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Kardia Library (カルディア図書館(としょかん), Karudia Toshokan) is a location in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

The library of Kardia can be found next to the Edward Clinic on the left side of the town. It is the home of Russell and Cecilia. Russell manages the library with Tori who works there too.  

The shelves of the library hold various books that function as tutorials. The shelf is usually separated into at least two columns. The last row of shelves are reserved for magic books which get 'delivered' when you advance in the story.

Books / Tutorials

First Row of Shelves

The right shelf of the first row holds this books:

Right Side: "Touching" and "Charging"

Middle: "Leveling Fields", "Presents" and "Lost Property Box"

Left: "Ring Allocation" and "Carrying multiple Items"

The left shelf holds this books:

Right Side: "Skill Types" and "Explanation of Skills"

Middle: "How to sow Seeds", "Harvesting & Shipping", and "Repeated Cultivation"

(Note: There is not left side of the shelf.)

Second Row of Shelves

The right shelf of the second row holds these books:

Right side: "White Stone Legend", "Cursed Stone Legend", and "Dragon God Legend"

Middle: "A Confession of Love" and "Rollabouti".

Left: "Caves/Mysterious Sounds", "Caves/Field Runes", and "Your Status".

The left shelf:

Right Side: "The Legend of Grimoire" and "Festivals"

Middle: "The World", "The Mysterious Shell", and "Friendship and Love".

Inner Locations