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Ivan (イヴァン, Ivan) is a character in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


Location Time
Benches left of Square 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Ivan has five sets of merchandise, one for each week of a season. This means that no matter the season or year, as long as it is the right week, Ivan will be selling from the corresponding set of merchandise.

Week One
Item Price Requirement
Kitchen (small) 1000 G None
Kitchen (large) 1000 G House Upgrade
Fridge (small) 1000 G None
Fridge (large) 1000 G House Upgrade
Week Two
Item Price Requirement
Cheese Maker 1000 G None
Mayonnaise Maker 1000 G None
Seed Maker 1000 G None
Yarn Maker 1000 G None
Yogurt Maker 1000 G None
Week Three
Item Price Requirement
Shelves (small) 1000 G None
Shelves (large) 2000 G House Upgrade
Table Set (small) 500 G None
Table Set (large) 1000 G House Upgrade
Week Four
Item Price Requirement
Frying Pan 1500 G Kitchen (small)
Knife Set 1000 G Kitchen (small)
Mixer 700 G Kitchen (small)
Oven 2000 G Kitchen (large)
Pot 1200 G Kitchen (large)
Steamer 800 G Kitchen (large)
Week Five
Item Price Requirement
Double Bed 10000 G House Upgrade

Ivan is a travelling merchant who visits Kardia every week on Holiday. Every week, he brings a different set of items. Ivan sells many home appliances and other recreational items. It is possible that Raguna is Ivan's long-lost brother, at least Ivan's peddling in hopes of finding him.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM on holidays.


Week 1 Kitchen Small 1,000 G
Refrigerator Small
Week 2 Cheese Maker
Mayonnaise Maker
Seed Maker
Yarn Maker
Yoghurt Maker
Week 3 Shelves Small
Large 2,000 G
Table Set Small 500 G
Large 1,000 G
Week 4 Frying Pan 1,500 G
Knife Set 1,000 G
Mixer 700 G
Oven 2,000 G
Pot 1,200 G
Steamer 800 G
Week 5 Double Bed 10,000 G

The large version of appliances & furniture, along with the Double Bed require an expanded home.



  • Ivan is the one who gives Raguna the Radar Device.
  • At the end of Rune Factory, it is hinted that Ivan is Raguna's brother.
  • He is the first Earthmate that isn't playable.
  • In an interview it was mentioned that he is the king's second cousin, and that he came to Kardia specifically because he heard a rumor about Raguna being there.[citation needed]
  • He has some connection with the Earth Dragon Terrable.