"It's her, The Great Detective! …or so she claims. Illuminata runs the flower shop alongside Amber, whom she refers to as her "trusty assistant". She is always on the hunt for a new mystery even in places where there's nothing to be found, which often leads to more trouble than it's worth."
―Website Description
"Leave it to Detective Illuminata!"
―Illuminata, Rune Factory 4

Illuminata (エルミナータ Eruminaata) is a character in Rune Factory 4.

She runs the flower store in Rune Factory 4. As an elf, she's much older than she looks. Amber will move into Illuminata's flower shop after her monster form is defeated in Yokmir Forest.

Even though she formally runs "Carnation Flowers" in Selphia, she is also a self-proclaimed detective. She usually patrols the town in search of incidents or mysterious happenings that she herself can declare an incident or mystery of some sort. She makes various references to fictional detectives and, at one point, has called Lest/Frey "Watson". She regularly takes a guess on Amber's riddles during some of their morning time conversations. Her catchphrase is, "The culprit?! This is an incident!," which reflects her hyperactive personality as both a florist and a self-proclaimed "detective".

Illuminata can be overly hyperactive in several instances, one example being in one town sub-event where she believed that there was a case to be investigated in Forte and Kiel's residence. Illuminata hid inside their house and waited for her chance to surround Forte as soon as she entered her home. Of course, this only earned Illuminata a painful strike from the flat of Forte's blade. Illuminata has also spied on one of the bachelors' sleepovers during a card game to determine which girl they like. Of course, Leon was fully aware of her presence and he purposely admitted to "liking" Illuminata in front of the other bachelors, to merely tease her.

As the person who adopted Amber, Illuminata is very motherly towards her. This motherly trait to her personality has also brought up her strict side, as she had slapped Amber during a town sub-event for eating her memento flower at Selphia Lake. It earned her (Illuminata) a scolding from Xiao Pai before she eventually apologized to Amber. She is also very serious when it comes to giving relationship advice, as shown in Clorica's main sub-event.

Illuminata can be seen as somewhat of an older sister to the rest of the bachelorettes. She and Clorica are known to chat from time to time inside of her flower shop. Illuminata appears to be a good friend to Margaret, acting as a fellow elf who is looking out for her own kind. However, it is heavily implied that Illuminata finds Forte scary when angered, as she tells Lest/Frey with an unsure expression on her face that they simply cannot anger said knight when talking about Kiel.

Illuminata isn't a marriage candidate and the question as to why has led to some speculation based on in-game evidence. Illuminata is known to be one of the oldest villagers in Selphia as she is close friends with somebody as old as Volkanon. Furthermore, in one of her daily dialogues, if the player chooses to ask if she's alone, Illuminata reacts angrily and she apologizes for being single. Given her knowledge on relationships and how she has coached Clorica on her commitment to Lest in said bachelorette's main sub-event, it is possible that she may have had a lover in the past or perhaps an awful relationship.


Favorite Gifts
"Ooh, some [item]! Aaah, that was soothing. Thanks, [name]

Relax Tea, Relax Tea Leaves

Liked Gifts
"Oh,how pretty! Thank you!"

Flowers, Jam, Bread, Sweets

Disliked Gifts
[item]?! Ugh! That's no good! I got all excited for nothing. I was hoping for Relax Tea.

Pickled Vegatables


  • "The criminal!"
  • "It's all priced to move."
  • "Good job!"
  • "So... you're the criminal!"
  • "There's nothing a great detective can't do!"


  • Lumie- By Clorica, Amber, Margaret and Nancy
  • Ellie- By Amber and other numerous townsfolk



  • "Illuminata" means "enlightened" in Italian.
  • Margaret says that Illuminata can be "reckless" sometimes, even though she is younger, but oftens feel like Illuminata can act younger than Margaret, as if she were a younger sister.