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Julia (ジュリア, Julia) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



The owner of Wisdom Bathhouse, she is a very self-conscious individual who loves to keep up with current fashion. Julia cares a lot what everyone thinks about her and even makes herself sick so she will look good. She likes to stand out and doesn't want to get lost in the crowd. She is also terrified of monsters and will praise you on your courage on some of the monster festivals.

She is also very health-conscious and will only eat healthy foods. She also bathes often and tries to keep her bathhouse as clean as possible. Julia tries to help others around her be healthy and fashionable, but often comes off as critical when she does so.


Julia has fair skin with lavender-colored eyes and light green hair in ringlets. She wears a black, lacy bandana adorned with a toyherb flower on the right.


Julia is friends with Rosalind and Dorothy, and visits with them on in Dorothy's room behind the Church. She doesn't appear to have any family in Alvarna, and lives by herself in the upper floor of Wisdom Bath House. She gets along well with everyone in Alvarna, and likely bonded especially well with Rosalind over their shared love of fashion.

Julia is a bachelorette, and you can marry her by completing all of her requests. You can also raise her LP by giving her gifts, talking to her every day, and taking baths at the bath-house.


Memento Ring.png
Memento Ring
A beautiful ring made from Messhilight ore. Made by a skilled craftsman, an acquaintance of Yue's.*

Julia's proposal item is a Memento Ring, and she is the only bachelorette who does not suggest or provide her own proposal item. Instead, Kyle gets the idea by talking to Yue after Julia gives him Messhilite Ore for her 9th request. Yue suggests he make it into a ring, which she can commission from a friend for 10000 G. You can can talk to Yue three days after payment to get the Memento Ring.


Julia appears as a bright, energetic and outgoing businesswoman in the beginning of the game, but as Kyle gets to know her, he learns that she struggles with insecurity. She admits that she has tried fad diets to keep her weight down, that she has body image issues and worries about gaining weight, and that she often puts fashion ahead of her own comfort.

As her friendship with Kyle grows, she becomes more comfortable with herself, and while she remains obsessed with fashion and hygeine, this passion becomes fueled more by the joy it brings her, rather than a fear of being seen as unattractive.

Second Generation

In the 2nd generation, the rival for Julia is Max and they will have a daughter named Leann. If Kyle marries Julia instead, Leann will be the daughter of Max and Yue. Julia will continue to run the bath-house with Cammy's help, but spends most of her time in the De Sainte-Coquille Manor with her in-laws.


Julia has simple gift tastes. She likes the moderately-easily-grown Toyherb for its scent, and besides that, she likes healthy food. She especially likes Carrots (very easy) and Salad, but doesn't mind fresh Fruit either.


"It's my birthday today! ♪ Thank you for the present! I'm so happy!
Your birthday's the only time when you get to eat something like this! ♪"

Seafood Pizza

"Ahhh, these smell good♪ Are they for me? Thank you, [Name]!♪"


"Hey! This is my favorite food! Thank you, [Name]!♪"

Carrot, Salad

"Is this for me? Thank you."

Trash, Fruit

"Eww! I don't want this! It's so...weird! Are you trying to get me upset?"



Julia can be found in Wisdom Bathhouse every day except Mondays, when she spends time in the Church instead. The bathhouse opens at 3:00 PM and she sometimes visits Rosalind and Dorothy in the Church before then. On festival days, she can be found on in Alvarna - Port with Max, looking out at the sea. In the Second Generation, Julia will live with Max in his house as a full-time mom, handing the Bathhouse over to Cammy.



  • Julia's anxiety over her appearance and admittance that she's made herself sick in order to look good could be interpreted as hints that she struggles with an eating disorder.
  • Alicia will never pick up on Julia in her love readings, no matter how high Julia's LP is.
  • If Kyle doesn't marry her, Julia moves in with Max in the De Sainte-Coquille Manor, despite that she already has a home above the bath-house. Cammy begins to tend the bath-house when Julia isn't there, but does not move in. This leaves Wisdom Bathhouse 2F uninhabited in the second generation.
  • Julia consistently calls Wisdom Bathhouse a "store," even though she doesn't sell any products there.