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General Dialogue

  • Kiel: I should go ask Bado...
    ...if he's really sure of that thing. You know, about making sure Forte's sword breaks again.
  • Frey: Wha...?

  • Kiel: Forte's always running around, right?
    She never rests. She often says
    she won't stop moving until her
    sword breaks. Sooo...
  • I wish she'd worry about herself
    a little more often, though.
    Like, at all!"
    • Actually, it seems like she's
      been changing a little these
    • According to Vishnal, she started
      asking others for help.
    • I guess she realized she's not
      the only person who wants to
      protect this town.

  • Kiel: I guess magic just isn't for
  • Certain people will never learn
    to use it properly.
  • But I'm sure that as long as you
    keep trying, you can master it.
  • Frey: Is that also from a book?
  • Kiel: Nope!
    It's good advice, though, don't
    you think?

Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Look at this book that I just
bought! ♪"
"How To Make Any Food Delicious"?
"I can't wait to put it to the
"You know that book I bought, ""How
To Make Any Food Delicious""?
I was so excited to try it out..."
Uh-oh. No good?
Take a look at the first page.
"""Step One: Starve yourself for
a significant amount of time."""
"See? Its methods are faulty
from the very first sentence!"
"When I see someone who's reading
a book that I know, it makes me
want to talk to them."
It just feels kind of special.
"I hope that I can talk about
my favorite books with
@子供ちゃん@ some day."
"I heard there's a new sword for
"Something like...a sword that
brings strength to whosoever
wields it?"
"No, it's a +sword that brings
wealth+ to whosoever sells it!"
"I guess I should stop spreading
all these rumors."
I should warn @子供ちゃん@.
...Hmm? Something wrong?
I heard a rumor about a knight...
"...who's running around town in
an effort to halt the spread of
"Not that scampering around town
is surprising behavior from
Forte, of course!"
"Hmm? Is there something on my
Hmm? What's the matter?
Nothing, really.
Your sister...
"That's too bad. I was thinking I
could lend an ear if you were having
any problems. "
"But then again, maybe it's a good
thing! I am pretty busy today, after
all. "
Did something happen to her?!
Uh, well, not really...
Phew! That's a relief.
Oh, you know what?
"...Never mind. Now's not the
Um, @しゅじんこうくん@?
"Doesn't it bother you when people
stop talking in the middle of a
Yes, very much.
Not especially.
I know, right?!
"Oh, that's it. I didn't really
have anything else to add."
"Me, I'd keep wondering what it
could've been about."
Are you interested in books?
"I have a ton in my house! I'll
let you borrow some if you want."
"I'll even bake you some nice sweets
to go along with them. What's a good
book without a nice snack? ♪"
Oh no...
"I was hoping we'd like the same
"Did you know that Arthur is a big
fan of cutesy things?"
"When I told Bado about it, he
rushed out in quite a hurry."
I wonder what he's up to...
"Do you like sweets,
Me too!
"Not that it really matters,
I guess..."
I see...
"What if something looks just like
a cake, but tastes really spicy?"
Even when it's ordinary soil...
"...if you look closely at it,
you'll be able to see a lot of
extra detail."
"The same can be said for human
beings, you know?"
"How are the fields,
"Oh, I know! Why don't we go check
them out together?"
You, me and @子供ちゃん@! ♪
"I'd have fun going anywhere with
you. ♪"
"Would you take me with you
"I want to observe the power of
the soil!"
"Let's see... When I go home
today, I'm doing the cooking..."
"...then delivering food to
"...and then helping Forte
practice her own cooking."
"Oh yeah, and I have to finish
the laundry before that, too! ♪"
You look so happy, @キール@.
"Oh yeah, and I have to finish
the laundry before that, too! ♪"
"You seem like you're having fun,
"Neither Forte nor Bado can do
any housework."
"But Forte's been making an effort
these days."
And Bado's her guinea pig.
"I wonder what they'll do when I
get married."
"...Not that I'm planning to any
time soon, of course."
When reading a novel...
"...don't you ever wonder if the
world you're reading about might
actually exist?"
Not at all.
This world is fictional.
"But I do! Perhaps we're also
characters in some kind of story."
"If we are, I hope I'd be cast as
a knight, even if it's just for
one brief, shining moment..."
"...Hee hee. Just kidding.
Did you think you'd be able to
fool me?"
...Erm, you were joking, right?
"Even if this world were the
setting for some kind of
fictional story..."
Nothing would change.
"Because no matter what story
you're telling, it's the char-
acters who choose the ending."
"And with you and @子供ちゃん@
at my side, I want for nothing!"
Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Would you take a look at this?
"...You can...keep holding my hand
while you're looking, if you
Leave it.
Slowly shake it off.
"See how this soil has a different
color? Well--"
Hey! Are you listening?!
You sure seem to be excited.
"Oh, sorry. Was I squeezing too
See, this soil is just amazing...
"(He has such a serious look on
his face right now...)"
Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@?
"What should I do when I don't
want to let go of something?"
Just try your best.
Nothing you CAN do.
...You're right.
I'll try my best.
Perhaps you're right...
"But I'd want to think that
there's some hope of letting go."
"The princess and the knight are
in love, but the princess has
been promised to a prince."
"...Whenever I read stories like
that, it makes me want to be

Item Reactions

Hey! You should throw your trash
away yourself. Don't give it to
Huh? @アイテム9@?
"Ugh...sashimi always looks so
slimy and smells funny. I don't
think I can eat this."
But I love @アイテム0@!
"By the way, Leon said that he
likes @アイテム0@ a lot!"
"Dr. Jones said he likes it,
Is this for me? Wow, thanks! ♪
"Wow, @アイテム9@ for me?
Thanks! ♪"
Oh, is this for me? Thanks.
"I +like+ sweets a lot! I'll
make a return gift for you
sometime. ♪"
What, for me?
Thanks! ♪
"Me and my sister both really
+like cake+ a lot!"
"I think we might've gotten it
from our mom."
Hmm? For me?
Wow, thanks!
I +like+ @アイテム9@ a lot!
Wow, @アイテム9@! Is it for me?
"It's a softer kind of sweet than
cake. I like that a lot!"
Wow, @アイテム9@!
"This is really yummy! It has a
kind of refined sweetness to it."
What, is this for me?
"Thanks! Mmm, maybe I should eat
it right now..."
"Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to
shout. I'm just so happy. "
That's really for me, though?
Hooray! Thank you so much!
I smell something sweet!
...And it really is something sweet! Yay!
"Sweets have the power to make
anybody happy. And right now, I'm
very happy. "
What, it's for me? Really?
Thank you! I +love+ it!
"It's cake, and chocolate no less!
Two great sweets put together
into an even greater sweet!"
Wow, @アイテム9@!
I knew I smelled something tasty.
What, it's for me?
"I +love+ @アイテム9@
because everyone can enjoy it
Hey, that's @アイテム9@!
"Everybody says these are really
hard to find."
Hmm? I can have it?
"Thank you! I'll take good care
of it."


  • "So, what's up today?"
  • "Are you alright? Not tired?"
  • "I can feel my face turning red."
  • "Welcome back. Let's hold hands."
  • "Don't forget your goodbye kiss~"
  • "Do you... love me?"
  • "Eheh, I came to see you."
  • Spring 9:
    • I want to grow up eating a wide variety of healthy foods.
    • ...Hmm? What kind of face is that?
    • It's important to have a balanced diet, you know?


Kiel: Hey, um, Frey? You do love me, right?

Frey: Huh? What makes you ask that?

Kiel: I heard that you were spending a lot of time with someone else. So, um, I... I was feeling a little, y'know... lonely without you.

Choices: You're the one I love. / It's okay.

Frey: Don't worry.

Kiel: …Yeah. I trust you, Frey. I know you'd never do anything to hurt me!

Frey: Never.