Jasper (ジャコリヌス・エラルコ・ヴィヴィアージュ, Jakorinusu Eraroko Viviaaju) is a character in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

The large mansion in the northeast corner of Kardia village is owned by gluttonus Jasper de Sainte-Coquille. He is a world renowned gourmet and is an expert at judging cooking contests. Jasper volunteered to manage all of the festivals that take place in the village. He also pampers his daughter Bianca and lets her have anything she wants.


Favorite Gift
Wow! This _____ tastes great!


Thanks for the _____! It's not great, but I accept it!

Fried Veggies, Cabbage Cakes, Fried Eggs, Tempura, Dry Curry, Salted Salmon, Fried Snapper, Sardines, Needlefish Fry, Curry Rice, Ultimate Curry, Royal Curry, Relax Tea

_____? Wow!

Baked Riceball, Salad, Oil, Flour, Wine, Chocolate, Rice, Curry Powder, Rice Dumplings, Antidotal Herb,


  • Jasper eats 7 meals a day.
  • The town mayor refers to him as a gastronimist which is someone who studies the connection between culture and food or somebody who is a connoisseur.
  • Jasper shares the same birthday Leonel from Rune Factory 2, Carlos from Rune Factory 3 and Bacchus from Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.