Julia (ジュリア, Julia) is the owner of the Wisdom Bathhouse. She is a very self-conscious individual who loves to keep up with current fashion. She cares a lot what everyone thinks about her and will even make herself sick so she'll look good. She is also very health-conscious and will only eat healthy foods. She also bathes often and tries to keep her bathhouse as clean as possible. She tries to help others around her be healthy and fashionable, but often comes off as critical when she does so.

To obtain her proposal item, you must complete her request when she's at 8-9 LP. This is where you will be asked to find a Messhlight Ore. After you find it, she won't accept it so you'll have to give it to Yue. Three days later, talk to Yue and you'll receive a Memento Ring. Once Julia is at 10 Love Points and Friendship Points, you can propose to her. She is friends with Dorothy and Rosalind and will meet up with them in Dorothy's room once a week to talk to them in the morning.

She has no known family (until the 2nd generation). She likes to stand out and she doesn't want to get lost in the crowd. She is also terrified of monsters and will praise you on your courage on some of the monster festivals. For some reason, Alicia will ignore Julia during her love readings. One way to increase her Love Points is by taking baths at her bathhouse regularly. In the 2nd generation, her child will be Leann (if you don't marry her).



"I don't really want to eat something so fattening right now. If it were my birthday or something it'd be different." (When given on a day that isn't her birthday.)

Seafood Pizza

Favorite Gifts:

"Ahhh, these smell good♪ Are they for me? Thank you, [Name]!♪"


"Hey! This is my favorite food! Thank you, [Name]!♪"

Carrot, Salad


"Is this for me? Thank you."

Trash, Fruit


"Eww! I don't want this! It's so...weird! Are you trying to get me upset?"



To marry Julia, Kyle must obtain the Messhilight Ore from her ninth quest, then give it to Yue, who will ask for 10000G. After he has paid, he must wait a total of three days. Then, he must talk to Yue to get the Memento Ring.

Second Generation

In the Second generation, if you didn't marry her, she will have a daughter named Leann, who also worries about her weight all the time. She will also live with Max in his house, but will still run the Bathhouse with Cammy's help.