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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon takes place in Kardia. «The world outside of Rune Factory's Kardia is largely at peace. The conflict arises there only because it's at the border between two nations.» «All games so far take place in the Norad Kingdom.» (World of Rune Factory : World.). Players are allowed to enter any shops except Camus Farm after getting at least 3 FP.


Spearfish Shack

Sabrina runs the Spear Fisher shop down on the beach. At the beginning of the game she'll give you a free fishing pole if you walk to the end of the boat dock. Sabrina is Nicholas' mother, and was once married to Neumann before she moved to Kardia. A side quest may involve Raguna into helping Nicholas to acknowledge who is his father, and may offer to the broken couple a reconciliation. See : Rekindling Old Flames, or the stoller Chalice Quest

Open 9 AM - 6 PM, closed on Holidays.
Spearfish Shack
Item Name Price Season
Ice Cream 1300 G Any
Pineapple Juice 750 G Any
Turtle Shell 600 G Any
Squid 210 G Any
Sardine 60 G Any

First storey

Kardia's Library

The Kardia Library is run by Russell. Russell's library holds the books printed with spells, which you'll find on the back wall of the building. He also sells books used for crafting if you ask him. He adopted the high elf child Cecilia  when she was orphaned by the previous war.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM, Closed on holiday.

The Kardia's Library is run by Russell. Russell's library holds the books printed with spells, which you'll find on the back wall of the building. He also sells books used for crafting if you ask him. Tori could be found almost everyday inside the library, on the first floor during business hours.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM, Closed on holidays
Spell Name Price Unlock Method
Teleport 2,000 G Always
Medication 3,000 G Carmite Cave
Fireball 3,200 G
Cure 5,300 G Toros Cave
Water Laser 6,200 G
Crimson Fire 7,700 G Clemens Cave
Inferno 8,100 G
Stone Spike 7,000 G Mt. Gigant
Swordstorm 10,200 G
Life Absorber 13,600 G Misty Bloom Cave
Explosion 18,600 G Kasmir Ruins
Quake 19,000 G
Storm 21,400 G Danaan Cave
Meteor 21,900 G

Russell + AccB1 RF1.png

Book List
Day Type Book Name Price
Monday Weapons Soulcraft: Beginner 5,800 G
Soulcraft: Int 7,800 G
Soulcraft: Advanced 12,800 G
Soulcraft: Master 25,800 G
Tuesday Accessories Accessories 1/4 6,000 G
Accessories 2/4 9,000 G
Accessories 3/4 18,000 G
Accessories 4/4 29,000 G
Wednesday Shields Mr. Shield's 10,000 G
Pharmacy Mixtures & Con. 7,000 G
Cooking (Knife) Chop-Shop 1! 4,000 G
Chop-Shop 2! 15,000 G
Thursday Cooking (Frying Pan) Side Dishes 1 8,000 G
Side Dishes 2 (Fishes) 8,800 G
Cooking (Pot) For Dinner 6,000 G
For Dinner 2 9,000 G
Friday Cooking (Oven) Bake Me Tender! 9,900 G
Cooking (Mixer) Blending In 1,200 G
Cooking (Steamer) Steam Cooking 4,500 G
Cooking (No Utensils) Instant Dishes! 3,000 G

Edward Clinic

If you're ever ill, visit Edward anytime at his clinic, or wandering around town during festival days. He has several types of potions for sale, can cure status effects, and even manufacture medicine for your Empty Bottles. Lara works here as his assistant.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM on weekdays, 9 AM - 12 PM on holidays

If you're ever ill, visit Edward at his clinic. He has several types of potions for sale, can cure status effects, and even manufacture medicine for your Empty Bottles. Lara works here as his assistant.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM on weekday, 9 AM - 12 PM on holiday
Edward Clinic Shops
Mix medicine Empty Bottle, 3 Medical Herbs, 400 G
Cure Status Effects 200 G
Item Name Price
Medicinal Herb 100 G
Antidotal Herb 60 G
Antidote 280 G
Paragon 380 G
Roundoff 498 G
Cold Medicine 780 G
Neutral Agent 250 G
Greenifier 700 G
Formula A 400 G

Seasonal Items
Season Item Name Price
Winter Magic Powder 14440 G
Root 2100 G

General Store

The seed shop is run by Jean and his daughter Rosetta. She tends to boss her father around the store, but he just smiles and complies with her requests. Besides selling seeds he will have various low level accessories for sale. Since the various caves around the village don't change season, you can buy all of the seeds available all year long. Whenever if you chose rivalry with Lukas, about Rosetta's hand, Raguna could try to solve the mystery about The White Stone Quest, and then he would be able to propose to Rosetta.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM, closed on holidays
Show me your wares
Spring seeds & goods

Item Name

Radish seed RF1.png
Radish seeds
200 G
Potato Seed RF1.png
Potato seeds
340 G
Cucumber Seed RF1.png
Cucumber seeds
240 G
Strawberry Seed RF1.png
Strawberry seeds
400 G
Cabbage Seed RF1.png
Cabbage seeds
220 G
Moondrop Seed RF1.png
Moondrop seeds
200 G
Toyherb Seed RF1.png
Toyherb seeds
150 G
Grazing GR Seed RF1.png
Grazing green seeds
600 G
Cherry GR Seed RF1.png
*Cherry grass seeds
4,000 G
Lamp Grass Seed RF1.png
*Lamp grass seeds
6,000 G
Blue Crys Seed RF1.png
*Blue crystal seeds
770 G
E. Flower Seed RF1.png
*Emery flower seeds
10,000 G
Summer seeds & goods

Item Name

Tomato Seed RF1.png
Tomato Seeds
210 G
Corn Seed RF1.png
Corn Seeds
300 G
Onion Seed RF1.png
Onion Seeds
190 G
Pumpkin Seed RF1.png
Pumpkin seeds
600 G
Pineapple Seed RF1.png
Pineapple Seeds
700 G
Pink Cat Seed RF1.png
Pink cat Seeds
300 G
Grazing GR Seed RF1.png
Grazing Green Seeds
600 G
Ironleaf Seed RF1.png
*Ironleaf Seeds
8,700 G
Clover Seed RF1.png
*Clover Seeds
9,000 G
Fireflower Seed RF1.png
*Fireflower Seeds
3,300 G
Green Cry Seed RF1.png
*Green crystal Seeds
880 G
Fall seeds & goods

Item Name

Eggplant Seed RF1.png
Eggplant Seeds
250 G
Carrot Seed RF1.png
Carrot Seeds
210 G
SW Potato Seed RF1.png
Sweet Potato Seeds
330 G
Spinach Seed RF1.png
Spinach Seeds
210 G
GR Pepper Seed RF1.png
Green Pepper Seeds
260 G
Charm Blue Seed RF1.png
Charm Blue Seeds
1,000 G
Grazing GR Seed RF1.png
Grazing green Seeds
600 G
Noel Grass Seed RF1.png
*Noel grass Seeds
2,680 G
Autumn GR Seed RF1.png
*Autumn grass Seeds
900 G
Pom-pom GR Seed RF1.png
*Pom-pom grass Seeds
1,200 G
Red Cry Seed RF1.png
*Red crystal Seeds
990 G
Special Goods

Item Name

Cost Unlock Method
Cheap Bracelet
500 G
1,200 G
5,200 G
7,920 G Clear Toros Cave
Poison Ring
3,200 G Clear Toros Cave
Parasite Ring
4,200 G Clear Toros Cave
Silent Ring
3,600 G Clear Toros Cave
Leather Boots
3,600 G Clear Toros Cave
Silver Ring
3,000 G Clear Kasimir Ruins
Brand Glasses RF1.png
Branded Glasses
13,200 G Clear Kasimir Ruins
Magic Ring
4,000 G Clear Kasimir Ruins
Critical Ring
8,000 G Clear Kasimir Ruins
Bandana RF1.png
1,600 G Clear Kasimir Ruins

Note: *Seeds are sold after the main story is completed. (Clear Greed Cave).

Pub Spring Rabbit

Emmett is the friendly bartender of Spring Rabbit, the town's tavern. He likes to help out anyone he can, and he sells ingredients you can use for cooking. His dream is to be able to taste the famous Rollabouti Wine. As a side quest, Raguna could help him accomplish his dream.

Open 11 PM - 12 PM, closed on Monday


Pub Spring Rabbit
Item Price Season
Snapper Sashimi 600 G Spring
Popcorn 500 G Spring
Hot Milk 760 G Summer
Baked Rice Ball 880 G Fall
Orange Juice 270 G Fall
Youth Grass 1000 G Winter
Fried Eggs 1100 G Any
Salted Salmon 1400 G Any
Salad 520 G Any
Rice 300 G Any
Chocolate 600 G Any
Wine 2560 G Any
Flour 400 G Any
Oil 400 G Any
Curry Powder 300 G Any
Rice Dumplings 300 G Any

Lady Ann Inn

There's a small inn in the village run by Lady Ann. Her two children, Tori and Zavier live upstairs with her. She attempts to get her son to help her with the business but he's never present when there's work to be done.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM

Sword Leo Smithery

The only blacksmith in the village is Leo; a grouchy old man who is revered for his talents. He will upgrade your basic set of tools but only a few times. If you want to surpass Leo's skill then you will have to upgrade your house and remodel the tools yourself. Throughout battle and history, Raguna may help Leo accomplish his dream. His dream is to craft a sword using a Grimoire Scale.


Open 9 AM - 6 PM, closed on holiday and rainy days.
Sword Leo Smithery
Weapon NamePrice


Unlock Method
800 GAny seasons-
Long Sword
2,980 GAny seasonsCarmite Cave
Wind Sword
5,800 GSpringCarmite Cave
Aqua Sword
9,200 GSpringMisty Bloom Cave
19,800 GAny seasonsKasimir Ruins
2,500 GAny seasons-
7,000 GSummerCarmite Cave
Two-Hand Sword
12,000 GAny seasonsToros Cave
Flame saber
7,000 GSummerToros Cave
Gaia Sword
24,000 GSummerMisty Bloom Cave
Great Sword
35,600 GSummerKasimir Ruins
1,800 GAny seasons-
4,600 GAny seasonsCarmite Cave
Needle Spear
7,500 GFallMt. Gigant
Water spear
13,600 GFallKasimir Ruins
18,000 GAny seasonsMt. Gigant
Battle Hammer
7,600 GAny seasons-
War Hammer
18,500 GAny seasonsMt. Gigant
Great Hammer
55,000 GWinterMisty Bloom Cave
8,500 GAny seasons-
Ball Axe
22,300 GAny seasonsMt. Gigant
70,000 GWinterMisty Bloom Cave
Small shield
1,200 GAny seasons-
Iron shield
1,600 GAny seasonsToros Cave
Round shield
2,000 GAny seasonsMt. Gigant

Second Storey

Gigant Hot Springs

This public bath's house is owned by a enthusiastic and lovely girl, Melody. Sharron describe her as her best friend.

Open every day except during festival from 3 PM - 11 PM


Neumann's Farm

Next to Melody's hot springs you'll find Neumann's Farm. His shop sells fodder and seasonal fruit you can't grow on your own farm. Felicity likes to help out every now and then. He was once married to Sabrina and followed her to Kardia. A side quest may involve Raguna into helping Nicholas to acknowledge who is his father, and may offer to the broken couple a reconciliation. When you feel ready, ask Neumann to expand your house. He will be glad to do it as fast as in 10 days, as soon as you lend him 200,000 G and 2,000 Lumber pieces.

Neumann's Farm
Item Name Price Season
Fodder 100 G Any
Small Egg 500 G Any
Strawberry 600 G Spring
Orange 540 G Spring
Pineapple 1000 G Summer
Grape 390 G Fall
Apple 360 G Winter
Open 9 AM - 6 PM, closed on holidays and rainy days

Camus' Farm

Camus manages his farm shop in the middle of Kardia Village. He only sells Feed and S. Milk, but he also will manufacture the monsters huts for your farm. If you pay him 1,000 G and have 100 pieces of Wood, Camus will make a new hut instantly appear. Edward is Camus' father, and the doctor is always trying to convince his son that the his dreams of the big city aren't going to pan out. Players can build up to 7 monster's hut. After the 8th build, it will build basement instantly instead of new monster hut.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM
Closed on holiday As a employee

Camus Farm
Item Name Price Season
Feed 100 G Any
Small Milk 500 G Any

Kardia Chapel

The church is run by the priest, Wesley. He will stay inside of the church most of the time, except for holidays and friday afternoons. Nicholas enjoys pulling pranks on him, but kind Wesley doesn't mind at all. Template:Spoiler A side quest may involve Raguna's held in the secret, about the possible location of a missing holy book.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM

Third Storey


Ivan is a traveling merchant who visits Kardia every week on Holiday. Every week, he brings a different set of items. Ivan sells many home appliances and other recreational items. It is possible that Raguna is Ivan's long-lost brother, at least Ivan's peddling in hopes of finding him. It always open during Festivals.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM on holiday.


Weekend merchandise
First week
Small Kitchen (counter and sink) 1,000 G
Large Kitchen (More room for electrical appliances) 1,000 G
Refrigerator - Small 1,000 G
Refrigerator - Large 1,000 G
Second week
Mayonnaise Maker 1,000 G
Cheese Maker 1,000 G
Yogurt Maker 1,000 G
Seedmaker 1,000 G
Yarn Maker 1,000 G
Third Week Shelves - small 1,000 G
Shelves - large 2,000 G
Table Set - small 500 G
Table Set - large 1,000 G
Fourth week Frying pan 1,500 G
Knives set 1,000 G
Mixer 700 G
Oven 2,000 G
Pot 1,000 G
Steamer 800 G
Fifth weeks 10,000 G

Note: Up-keep in color are unavailable until you have completed a house' expansion

Jasper's Manor

The large mansion in the northeast corner of Kardia village is owned by Jasper De Sainte-Coquille. Jasper is a world renowned gourmet and is an expert at judging cooking contests. He volunteered to manage all of the festivals that take place in the village. He also pampers his daughter Bianca, and lets her have anything she wants. Tabatha, a kind and polite "lady" could be seen inside this manor, working as a maid.

Open 9 AM - 9 PM
Closed: Holiday

The Sainte Coquille Park

Other Kardia locations

D Dungeons