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Kuruna (クルルファ, Cururufa) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



She is also shown as kind and caring towards monsters, letting monsters live in the settlement. Her pet is a fire spirit named Will.


Kuruna has light complexion with mischievous-looking face. Kuruna has light blue eyes that she pairs with glasses on it. Her light green hair is styled loose with a little curls at the end. She has a white horn on her forehead.


In the main story, Ondorus suggests that Micah use something to change Kuruna's heart so she'll be friendly towards humans. The Love Potion is possibly the only powerful enough gift, but it cannot change Kuruna's mind; only her Friendship level.

Before Micah know her name it will be shown as "Horned Girl". Until the Unity Festival, if Micah go to the settlement as a human, she'll kick him out. She, along with Daria, are the oldest bachlorettes that Micah can marry.

Although Kuruna can sew, if Micah gives her any type of fabric, she will think of it as junk.

On random days, when Micah talks to Kuruna, there will be a bright light emitted by her. When Micah questions it, Kuruna replies that she is healing herself using Cure magic.


Kuruna: A favor{end}

[000000E2] Kuruna: Move here{end}

[000000E3] Kuruna: Desert tour{end}

[000000E4] Kuruna: Food...{end}

[000000E5] Kuruna: Escort me{end}

[000000E6] Kuruna: Go with me{end}

[000000E7] Kuruna: Cookie{end}

[000000E8] Kuruna: Strange lately{end}

[000000E9] Kuruna: Take a walk{end}

[000000EA] Kuruna: Owlvin's...{end}

[000000EB] Kuruna: Please help!{end}

[000000EC] Kuruna: My cake...{end}

A Favor

Requirements: Love at level 1

Found at : Owl at Univir Settlement
Description : We are almost out of fish. Could someone help me?
Objective :Catch the following fish from each season and give them to


Reward: 3 Water Crystal

Move here

Found at : Owl at Univir Settlement

Description : Would you like to live with us? We will make a place for you. Please think about it
Objective : Talk to Kuruna
Reward : Secret Shoes

Kuruna asks that Micah live at the settlement. He refuses, saying that there are too many other things outside of the desert, even if there are hornless. She says she never left the desert and asks what draws him to it. He'll either answer "The pretty sky," Kuruna, or nothing. No matter what he answers, she says she won't give up on him and rewards him with Secret Shoes.

Desert tour

Found at : Owl at Univir Settlement

Description : Please come see me. I will show you how wonderful the desert is.
Objective : Travel to the Sol Terrano : Star Dunes (Eye Catcher of Sol Terrano located west of entrance) with Kuruna.
Reward : Recovery Potion, Extended Mag


Found at : Owl in Univir Settlement

Description : Could someone... come see me?
Objective : Cook Kuruna Roasted Yam. (She will give you the

recipe if you do not have it.)

Reward : 3 Cooking Bread+

Escort Me

Requirements: Love Lv 5 and after Unity Festival

Found at: Mailbox
Description: I want to say hello. Would you come with me?
Objective: Talk to Wells with Kuruna then head back to the Univir Settlement.
Reward: Silver Staff

Go with me


Requirements: Love Lv 7 and after Unity Festival

Found at: Mailbox
Description: Um, could you make me a chocolate cookie?
Objective: Make Kuruna a Chocolate Cookie (recipe will be given by Kuruna)
Reward: Proof of Wisdom

Strange Lately

Requirements : Love Lv 8 and after Unity Festival

Found at   : Mailbox
Description   : I've been feeling strange since meeting you. Why is that...?
Objective     : Talk to Kuruna, then speak to Ondorus and then talk to Kuruna again.
Reward        : None

Take a walk

Requirements : Love Lv 9 and after Unity Festival

Found at   : Mailbox
Description    : Would you like to take a walk? I'd like to see the Sharance Tree and the sea
Objective     : Talk to Kuruna and go to the entrance of the Sharance Tree. Then go to the town plaza.
Reward       : None


She is friends with Ondorus and Zaid, and will later befriend both Shara and Monica.


Loved Kuruna: Chocolate?! Yay.♪
Micah: I am so happy.
Kuruna: Th-Thank you very much.
Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Hot Chocolate
Liked Is this for me?! I'm so moved!
Neutral Kuruna: Is this a present? Thank you. Although {{{1}}} would have been nice.
Micah: What? Yes?
Kuruna: N-No! Never mind!
Sword Seed, Fruit, Relax Tea
Disliked Kuruna: This is harassment! I can't be happy about a {{{1}}} I {{{1}}}. Presents are supposed to make the recipient happy.
Micah: What are the types of things that you like?
Kuruna: Let's see... I rather like {{{1}}}...
Failed, Trash, Antidote Potion



  • Default Weapon: Ice Staff
  • Gift Weapon Type: Staff

Techniques: Shamanic Elder

  • Kuruna traverses around the battlefield while adjusting her distance before casting variety types of elemental magics such as Big Fire, Screw Rock, Delta Laser, Sonic Wind, Dual Sonic and Pierce Sonic. She casts spells depending on her distance between her and the target.

[Melee]>Stonebust[Screw Rock] (usually)

[Mid-range to Long]>Flaraze and Tresarain[Big Fire and Delta Laser] (sparringly)

[Long]>Mirage Cyclone[Sonic Wind, Dual Sonic or Pierce Sonic] (sparringly)

[Melee to Mid-range]>Leader Force (regular attack)

Supportive: Cure All

  • Kuruna casts Cure All when her HP is low, and she prefers healing magic arts than medicinal arts. PS: don't hand her any medicines, her HP will drop instead of restored.

[Self]>Cure All (self HP below 40%/50%)

Special Skill: Twilight Horizon

  • Kuruna cast a Light elemental spell to judge foes. Emits two or four lights circles which spins from the user afar and wide, that is the Illusion Sun and Twilight Horizon damages enemies which are in range, also effective when surrounded, but usually misses. This skill is similar to Faust's Wisps of Deception spell, but Kuruna doesn't spin while casting it.

[Mid-range and Long]>Twilight Horizon (sparringly with Mirage Cyclone)

[Mid-range and Long]>Illusion Sun (rarely)





  • Kuruna in Turkish means 'rate'.
  • She shares the same birthday as Wesley from Rune Factory.


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