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Jocelyn (ジャスリン, Jasurin) is a character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.



Jocelyn is a gentle woman, dedicated to the study of rare finds and ancient places. She spends her time learning about the island when she visits. Often when she sees Kelsey and Quinn she pauses for a moment as if dozing off in the joy of children if not her own back home, but she begins to show concern on who takes care of the two later on. She also enjoys collection various home decorations from the island.


During Summer (Beauty Contest) Festival, Jocelyn will appear on the island, but will be at her usual locations. It is implied that Aden asks her why she did not enter or dress up, to which Jocelyn is shocked and offended that Aden proposed such a idea, presumably under the impression that Aden finds her attractive. Needless to say, Jocelyn does not wear a bathing suit nor enters the beauty contest during summer.

During Fall Fashion Contest, Jocelyn actually wants to participate in the festivities. However, she didn't learn about it until after she arrived on the island and has nothing out of the usual to wear.

She wears a Pumpkin mask during Masquerade.


Jocelyn lives in a town on the mainland. She's only in Fenith on Thursdays and Holidays.


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Investigate Shrine Island

Title Description Difficulty
Investigate Shrine Island. Looking for a treasure hunter. See me for details. RFToDiifTurnip.png


She does have family but they are not seen in game. Jocelyn claims that once her kids grow up, she wants to move to Ferith island permanently. She laughs to herself that that won't happen for a long time, however.


Loved "This is a golden skull! Such a rare and beautiful piece. Thank you very much."
Golden Skull
Liked "Well well... This is very interesting. Are you sure I can have this? Thank you very much."
Lamp, Lantern, Resort Lamp, Sturdy Chair, Rocking Chair, Soft Chair, Strange Pot, Paintings
Neutral I can have this? Thank you very much.
Wooden Bed


Mostly seen on Thursdays and Holidays. She does not sell items, however, between the hours of 12-6pm on Thursdays, she does appraise Small Treasure boxes that are found on salvaged islands to reveal their wonderous content. Mostly seen on the island on Thursdays and Holidays. She will also visit on Festival Days, regardless of whether or not it is on her normal visiting days.