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A list of the items in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

All items are listed alphabetically.















Monster Loot



Plot Items


Loots location

Name Location
Sapphire Kasimir Ruins Monster Box
Ruby Kasimir Ruins Monster Box
Amethyst Kasimir Ruins Monster Box
Aquamarine Kasimir Ruins Monster Box
Fire crystal Carmite Cave Squirrel, Kasimir Ruins Slime, Danaan Cave Demon, Greed Cave Dragon
Earth crystal Clemens Cave Giant, Misty Bloom Cave Orc, Kasimir Ruins Slime, Insect
Wind Crystal Mt. Gigant Bird, Chicken, Kasimir Ruins Slime, Fairy, Danaan Cave Wizard, Greed Cave Fairy
Water Crystal Toros Cave Slime, Spirit, Kasimir Ruins Spirit, Danaan Cave Wizard
Little Crystal Toros Cave Slime
Magic crystal Danaan Cave Wizard, Greed Cave Wizard
Cheap Cloth Carmite Cave Orc, Misty Bloom Cave Orc, Greed Cave Orc
Quality cloth Misty Bloom Cave Orc
Silk Cloth Greed Cave Orc
Arrowhhead Carmite Cave Orc, Goblin
Warrior certificate Carmite Cave Goblin
Glue Greed Cave Goblin
Cheap bandage Carmite Cave Goblin
Broken hilt Greed Cave Ghost
Broken box Kasimir Ruins Monster's box
Devil horn Toros Cave Demon
Devil blood Danaan Cave Demon
Hood Toros Cave Ghost
Skull Toros Cave Ghost, Danaan Cave Ghost
Magic powder Toros Cave Wizard, Sold in winter
Fairy powder Kasimir Ruins Fairy, Greed Cave Fairy
Spore Mt. Gigant Toadstool
Poison powder Misty Bloom Cave Toadstool, Kasimir Ruins Toadstool, Danaan Cave Toadstool
Gunpowder Carmite Cave Goblin, Greed Cave Goblin
Shoulder piece Clemens Cave Giant
Giant claw Clemens Cave Giant
Giant gloves Kasimir Ruins Giant
Hammer piece Clemens Cave Giant
Insect Skin Carmite Cave Ant, Wasp, Clemens Cave wasp, Beetle
Pretty skin Misty Bloom Cave Scorpion
Insect Jaw Carmite Cave Ant
Rigid horn Kasimir Ruins Beetle
Scorpion tail Misty Bloom Cave Scorpion
Scorpion pinch Greed Cave Scorpion
Strong string Mt. Gigant Spider
Pretty string Mt. Gigant Spider, Kasimir Ruins Spider
Bird wing Mt. Gigant Bird, Chicken
Skin Carmite Cave Squirrel
Quality skin Mt. Gigant Squirrel, Danaan Cave Wolf, Greed Cave Dragon
Bull horn Mt. Gigant Bull
Wolf claws Misty Bloom Cave Catlike
Wolf fang Toros Cave Wolf, Danaan Cave Wolf
Angered fang Danaan Cave Catlike
Fish fossil Misty Bloom Cave Flying fish
Turtle shell Danaan Cave Tortoise, Sold by Sabrina
Root Mt. Gigant Plant, Sold in winter
Plant stem Danaan Cave Plant
Strong Vine Danaan Cave Plant
Clay Toros Cave Slime
Woolly furball Toros Cave Wooly