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Kiel (キール Keel) is a bachelor in Rune Factory 4 and Rune Factory 4 Special.



Kiel is kind and open with everyone he meets, always offering to help in anyway he can. Even when given his most hated gift, he is polite and explains what he likes with a smile on his face. Thanks to this, he is well-liked by everyone and it is near impossible to see him be rude or angry. Though, behind this kindness is a rather low sense of self-worth. He tries not to let it show very often, but Kiel does not think highly of himself and is rather shocked if anyone does (such as when given his favorite gifts, thinking they can't be for him, or if the player attempts to date him).

A notable trait he possesses is his tendency to spread rumors no matter how absurd they might be, something his sister is quick to chide him for. Nonetheless, he loves listening to and telling others about any rumors he overhears. This isn't to say he can't doubt or is too gullible, despite what Bado and Forte think. In fact, there are times when he'll tell the protagonist about a rumor he learned and then laugh about how he doesn't believe it at all. It seems less that he believes all the rumors he hears and more that he enjoys telling people everything he hears, whether he believes it or not. Kiel is also well aware of the fact that he is spreading rumors with no evidence to support them, but he equates it to simply "chatting" with his friends as usual.

Another trait he has that goes hand in hand with spreading rumors is his inability to keep a secret. It is a known fact in Selphia that one does not tell Kiel something they are uncomfortable with the whole town knowing by sun down. However, he's not malicious about this and even shows regret when he realizes everyone knows the secret he tried to keep; it's more that he gets carried away when he talks. He'll admit that while he wants to keep others' secrets, not telling his friends everything he knows feels wrong to him, as if he's lying. He does occasionally catch and stop himself from spilling a secret, and some events reveal that, if it's important enough, he is more than capable of keeping a secret to himself, even from his own sister.


Kiel has blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite looking rather young, Kiel is an extremely smart and studious person. He spends most of his time studying in hopes of one day becoming an asset for the town. As such, he is one of the most well-read people in town and others often go to him for information. Due to his study habits, he is a huge fan of books. His room has a couple bookshelves, all crammed with books, and he even gives the protagonist a bookshelf for free. In his spare time, Kiel either reads for fun or shares stories he found with his friends. His love of reading is so great that the other townsfolk point to him when someone is searching for a book, instead of someone like Arthur who works in trade.


He is Forte's younger brother. Kiel is a young man who is very fond of books. All he wants is to be needed, which is why he studies so much, even at his age. Even though he is very intelligent, he is also very naive. He can be talkative, honest, and kind to a fault. He is often prone to spreading the word of anything he hears even if they are just rumors.

In Selphia, he is the person the townsfolk usually go to when they need information about the land, Native Dragons, and more. He shares this "job" with Arthur, who is also known to go to Kiel when he is in need of information due to how well-read he is.


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The Red Knight

The Red Knight DiaryIcon.png
Requirements Complete at least three dates with Kiel, have at least 10 Friendship, Clear up to step 8 of the main story, complete the sub events "A Knight's Steed," and "A Part-Time Job![1].
Participants Clorica, Forte, Margaret, Xiao Pai, Vishnal, Arthur, Kiel, Doug, Bado, Porcoline, Lin Fa, Illuminata, Jones, Nancy, Volkanon, Blossom
Reward None


Till Corn!

Request: Till one fully grown stalk of Corn.
Reward: More flower seeds

Harvest Shield Flower!

Request: Harvest a Shield Flower.
Reward: More seeds available at the general store. (Orange Tree Seed, Dungeon Seed, Shield Seed)


Kiel gets along with everyone in town and is close friends with all the bachelors, especially Leon, whom he admires and tries to emulate, much to his sister's frustration. Arthur often comes to him for his knowledge and several events show them helping advance the plot with information they found. Vishnal occasionally asks for advice about cooking from Kiel and the two often hang out in Kiel's room along with Doug. And while they are not seen together often, Kiel is also good friends with Dylas, being the first person to realize that his gruff attitude is actually a mask for how shy he is.

Kiel also has a special relationship with Bado, being something of a god son to him. Bado was close friends with Kiel and Forte's father, so he tries to look out for the two, but neither really view him as a mature, parental figure. In fact, Kiel often mentions doing chores for Bado since he can barely keep his business running.


Loved Wow, [Item]! I knew I smelled something tasty. What, it's for me? Thanks! I love [Item] because everyone can enjoy it together.
"Hey, that's [Item]! Everybody says these are really hard to find. Hmm? I can have it? Thank you! I'll take good care of it."
What, it's for me? Really? Thank you! I love it! It's cake, and chocolate no less! Two great sweets put together into an even greater sweet!"
RF4Raccoon Leaf.png Raccoon Leaf, RF4Lightning Mane.png Lightning Mane, RF4Right Rock Shard.png Right Rock Shard, RF4Ambrosia's Thorns.png Ambrosia's Thorns, RF4Crystal Skull.png Crystal Skull, RF4Cursed Doll.png Cursed Doll, Chocolate Cake, Stew
Liked What, for me? Thanks! ♪ Me and my sister both really +like cake+ a lot!" "I think we might've gotten it from our mom."
Hmm? For me? Wow, thanks! I like [Item] a lot!

Wow, [Item]! Is it for me? Thanks! It's a softer kind of sweet than cake. I like that a lot!"
Wow, [Item]! This is really yummy! It has a kind of refined sweetness to it. What, is this for me? Thanks! Mmm, maybe I should eat it right now..."

Wow! Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to shout. I'm just so happy. That's really for me, though? Hooray! Thank you so much!
I smell something sweet! ...And it really is something sweet! Yay! Sweets have the power to make anybody happy. And right now, I'm very happy."

Flan, Honey, pumpkin flan, chocolate, Honey, Donut, Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream, Glazed Yam, Jam Roll, Strawberry Jam, Yam of the Ages, Choco Cookie, Baked Apple, Cookie, Dumplings, Pound Cake, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, Cake, Pancakes
Neutral Is this for me? Wow, thanks! ♪
Wow, [Item] for me? Thanks! ♪
Oh, is this for me? Thanks.
Cabbage, Big Bird's Comb, Salted Masu Trout, Conqueror Melon, Sapphire, Hot Milk, Sweet Powder, Sweet Potato, Raisin Bread
Disliked "Huh? [Item]? Ugh...sashimi always looks so slimy and smells funny. I don't think I can eat this."

"Hey! You should throw your trash away yourself. Don't give it to others."

Weeds, Can, Boot, Failed Dish, Disastrous Dish, Tuna Sashimi


1 57 5 1 15 1 5 3 15
Weapon Type Default Shield
Short Sword Steel Sword


Kiel lives in the housing district, next to Bado's blacksmith shop, with his older sister Forte. He spends a lot of his time at home cooking and cleaning, since Forte is incapable of doing either of these tasks without causing disaster. Despite this, Kiel shows no signs of resentment and is always happy to cook for his sister and friends. When he is not cooking or cleaning, he often studies in his room or hangs out with the other bachelors.




  • He shares the same birthday as Dorothy from Rune Factory 2.
  • Nicknames the female protagonist can call him after the confession event are Darling, Kiel, Mr. Kiel, Li'l Kiel and Ki-Ki. Nicknames he offers to call you are Honey, Sugar, [Name], My Lady, and Princess.
  • Kiel will sometimes use unique greeting dialogue if he's inside your house. He will say, "Eheh, I came to see you." He is the only character to do this.


  1. キールと交際中で3回以上デート済み、キールとの仲良し度が10以上、ストーリ攻略チャート8クリア後、日常サブイベント“騎士の馬”、宿屋でアルバイト” がクリア済み。