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"A warm-hearted married couple who together run the Tiny Bandage Clinic in the housing area. Jones works as the town doctor with an unusually strong fear of blood, and Nancy works as his iron-willed nurse. The two are paired together in everyone's minds, as one is rarely seen without the other, and neither have any qualms with public displays of affection."
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"I'm happy enough just seeing Nancy's smile."

Jones (ジョーンズ Joonzu) is one of the characters in Rune Factory 4. He is Nancy's husband, meaning they're the third couple in Rune Factory series (the first one being Sabrina and Neumann with Rita and Turner being the second one). He's a doctor and runs the Little Bandage Clinic with his wife. He has a fear of blood and tries to overcome it by drinking tomato juice daily. His fear of blood has also led him to practice treating bleeding wounds with his eyes closed.

He and Nancy do not yet have any children; Nancy mentions that they haven't decided when to start a family yet. Dolce moves in with them after being freed by Lest/Frey, becoming something of an adopted daughter to them.

He mentions that he had a dream to be a farmer when he was a little boy but he was better suited to be a doctor.


Favorite Gifts

Fried Rice

Liked Gifts
Oh, thank you for the Moondrop Flower. I think i'll go put it in the vase Dolce gave to me as a present.

Moon Drop, Tempura, Tempura Udon, Flan, all sashimi

Dislikes/Hates/Least Favorite Gifts

Tomato Juice, Ketchup, Demon Blood


With Nancy

Jones: How's Dolce? (in terms of health)
Nancy: So cute.
Jones:................... is that so.[1]

  • "Good evening."
  • "How is everything?"
  • "You need to say well rested."
  • "What's wrong?"
  • "Have a nice day."



  • Jones and Arthur share the same English voice actor, Sam Riegel.