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Jake (ジェイク, Jake) is a character in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Jake is a half-elf, and has apparently been harassed about it in his childhood. He is defensive and proud of his heritage, but resentful of humans. He worries that Cecilia will be mistreated, since she is also a half-elf.

Jake's hobbies include weapons and combat. He is proud of his warrior skills, and often challenges Kyle to prove his superiority. He is apprenticed to Tanya, and thinks swordsmithing would be a worthy occupation for him to take up later in life.


Jake's silver hair is cut short to show off his long Elven ears, one of which is pierced. He dresses practically in a leather short jacket and breeches, with sturdy leather boots and a blacksmith's leather apron. He always carries a sword at his hip, slung from a loose baldric.


Jake's only close friend in Alvarna is Cecilia, who is the only person he respects. Egan is his father, but Jake is disgusted at Egan's open friendliness toward humans. It is possible he has some internalized issues over his own mother being human.

Rival Wedding

Unless Kyle marries Cecilia, Jake will marry her on Summer 14 of the 2nd year. If Cecilia is married then, he will marry Yue. Either way, Jake will have a son named Orland.


In the beginning, Jake is hostile to Kyle, resentful that yet another human has moved to town. Over time, he becomes less rude as Kyle demonstrates not only his skills, but also his kindness. Developing a strong friendship with Cecilia also shows Jake that Kyle is kind and does not discriminate.

Jake gives Kyle a Sickle, which he can use to cut down grass on his farm.

Second Generation

In the second generation, Jake will still work at the blacksmith - though Tanya still runs the place. He has a kinder attitude, though. He wants Orland to make friends, but Orland mimics his father's frosty attitude.


Loved "What, you're giving this to me? I'll take it. I'm grateful, I suppose."
Neutral What, do you think I care?"
"You're giving this to me? You're a strange one, little human."
Trash, Spinach, Hot Milk, Strawberry milk
Disliked "What is that unpleasant... Don't be ridiculous, human! I hate milk!"
Small Milk, Medium Milk, Large Milk


He lives at the Inn with his father Egan, but spends most of his time at the Sharper Edge Blacksmith where he works. On special event days/holidays, he can be found at the dungeon crossroads outside town, unless he's competing. Even though he is half-human, he has a deep hatred of pure humans, which includes everyone in the town other than Egan and Cecilia.