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Karina (カリン, Karin) is a lazy and apathetic girl who is constantly being scolded by her mother, Hazel. Karina wishes to leave town and travel to the city, and likes gems and jewelry made from gems. The only gem she doesn't like is a Diamond, which is her mother's favorite gem.

Karina was originally an active girl who always thought about her mom. Her mom was always busy with the store and had little time to spend with Karina. To avoid bothering her mom, Karina chose to keep quiet and tried to stay away from the shop.




Karina: Huh...? Um, you're doing this now...? (Handing it to me here...)

Battle Information

Tehniques: Lock-On Lore
Uses Homing magics at the enemies with formidable magic stacks, but deals less damage.

Karina Battle Level Health Attack
3 106 0
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
10 13 17
Default Weapon None
Weapon Type Staff



N/A "Morning..."
N/A "Sigh"
Feelin' Lazy


  • "What a pain..."

When reloading game with Karina in party:

  • "Yawn... can you let me sleep a little bit longer?"
  • "Sigh... I have to move around again? What a pain..."

After wedding

She call you

  • <player name> (without voice)
  • あなた anata - You
  • 旦那さま Dan'na-sama - Husband
  • イヌ Inu - Dog

Title screen

  • Rune Factory 3 (yawn...)


  • Karina wakes up around 7 a.m.
  • Interestingly enough, Karina's clothes are blue and her eyes are green, while Hazel's clothes are green and her eyes are blue.
    • Their likes of gemstones also contrast one another, as Karina hates Diamonds while Hazel likes them.
  • When talked to on her shift in the grocery store when Sofia is there, her dialogue will change to the following:
    • If her and Sofia's affections are low: Karina asks Sofia how she feels about Micah. Sofia will reply with a compliment that obviously means she dislikes him, Karina will find this boring anyway.
    • If her and Sofia's affections are high: Karina again asks Sofia how she feels about Micah. Sofia blushes and hesitates, leaving Karina amused that she has no idea what to say. Finally, Sofia stammers she "hates him", which means she likes him. Karina goes silent and blushes while saying "That's nothing exciting".
  • Karina is the only character who requests to stay in the player's house.
  • Karina shares the same birthday as Sabrina from Rune Factory and Anette from Rune Factory: Frontier.