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Honey (ハチミツ, Hachi Mitsu) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

File:RF3Honey.png Honey gathered for the queen bee. Its nutritional value along with natural sweetness make it a hit.
Category Dairy Sell 680G Buy 1000G
Effect HP Rec RP Rec HP Max RP Max STR VIT INT
3hrs +35% +20% -4 -2


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Oven Apple Pie 36 Flour Butter Honey Apple Apple -
Steamer Steamed Bread 33 Flour Honey Small Egg - - -
Steamer Curry Manju 34 Flour Carrot Honey Curry Powder Bamboo Shoot -
Steamer Steamed Bread 36 Flour Honey Medium Egg - - -
Steamer Steamed Bread 39 Flour Honey Large Egg - - -
Steamer Steamed Cake 41 Flour Honey Small Milk - - -
Steamer Steamed Cake 42 Flour Honey Medium Milk - - -
Steamer Steamed Cake 43 Flour Honey Large Milk - - -
Steamer Pumpkin Pudding 44 Honey Pumpkin Yellow Grass Medium Egg - -
Steamer Cheese Bread 45 Flour Honey Medium Cheese - - -
Steamer Pumpkin Pudding 48 Honey Pumpkin Yellow Grass Large Egg - -
Pot Relax Tea 64 Relax Tealeaves Honey Pink Melon Leek - -
Pot Royal Curry 85 Magic Powder Apple Honey Curry Powder Mixed Herbs Mixed Herbs
Frying Pan Pancakes 22 Flour Honey Sweet Powder Medium Milk Medium Egg -
Frying Pan Pancakes 24 Flour Honey Sweet Powder Large Milk Large Egg -


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Chemistry Set Love Potion 52 Pink Melon Pink Melon Strawberry Grape Liqueur Honey Magic Powder


Liked Blaise Icon.png Blaise

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

File:RFToDHoney.png Type Ingredient HP Recovery 0 Special Effects
Value G RP Recovery 0
Effect Time 0

Rune Factory 4

RF4Honey.png Honey collected for a queen bee. Very nutritious and popular for its natural sweetness.
Category Dairy Sell 680G Buy 1800G
[Effects] RP +15


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Frying Pan Pancakes 49 Flour Honey Milk Egg
Pot Relax Tea 73 Relax Tea Leaves Honey Pink Melon Leek
Pot Royal Curry 98 Curry Powder Apple Honey Mixed Herbs Onion Emery Flower
Mixer Mixed Smoothie 91 Mixed Juice Honey


Liked Amber Icon.png Amber Ventuswill Icon.png Ventuswill
Disliked Dylas Icon.png Dylas