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Joe (ジョー, Joe) is a bachelor in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.



Joe is a very energetic and high energy guy. He has a good sense of humor, and is always looking to have a good time. Like Sierra, he loves to have fun and goof off, and seems to have his head in the clouds. He loves to socialize, and is very friendly with everybody he meets. Bacchus often gives him a hard time, but Joe looks up to his grandfather, and wishes to surpass him someday. He also is very interested in girls and thinks of himself of somewhat of a "ladies man", which can be seen in his friend events. Regardless of some of Joe's mannerisms, he's a good guy.


Joe has tan skin with yellow eyes and spiky red hair which is worn with brown goggles.


Joe will participate in all of Fenith Island's festivals, and often gets very excited for all of them. He works at the Marketplace on Thursdays and Holidays, and will have a stall where he sells Rune Abilities. Also, on Summer 19, he sells monster drop items as soon as the fireworks start.


Event #1

While talking to Joe he will say he needs a hand with something. If the player agrees to help him the screen will fade to black and re-focus to them and and most bachelors and bachelorettes at the beach. He will happily exclaim that everyone there that they're having a camp out. Sierra gets quite excited and say it's a good idea but Aden snap back saying, which will anger Joe. Everyone will make everyone comment about his usage of the word 'wool' instead of 'will'. But that just makes Joe more frustrated, but will quickly dismiss it to state that they should have a camp out.

Violet then asks what people do at a camp out which leaves Joe quite dumb-founded. People start commenting again, but this time, Sierra quickly says that people usually eat together at campout. It makes most of the people happy, except Bismark, who complains about the sand. Everyone ends up going to the inn to eat. Joe is quite happy about this and sits with Aden, but Aden still seems a little annoyed and says that this isn't really actually a camp out...

Event #2

Event #3

Event #4

Event #5

Event #6

Event #7

Event #8

Event #9

Event #10


Got Any Wine?

Title Description Difficulty
Got any wine? Grandpa took my wine! Can you give me some? RFToDiifTurnip.png
RFToD-Seachart Joe-request.png

Joe says that he wants a wine bottle because Bacchus threw away the one he was saving. After giving him one, he will take the bottom of the bottle and make a telescope lens with it. He gives Aden a Fire Rod as a reward.

Let's Have a Fishing Contest!

Title Description Difficulty
Let's have a fishing contest! I heard you started fishing! Let's have a contest! RFToDiifTurnip.pngRFToDiifTurnip.png

Joe asks that Aden brings him a Tuna. He rewards him with Recovery Potion L (5).


Like his grandfather Bacchus, Joe wants to be a great treasure hunter. He loves adventuring, treasure, and the ocean. He is often interested in Aden's adventures at sea.


Loved "Thanks! I've been wanting a Protein Boost!"
Protein Boost
Liked "Wow, for me? Gee, thanks!"
Recovery Potion, Recover Potion L
Disliked "What the heck is this? No thanks!"
Weeds and Scrap Metal
Hated "Hey hey, wait a sec! You know I hate cucumbers!"
Cucumber and Giant Cucumber

Ooh, this is for me? Don't mind if I do!

Sardine Sashimi, Fried Rice, Tempura, Bamboo Rice, Stew, Cherry Jam, Seafood Pizza,

Hey, not bad... Thanks.

Wind Ring, Amethyst Ring, Earth Pendant, Wooly Hat, Magic Earrings, Neck Towel, Star Pendant, Tear Pendant, Wooly Scarf,

For me? Don't mind if I do!

Potato, Cabbage, Strawberry, Tomato, Onion, Corn, Pumpkin, Green Pepper, Eggplant, Carrot, Bamboo Shoot, Mushroom, Chestnut, Rice, Flour, Shrimp, Curry Powder, Garlic, Honey, Milk, Squid, Snapper, Flounder, Lamp Squid, Lobster, Bronze Pond Smelt, Moondrop, Toyherb, Pink Cat, Noel Flower, Medical Herb, Yellow Grass, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Orange Grass, Silver, Small Fleece, Iron, Bronze, Green Grass, Red Grass, White Grass, Gold, Diamond, Hachimachi, Sapphire, Fire Crystal, Wind Crystal, Small Crystal, Dark Crystal, Oak, Small Fleece, Quality Cloth, Proof of Warrior, Glue, Magic Powder, Insect Skin, Insect Jaw, Hard Horn, Quality Fur, Root, Fairy Dust, Sharp Fang, Glittering Edge, Toxin, Monster Hide, Thick Stick, Thin Stick, Formulade, Cold Medicine, Antidote Potion, Fire Element, Water Element, Pumpkin Head, Straw Hat, Egg Hat, Memento Flower Garnet, Courage Badge

You don't see this everyday. Where'd you find it?

Giant Corn, Giant Potato

What the heck is this? No thanks!

Weeds, Scrap Metal

Hey hey, wait a sec! You know I hate cucumbers!

Cucumber, Giant Cucumber


Joe always carries his surf board around, and can also frequently be found fishing. He lives at Fenith Port, in a boat house with his grandfather. He goes sailing every Tuesday and Friday unless it's raining.



  • He wears a Fish Hat on Masquerade