna, the univir elder. Nice to meet you!

Karina: Karina. Hi.

Micah: Karina works at the general store.

Kuruna: Ah it's good to see the Hornless value a strong work ethic!

Micah: I wouldn't reach that conclusion if I were you. At least in Karina's case.

Karina: (Hey, don't spill my secret.)

Micah: (I don't think that's much of a secret.)


Kuruna: I'm Kuruna, the univir elder.

Sofia: It's been a while! I'm Sofia.

Kuruna: Uh... have we met?

Sofia: I can't wait to start a long, meaningful frienship with you!

Kuruna: But... you said we'd already met?

Sofia: Please come by when you're busy! We can hit the town!

Kuruna: How can we hit the town if I'm busy...?


Kuruna: Nice to meet you. I'm Kuruna.

Raven: ... I'm Raven. 

Raven: ...

Kuruna: I'm the univir elder.

Raven: I work at our weapon shop.

Raven: ...

Kuruna: ...

Kuruna: Do you... hate me?

Raven: ... No.


Gaius: Hi, nice to meet you, Horn Lady!

Micah: Gaius is a dwarf, and he's also the town blacksmith.

Gaius: It's not a job. It's a lifestyle.

Kuruna: You're so humble. I can't believe that you and Zaid are both dwarves!

Micah: I'm not sure about the whole "humble" thing...

Gaius: Yeah, it's more that I'm too lazy to go outside. I get bored doing anything but forging.

Kuruna: How could you not want to experience nature's bounty?!

Micah: Don't try to figure Gaius out. That's just how he rolls.


Evelyn: Nice to meet you! I'm Evelyn.

Kuruna: Salutation. I'm Kuruna, the univir elder. Evelyn, your clothes... defy description.

Evelyn: Thank you! I design them all myself! And I'll make you some clothes as well, Kuruna!

Kuruna: I'm... not sure if I want that.


Sakuya: Uh... hello, Horn Woman.

Kuruna: My name is Kuruna.

Sakuya: Oh, I didn't mean any disrespect! I'm Sakuya. Oh, by the way, I have a question about that thingie on your shoulder!

Kuruna: What about him?

Sakuya: Have you thought of using him as a ventriloquist's dummy? I bet it'd be a real moneymaker!

Kuruna: A ventriloquist's dummy?



Pia: ...

Kuruna: Oh, um...

Pia: Horn!

Kuruna: What?!

Pia: So cool! I bet you're fast swimmers! Oh, but if you swam in the bath-- It'd be way dangerous?!

Kuruna: Huh...?!


Carlos: The Unity Festival's started, bro'! I'm getting a little nervous!

Micah: You always seem so laid-back!

Carlos: So who's Horn Babe?

Kuruna: Ahem! I'm Kuruna, the univir elder.

Carlos: Cool. 'Sup, elder? I'm Carlos. I run a fishing resort with my sister. Bring your horn on down and get to fishin'!

Kuruna: I will, uh, take your suggestion under advisement.


Carmen: The Unity Festival's started. I'm a little nervous!

Micah: That's usually the case when you've never done something before. I mean, I'm nervous, too!

Carmen: Well, I guess it's nice to know I'm not the only one...

Kuruna: Ahem! I'm Kuruna, the univir elder. Nice to meet you!

Carmen: G-Good to meet you! I'm Carmen! I run a fishing resort with my brother. It's uh, nice to meet you.

Carmen: ... And that's all I got. Anyway, stop by our resort, Horn Chick!

Kuruna: I'll... consider it.


Kuruna: I'm Kuruna, the univir elder. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Marjorie: I'm Marjorie. It's nice to finally meet you. After all, I've heard rumors about you even when I was a little girl!

Kuruna: ... I'm sorry.

Marjorie: No, I should be apologizing, Kuruna.

Kuruna: Why do you say that?

Marjorie: Because I hated you. Without even knowing why. Just because I was told to hate.

Kuruna: Don't feel bad. It was the same with me.

Marjorie: I never thought of it that way... And just think! All we had to do was talk. And I hope we get the chance to do that a lot more in the future!

Kuruna: That would be really nice, Marjorie.


Daria: Welcome, Kuru!

Kuruna: K-Kuru...?!

Daria: What's that red thing? Is that part of you hair, Kuru?

Kuruna: NO! Why would you think that?!

Daria: Oh, a horn. Can I touch it? Paint it? Carve it? Draw it?

Kuruna: W-Why are you just standing there smiling?! Who IS this crazy lady?!

Micah: This is Daria. be careful, She's kinda... dangerous.

Kuruna: Why didn't you WARN me?!


Rusk: Hey, Horn Chick. I'm Rusk.

Kuruna: I'm Kuruna, the univir elder.

Rusk: So... I know this is out of nowhere, but what kind of food do you like?

Kuruna: Hmm... Cake and Yam Dessert are amazing... And one bite of Chocolate Cake is just pure bliss!

Rusk: Yeah! Yeah! Chocolate!

Kuruna: Mmm... Just thinking of it makes my mouth WATER!

Rusk: And my eyes water that I'm not eating it THIS VERY SECOND!

Micah: They're really hitting it off!


Blaise: I'm Blaise. Good to meet you.

Kuruna: I'm Kuruna, the univir elder. What do you do in town?

Blaise: I'm the head chef! If you want the best in human cuisine, stop on by!

Kuruna: Interesting. Do you have any... cake?

Blaise: Do I EVER!

Kuruna: Oh. this is certainly an... interesting development. Yes, most interesting. Perhaps I will stop by!


Kuruna: I'm Kuruna, the univir elder. Nice to meet you!

Monica: I'm Monica!

Kuruna: Hmm... It appears Hornless children are much cuter than I had lead to believe.

Monica: Your horn is pretty!

Kuruna: You... really think so?

Monica: It is! It's so... sharp! I wish I had a horn, too!


Kuruna: I'm Kuruna, the univir elder.

Shara: I'm Shara. Nive to meet you!

Kuruna: Nice to meet you, too. Shara. What do you do here in town?

Shara: I work in my grandfather's flower shop.

Kuruna: Is that where the bouquet was made?

Shara: Actually... I made that myself.

Kuruna: You did? It... moved me tremendously.

Shara: Thanks, but I still have a lot to learn.

Kuruna: If that's the case, I can't wait to see your next arrangement! I've never seen flowers exude such... emotion before. it was truly a cathartic experience.

Shara: I'm glad I was able to be a part of bringing our communities together.


Kuruna: How are you doing, Zaid? Are you enjoying yourself?

Zaid: Don't worry, Kuruna! I got this!

Kuruna: ... What does that even mean, Zaid? Just make sure you behave, okay?

Zaid: I'll be good.


Ondorus: Thank you for everything.

Kuruna: Thank you, Ondorus. Hmm...

Ondorus: What's wrong?

Kuruna: I have caused you so much anguish.

Ondorus: Don't worry about it. I was merely waiting for the moment your conscience would awaken.

Kuruna: Thank you for your patience.


"-Are you...serious, comrade?"

"~Kuruna... Will you Marry me?"


"-Why were you making me wait this long?"


"~I love you, Kuruna!"

"-I love you, too... Micah."

"-I never thought I'd find such happiness with the Hornless..."

"-(But to be honest, I always secretly yearned for It.)"

Rescue after last boss

"-I'm sorry..."

"-It's all my fault..."

"~You don't need to apologize"

"-This was my penance for shunning the Hornless for so long..."

"-It was all my fault. All of It."

"~Don't worry about It."


"~All I cared about was finding you"

"~I trust you completely!"

"~And I've never stopped loving you!"

"-Thank you, Micah..."

"~Ready to go home? (Take her in arms)

"-That sounds like an excellent plan."

After married

Dear: "-Hey dear"

Honey: "-Hey Honey"

Sweetie: "-Hey sweetie!"