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Kelsey (ニット, Nitto) is a character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.



Kelsey is a very shy boy, who's Quinn's younger brother and Gerard's adopted son. The three of them live together at the church.

Kelsey is a very kind person, and loves to help his father clean the church and to do errands for him. Aden will also describe him as polite after completing Kelsey's first request. He travels with his family each morning to take his bath for the day, but will be seen playing with Quinn most often.

Since Kelsey is so shy, he is rarely seen outside of his sister's company, and rarely speaks. He says very little if the player tries to talk to him, and often uses Quinn as a shield when she is around to communicate. He is much less active than his sister, and enjoys reading and drawing as opposed to spending time outside. Kelsey wants to become braver, but has a hard time coming out of his shell.


Kelsey has blonde hair in bowl cut. His eye color is the same as Quinn's. He seems to be very depressed.

Kelsey wears a white shirt that has dark blue patterns at the top and bottom of the shirt. He has a light blue jacket that is semi long in length, with gold patterns at the bottom of the jacket to mid-point, the bottom of the sleeves are gold, the bottons, and the gold thing at the hood. He has dark blue puffy shorts, and dark brown shoes.


Loved I've always wanted a magic ring. Thank you.
Magic Ring
Neutral Thank you.
Disliked I wish green peppers never existed.
Green Pepper


Kelsey often gives the player requests to find him grass to draw with, and Proof of Warrior so that he will be brave. He doesn't like Green Peppers, and is afraid of fish. He also has a crush on Violet.


Um... Please help.

Title Description Difficulty
Um... Please help. I'm looking for something. RFToDiifTurnip.png

Kelsey asks for grass that is not white or black. He rewards Aden with Bird Feather (1). The quest can be repeated and reward Small Fleece.

Do You Like Riddles?

Title Description Difficulty
Do you like riddles? I made one up. RFToDiifTurnip.png

Kelsey asks what "you call a grumpy Buffamoo?" If you answer "Moody", he'll say it's correct and give "Wonderful Gift Recipes."


Kelsey can be found walking with his sister and Father Gerard from the bath house early in the morning, cleaning inside the church and often at the docks with his sister during the afternoon. He and his sister are in bed by 7 PM.


  • Kelsey hates green peppers, and oftentimes a quest from Kelsey will appear on the board, asking for a proof of warrior. Kelsey explains that he needs it in order to become brave enough to eat the peppers, but in the end, cannot overcome his fear and grants Aden a pepper.
  • He wears a Turnip Head during the Masquerade.
  • He hates winter season.
  • He would like to try fishing but isn't confident that he would catch anything. This is partially due to his fear of fish.