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"I'm Kuruna, the proud elder of Univir Settlement. My duty is to defend this land with my blood. What's yours, comrade?"

Kuruna (クルルファ, Cururufa) is stoic and dignified, as she is the elder of the settlement.

She is also shown as kind and caring towards monsters, letting monsters live in the settlement. Her pet is a fire spirit named Will. She is friends with Ondorus and Zaid, and will later befriend both Shara and Monica.

Before you know her name it will be shown as "Horned Girl". Until the Unity Festival, if you go to the settlement as a human, she'll kick you out. She, along with Daria, are the oldest bachlorettes that Micah can marry.

Although Kuruna can sew, if Micah gives her any type of fabric, she will think of it as junk.

On random days, when Micah talks to Kuruna, there will be a bright light emitted by her. When Micah questions it, Kuruna replies that she is healing herself using Cure magic

In the main story, Ondorus suggests that Micah use something to change Kuruna's heart so shell be friendly towards humans. The Love Potion is possibly the only powerful enough gift, but it cannot change Kuruna's mind; only her Friendship level.


Battle Information


  • Default Weapon: Ice Staff
  • Gift Weapon Type: Staff

Techniques: Shamanic Elder

  • Kuruna traverses around the battlefield while adjusting her distance before casting variety types of elemental magics such as Big Fire, Screw Rock, Delta Laser, Sonic Wind, Dual Sonic and Pierce Sonic. She casts spells depending on her distance between her and the target.

[Melee]>Stonebust[Screw Rock] (usually)

[Mid-range to Long]>Flaraze and Tresarain[Big Fire and Delta Laser] (sparringly)

[Long]>Mirage Cyclone[Sonic Wind, Dual Sonic or Pierce Sonic] (sparringly)

[Melee to Mid-range]>Leader Force (regular attack)

Supportive: Cure All

  • Kuruna casts Cure All when her HP is low, and she prefers healing magic arts than medicinal arts. PS: don't hand her any medicines, her HP will drop instead of restored.

[Self]>Cure All (self HP below 40%/50%)

Special Skill: Twilight Horizon

  • Kuruna cast a Light elemental spell to judge foes. Emits two or four lights circles which spins from the user afar and wide, that is the Illusion Sun and Twilight Horizon damages enemies which are in range, also effective when surrounded, but usually misses. This skill is similar to Faust's Wisps of Deception spell, but Kuruna doesn't spin while casting it.

[Mid-range and Long]>Twilight Horizon (sparringly with Mirage Cyclone)

[Mid-range and Long]>Illusion Sun (rarely)


"-Are you...serious, comrade?"

"~Kuruna... Will you Marry me?"


"-Why were you making me wait this long?"


"~I love you, Kuruna!"

"-I love you, too... Micah."

"-I never thought I'd find such hapiness with the Hornless..."

"-(But to be honest, I always secretly yearned for It.)"

Rescue after last boss

"-I'm sorry..."

"-It's all my fault..."

"~You don't need to apologize"

"-This was my penance for shunning the Hornless for so long..."

"-It was all my fault. All of It."

"~Don't worry about It."


"~All I cared about was finding you"

"~I trust you completely!"

"~And I've never stopped loving you!"

"-Thank you, Micah..."

"~Ready to go home? (Take her in arms)

"-That sounds like an excellent plan."

After married

Dear: "-Hey dear"

Honey: "-Hey Honey"

Sweetie: "-Hey sweetie!"


  • Kuruna is one of the oldest characters in Rune Factory 3, the other being Ondorus , Daria and Wells.
  • Like Blaise and Rusk , Kuruna adores sweets, but always tries to hide the fact of it.
  • Kuruna in Turkish means 'rate'.