"Did you know? No one wants dead grass... Heh... But it always ends up like that. Nothing more, nothing less."

Kross (クロス, Cross) is a character in Rune Factory: Frontier.


Favorite Gift: Cat Tail

Likes: Warrior Medals

Hates: Curry Powder


Normal Schedule
6am - 9am Kross's House
9am - 6pm South District
6pm - 6am Kross's House
Monday-Friday (Raining)
6am - 9am Kross's House
9am - 3pm St. Poli Church
3pm - 6am Kross's House
6am - 9am Kross's House
9am - 12pm Homestead
12pm - 6pm St. Poli Church
6pm - 6am Kross's House
Holiday (Raining)
6am - 3pm Kross's House
3pm - 4pm Laga Springs
4pm - 6am Kross's House


Template:Spoiler Prior to moving to Trampoli, Kross was a soldier in the Sechs army named Weber. He repeatedly mentioned a desire to leave and start up a farm somewhere, and eventually did just that, going AWOL and fleeing the country. His past will be brought to light when his old claims cause Brodik to mistake you for him. After you've grown close to him, he'll allow you to see his hidden room where he keeps his gear from his time as a soldier.


  • Before you know Kross's name, it will be shown as Soft Spoken man.
  • He used to live in a town that had monsters in it.
  • He seems to have his own theme.
  • When he sings, his songs he will usually end up with a tear in his eye.
  • For some reason, he is invisible to Anette.
  • His original name is mentioned in by Aden in Tides of Destiny prior to being brought to a different world.
  • Kross shares the same birthday as Douglas from Rune Factory 2.