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Kuruna (クルルファ, Kururufa, Cururufa[1] is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Kuruna is the earnest, dignified leader of the Univir settlement. As the elder, she will go to any lengths to protect her settlement from danger. Her loyalty to the settlement is matched only by her hidden passion for sweets and, initially, her aversion to the human race. She is diligent in her duties, serious in character and formal in manner, but also very assertive and resolute in her opinions. She is immensely proud of her lineage and heritage. Despite having lived for centuries, Kuruna’s outlook is surprisingly rather narrow—the desert is all she has ever known, and her experiences in the world are just as limited.

She is always caring towards monsters, welcoming them all with open arms. Monsters bring out a somewhat maternal side to her. On the other hand, Kuruna is hostile towards humans due to an interracial feud dating back centuries ago, referring to them as the ‘Hornless’, and believes them to be the vilest creatures. Her settlement serves as a sanctuary for all monsters, so that the evils of humans can’t reach them. Over the course of the story, she learns to cast aside her prejudices against humans and even become friends with some of them.


Kuruna has a small face with a pointed chin and a light complexion. She wears glasses over her light blue eyes. Her light green hair is styled loose with little curls at the end. On her forehead is a white horn, which is the univir's source of magical powers.


Kuruna was chosen to become the elder at a young age by her ancestors. As such, she was trained in the healing arts, like her predecessors.

Before the Unity Festival, whenever Micah attempts to enter the settlement in his human form, Kuruna immediately kicks him out. She opposes attending the Unity Festival and refuses to talk to Micah after he reveals that he is half-human. In the main story, Ondorus suggests that Micah use something to change Kuruna's heart so she'll be friendly towards humans. It is only through the combined efforts of the townspeople that Kuruna finally decides to give them a chance.


Kuruna: A favor
Kuruna: Move here
Kuruna: Desert tour
Kuruna: Food...
Kuruna: Escort me
Kuruna: Go with me
Kuruna: Cookie
Kuruna: Strange lately
Kuruna: Take a walk
Kuruna: [Simple Request] Owlvin's...
Kuruna: [Simple Request] Please help!
Kuruna: [Simple Request] My cake...

Request 1: A Favor

We are almost out of fish. Could someone help me?

Location: Owl at Univir Settlement
Objective: Catch the following fish from each season and give them to Kuruna.
Reward: Water Crystal x3

Request 2: Move here

Would you like to live with us? We will make a place for you. Please think about it

Location: Owl
Objective: Talk to Kuruna.
Reward: Secret Shoes

Kuruna asks that Micah live at the settlement. He refuses, saying that there are too many other things outside of the desert, even if there are hornless. She says she never left the desert and asks what draws him to it. He'll either answer "The pretty sky", "Kuruna," or "nothing". No matter what he answers, she says she won't give up on him, and she leaves him a gift to take home with him.

Request 3: Desert tour

Please come see me. I will show you how wonderful the desert is.

Location: Owl
Objective: Travel to Sol Terrano: Star Dunes with Kuruna.
Reward: Recovery Potion

Request 4: Food...

Could someone... come see me?

Location: Owl
Objective: Cook Kuruna Roasted Yam.
Reward: Cooking Bread+ x3
Note: Kuruna provides the recipe for Roasted Yam.

Request 5: Escort me

I want to say hello. Would you come with me?

Unlock:5 | Held the Unity Festival
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Talk to Wells with Kuruna, then head back to the Univir Settlement.
Reward: Silver Staff

Request 6: Go with me

Could you take me to that flower field?

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Take Kuruna to Privera: Flower Field.
Reward: None

Request 7: Cookie

Um, could you make me a chocolate cookie?

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Make Kuruna a Chocolate Cookie.
Reward: Proof of Wisdom
Note: Kuruna provides the recipe for Chocolate Cookie

Request 8: Strange lately

I've been feeling strange since meeting you. Why is that...?

Unlock: ❤ 8
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Talk to Kuruna, then speak to Ondorus and then talk to Kuruna again.
Reward: None

Request 9: Take a walk

Would you like to take a walk? I'd like to see the Sharance Tree and the sea.

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Talk to Kuruna and go to the entrance of the Sharance Tree. Then go to the town plaza.
Reward: None, or a step forward in Micah and Kuruna's relationship.


Having known Ondorus for decades, they are close childhood friends. When they were young, they would often sneak away from home to gaze out at the vastness of the desert and the stars in the sky. Back then, the Star Dunes felt like their secret hideout. Now, as well as being a close friend, Ondorus acts as an advisor to her, as she often seeks his counsel and trusts his knowledge. Ondorus has shown some brotherly concern where matters personally concern Kuruna—naturally, she can’t stand it when he decides to needlessly meddle, and his tendency to be too soft on others irks her to no end. While both of them are serious and practical, her overall worldview greatly differs from that of Ondorus, narrowed by passion for her duty and, for most of the game, her prejudice for humans, as she single-mindedly pursues her way of life.

Alongside Ondorus, Kuruna is somewhat of a guardian figure for Zaid, scolding him for his rash behaviour and poor living habits. She sometimes has to mend his clothes. While she’s stern, she ultimately does trust him in times of trouble. Zaid is also the one who found her pet, Will.

Will is a fire spirit who always travels on Kuruna's shoulder. He is loud and uncouth, but Kuruna gladly looks after him, and he is strongly attached to her.

Later in the game, Kuruna befriends Shara and Monica. Shara’s kindness endears her to Kuruna. Upon discovering that they both had similar upbringings, they foster a friendly relationship, and Kuruna begins to stroll around town with her and her sister during festivals. Kuruna’s maternal side also emerges around Monica, who she clearly adores.


Loved Kuruna: Chocolate?! Yay.♪
Micah: I am so happy.
Kuruna: Th-Thank you very much.
Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Hot Chocolate.pngHot Chocolate
Liked Is this for me?! I'm so moved!
Neutral Kuruna: Is this a present? Thank you. Although sweets would have been nice.
Micah: What? Yes?
Kuruna: N-No! Never mind!
Sword Seed, Fruit, Relax Tea
Disliked Kuruna: This is harassment! I can't be happy about a present I dislike. Presents are supposed to make the recipient happy.
Micah: What are the types of things that you like?
Kuruna: Let's see... I rather like sweets...
Failed, Trash, Antidote Potion



  • Default Weapon: Ice Staff
  • Gift Weapon Type: Staff

Techniques: Shamanic Elder

  • Kuruna traverses around the battlefield while adjusting her distance before casting variety types of elemental magics such as Big Fire, Screw Rock, Delta Laser, Sonic Wind, Dual Sonic and Pierce Sonic. She casts spells depending on her distance between her and the target.

[Melee]>Stonebust[Screw Rock] (usually)

[Mid-range to Long]>Flaraze and Tresarain[Big Fire and Delta Laser] (sparringly)

[Long]>Mirage Cyclone[Sonic Wind, Dual Sonic or Pierce Sonic] (sparringly)

[Melee to Mid-range]>Leader Force (regular attack)

Supportive: Cure All

  • Kuruna casts Cure All when her HP is low, and she prefers healing magic arts than medicinal arts. PS: don't hand her any medicines, her HP will drop instead of restored.

[Self]>Cure All (self HP below 40%/50%)

Special Skill: Twilight Horizon

  • Kuruna cast a Light elemental spell to judge foes. Emits two or four lights circles which spins from the user afar and wide, that is the Illusion Sun and Twilight Horizon damages enemies which are in range, also effective when surrounded, but usually misses. This skill is similar to Faust's Wisps of Deception spell, but Kuruna doesn't spin while casting it.

[Mid-range and Long]>Twilight Horizon (sparringly with Mirage Cyclone)

[Mid-range and Long]>Illusion Sun (rarely)





  • Kuruna in Turkish means 'rate'.
  • Before Micah knows her name, it will be shown as "Horned Girl".
  • She, along with Daria, are the oldest bachelorettes that Micah can marry.
  • Although Kuruna can sew, if Micah gives her any type of fabric, she will think of it as junk.
  • On random days, when Micah talks to Kuruna, there will be a bright light emitted by her. When Micah questions it, Kuruna replies that she is healing herself using Cure magic.
  • Her favourite season is Winter, partially because that's when her birthday is.
  • After marriage, she resigns from her position as elder and hands over her duties to Ondorus.
  • She shares the same birthday as Wesley from Rune Factory and Julian from Rune Factory 5.