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Each ingredient used for cooking in a recipe imparts an extra effect upon the finished product. These effects are specific per ingredient; no matter what item they are used to create, they will give the same effect.

When cooking, adding additional ingredients to a recipe will add additional effects. The level of the ingredients used does not matter for these effects, and all of the effects stack.

Fruits and Vegetables

Name Cooking Effect


HP +10, RP +5, Seal Res +5%
Bamboo Sprout RP +5
Bok Choy HP +30, Seal Res +10%
Boss Bok Choy HP +650, Seal Res +50%
Cabbage HP +140, Int+2
Carrot HP +80, Crit Res +8%
Colossal Pink HP +220, Str +15
Conqueror Melon HP +300, RP +150, Str +10, Int+10
Corn HP +75, RP Max +10
Cucumber HP +55, Vit +2
Doom Pumpkin HP +210, Vit +20

HP +100, Crit +1%

Emperor Eggplant HP +270, Crit +10%
Giant Hot-Hot Fruit HP +300, RP +140, Fire Res +15%, Slp Res +50%
Golden Cabbage HP +500, Int +3%
Golden Doom Pumpkin HP +900, Vit +5%
Golden King Cabbage HP +950, Int +5%
Golden Potato HP +350, HP max +3%
Golden Pumpkin HP +400, Vit +3%
Grape HP +10, RP +5, Psn Res +5%
Green Pepper HP +90, Vit +8
Green Pepper Rex HP +250, Vit +30
Hot-Hot Fruit Fire Res +5% Slp Res +10%
Kaiser Cucumber HP +175, Vit +15
King Cabbage HP +600, Int +15
King Pineapple HP +400, RP +200, Faint Res +100%
Leek HP +120, Sick Res +10%
Lordly Yam HP +200, HP max +200
Onion HP +150, Par Res +10%
Orange HP +10, RP +5, Par Res +5%

HP +120, RP+40, Faint Res+25%

Pink Melon HP +180, RP+60, Str+10, Int+10
Pink Turnip HP +70, Str+2
Potato HP max +15
Pumpkin HP +65, Vit+4
Radish HP +5, Crit Res +5%
Spinach HP +87
Strawberry HP +35, RP+20, Psn Res+5%, Seal Res+5%, Par Res+5%
Sultan Strawberry HP +100, RP +25, Psn Res +30%, Seal Res +30%, Par Res +30%
Titan Tomato HP +700, Psn Res +50%
Tomato HP +180, Psn Res +10%
Turnip HP +30, RP +5, Str +1
Ultra Onion HP +650, Par Res +50%
Yam HP +60, HP max +50


Flowers and Grasses

Name Cooking Effect
4-Leaf Clover RP +50, Crit +5%
Charm Blue

RP +28, HP max +10, Slp Res +10%, Ftg Res +10%, Sick Res +10%, Status Ailment: Poison

Cherry Grass RP +30, Int+1%
Fireflower RP+70, HP Max+1%
Ironleaf HP -100, Str+10

RP +20

Lamp Grass RP +40, Str+1%
Pink Cat RP +25, PsnRes+5%, ParaRes+5%, SealRes+5%,SickRes+5%, FtgRes+5%, SlpRes+5%
Pom-Pom Grass RP +45, Psn Atk+15%
Red Crystal RP +120, Int +10, Fire Res+5%
Toyherb RP +15, Ftg Res +15%, Heal: Ftg


Name Cooking Effect
Recovery Potion HP +150
Healing Potion HP +800
Mystery Potion HP +3000
Magical Potion HP +50%
Antidote Potion HP +1500, PsnRes+50%, Heal Psn
Para-Gone HP +500, ParaRes+50%, Heal Para
Roundoff HP +300, SealRes+50%, Heal Seal
Cold Medicine HP +1000, SickRes+50%, Heal Sick
Formuade RP +75%
Invinciroid HP +100%, RP +100%, Heal Psn, Para, Seal, Sick, Ftg
Love Potion RP +50%, Heal Psn, Para, Seal, Sick, Ftg
Object X RP -50%, Status Ailment- Psn, Para, Seal, Sick, Slp, Ftg


Name Cooking Effect
Flour RP +5, Str+1
Rice HP +10, HP Max+10
Chocolate RP +10, Int+2
Wine RP +20, Crit +5%, Crit Def -1%
Curry Powder RP +5, HP Max +1, Water Res +5%
Rice Flour RP +5, HP Max +1
Mixed Herbs HP +500, RP +100, Wind Res-10%
Heavy Spice HP +500, RP +100, Fire Res-10%
Sweet Powder HP +500, RP +100, Water Res-10%
Sour Drop HP +500, RP +100, Earth Res-10%


Name Cooking Effect
Milk (S) RP +10, Int+1
Milk (M) RP +50, Int+2
Milk (L) RP +50, Int+2%
Egg (S) RP +10 Str+1
Egg (M) RP +20, Str+2
Egg (L) RP +50, Str+2%
Cheese RP +85, Vit+10
Yogurt RP +85, Int+5
Mayonnaise RP +30, Crit Res +10%, Knock Res +10%

Failed Dishes

Name Cooking Effect
Failed Dish RP Max-10%, Str-10%, Vit-10%, Int-10%
Disasterous Dish RP Max-25%, Str-25%, Vit-25%, Int-25%, Light Res-25%

Other Item Types

Most items from the Collectible item types and Forged/Crafted products will completely change the base effects of the cooked product so that they do not do what they should normally do. The base effects of food that includes these types of items are at Level 1: HP-20%, RP Max-10%, Str -10%, Vit -10%, Int -10%. These new effects increase in magnitude as the item level increases.

Cooked Foods

Most cooked dishes do not provide any extra effect when included as an ingredient.

Name Effect
Relax Tea Leaves RP Max+50
Relax Tea Heal Psn, Para, Seal, Ftg
Cheesecake Heal Psn, Para, Seal, Ftg
Ice Cream Negates fire damage upon ingestion


All fish provide a Str+1 effect bonus when included in a recipe. Rainbow Trout provides an additional Psn status effect, and Lamp Squid provides an additional Seal status effect

Recipe Breads

Recipe Breads provide an Int+1 bonus when included as an ingredient.


All Nutrients provide an HP-100 effect to foods when used as an ingredient.


All seeds provide HP+5 when used as an ingredient.

Other Items

RF4 Upgrade material notice - Electro Crystal.png


Cooking Effect

Turnip Miracle Str +3, Int +3
Rafflesia Petal HP Max+15
Mushroom 1 HP +100, RP +50


Mushroom 2 HP +500, RP +100


Mushroom 3 HP +100, RP +50

Status Ailment: PSN

Mushroom 4 HP +100, RP +50

Status Ailment: PAR

Mushroom 5 Status Ailment: SLP
Mushroom 6 Status Ailment: SICK
Monarch Mushroom

HP +3000, RP +500,

Heals Psn, Para, Seal, Sick, Slp, Ftg

Devil Blood RP Max +1