Jungle Island is one of the many islands that dots the Fenith Sea. It is located in the Southern extremity of the vast ocean.


As its name states, Jungle island is an island covered with a jungle environment. It is filled with dense brush and a river runs throughout the island, large rocky outcroppings also make caves above the surface.

Further exploration reveals ancient blocks, columns, stairs, and a statue scattered throughout the land. It is unlocked during one of Joe's requests and holds the key to the Water Spirit Shrine Temple.

On The Island


  • Sky Fish
  • Fluffies
  • Spring Blossoms
  • Kingsqueaks


  • Monster Drops such as Fish Fossils, Wool Balls, Grasses, and Fangs.
  • The Key to the Water Spirit Shrine
  • Miscellaneous crafting tools such as Iron and cloths found in Treasure Chests around the island.


Jungle Island does play a role in the plot since it holds the Key to access the Water Spirit Shrine, and also fulfills a request from Joe.

Other than that it is good for grinding your level up and to get crafting tools to build accessories.


  • The ruins throughout the Island are similar to the ruins found throughout the Sea, all made by the mysterious Ancient Civilization.


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