I'm searching for a pot (Re-playable)

Reward: (3) Cucumbers, or (6) Onion, or (9) Green Pepper... Depend on the type of pot you lend her.

"I'm looking for some authentic Fenith Island pottery."

Condition : 1 Friendship point

I'm searching for a lamp (Re-playable)

Reward: (3) Moondrop, or (6) Fall Flower, or (9) Lamp Flower... Depend on the type of lamp you lend her.

"I collect lamps. I'd love one from Fenith Island."

Condition : 2 Friendship point

I'm searching for a painting (Re-playable)

Reward: Runeys and (3) Oil, (6) Flour, (9) Curry Powder... Depend on the name of the painting you lend her.

"I collect paintings. I'd love one from Fenith Island."

Condition : 3 Friendship point

I'm curious about something...

Rewards: Wonderful Gift Recipes and 2,000 G

"I want to ask something about Quinn and Kelsey."

Condition : 4 Friendship point

Come talk with me

Reward: Steamer Recipes (Lv S)

"I don't have many customers today. Won't someone come talk to me?"

Condition : 5 Friendship point

Investigate Shrine Island

Reward: 3,000 G ± 2,000 G If you give the correct answer

"Looking for a treasure hunter. See me for details."

Condition : Discover first Shrine Island, who is a temporary island

Investigate some mystic ruins

Rewards: Head Recipes (Lv 2) ± 5,000 G for correct answers

Description : Mystic_Ruins is in position H4, who represent a far east area.

"Come see me for details."

Condition : Both James's "Water sprout" requests, and Pandora's side story about the Legendary Golem must happen in order to unlock this request.

Investigation request

Reward: 5,000 G

Description : Find and raise the Colosseum

Help my archeological investigation."

Condition : Both "Investigate some mystic ruins" request and "A fall island" request by Bismark must be solved first.

Investigate the sunken islands

Reward: Light Rod

Description : Visit and report some temporary position.Might be found at position D5 who almost represent the middle of map.

"I'll explain the details in person."

Condition : "Investigation request" must be solved first.


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