First Generation

Come Here fot a sec

"I'm gonna give ya some work."

I'll Give Ya a Shot

Reward: 100 G

"Come see me...unless yer a chicken."
Jake has put a BRONZE BRACELET at the far end of Trieste Forest. You're job is to retrieve it.

I Got Somethin' Else For Ya

"Come here! Don't run away!"

Get With It!

"You've been slacking off lately -- I'll beat some sense back into ya!"

Second Generation

Get Me Swordmaking Materials

I don't have enough materials to make swords. If you get some for me, I'll give ya something good

[Requirements: Have talked to Jake before, have a hammer to get iron or a just piece of iron, you can get the hammer from the sink in your house.

Jake will request that you get him Iron to finish making his sword. Iron is pretty easy to find so go get some and bring it back to him.

Get Me Materials for Armor

Reward : Greatsword

I've Got a Test for Ya

Reward : Magical Lance