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Good morning.{end}

Good morning.{end}


Good evening.{end}

Obtained ❾アイテム0❾!{end}

Received ❾数字0❾

Received ❾アイテム0❾!{end}


Hello there. Your name is ❾ヒーロー❾,


I'm Hazel. I own the general store,
and am the mother of the laziest
girl on Earth.{end}

We sell an assortment of crop seeds,
so I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of

Yeah. I plan to do lots of farming.{end}

Good! It's great to meet someone
with some energy and ambition!{end}


If only my daughter was more
like you...{end}

I've come to talk.{end}

I've come to buy.{end}

I'd like furniture.{end}

Never mind.{end}

Spring seeds.{end}

Summer seeds.{end}

Fall seeds.{end}

Winter seeds.{end}

Items and ingredients.{end}

Never mind.{end}

Double Bed: ❾数字2❾G, ❾数字3❾ Wood{end}

Bookshelf: ❾数字4❾G, ❾数字5❾ Wood{end}

Storage Box: ❾数字6❾G, ❾数字7❾ Wood{end}

Never mind.{end}




What would you like?{end}

Anything else?{end}

Please come again!{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

Oh, I just remembered we got some
furniture that needs a little fixing

They're not on sale yet, but I'll
be selling them soon. Of course,
they'll also cost a little wood so I
can fix them up.{end}

That sounds great. My house is looking
pretty empty.{end}

Oh, fantastic! I can finally get
rid--I mean, sell you some of that
fine furniture.{end}


Well, if you ever need some furniture,
just let me know.{end}

That furniture takes up a lot of
room in my store!{end}

What do you want to buy?
You have:
❾数字1❾ Wood{end}

The ❶double bed❶? Ooh, is there a
special someone you're thinking
about marrying?{end}

Oh, don't worry. You don't have to
tell me. Well, I'll need ❾数字0❾ gold
and ❾数字1❾ wood, okay?{end}

The ❶bookshelf❶? No problem.{end}

Well, it'll be ❾数字0❾ gold and
❾数字1❾ wood. Is that okay?{end}

Oh, a bigger ❶storage box❶? That's
handy. You can put tons of stuff in

Let's see, for the bookshelf, I'll
need ❾数字0❾ gold and
❾数字1❾ pieces of wood.{end}

Okay. Well, I'll get it out to you
soon. It should be there when you
get home.{end}

What?! That soon?!{end}

Of course. We're prompt.{end}

Oh, it seems you're a little short
on funds.{end}

I'm sorry, but this is a business.
Come by to get it when you have
things ready on your end.{end}

Oh, you don't have enough wood.{end}

I'm sorry, but this is a business.
Come by to get it when you have
things ready on your end.{end}

(I'm so sleepy...){end}

You're not here to buy anything, are
(Please tell me you're just

What can I get you?
(I hope it's nothing...){end}

Thank you for coming...
(What a pain...){end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.

You need something else?
(Just buy something and

Here are your options.
(Just pick whatever.){end}

Thank you very much.
(Please come again.){end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
Mom said that if you
needed some furniture
you should come by.{end}


I guess she found some
furniture that could be
used with a little
fixing up.{end}

Oh, I see.
That'd be a big help.{end}

Oh, but you don't want
used furniture.
(We're going to carry
more products...?){end}


What do you want to buy?
You have:
❾数字1❾ Wood{end}

A ❶double bed❶?

You'll need ❾数字0❾ gold and ❾数字1❾
pieces of wood. Are you sure?{end}

A ❶bookshelf❶...
(Just keep your books
on the floor...){end}

You'll need ❾数字0❾ gold and ❾数字1❾
pieces of wood. Are you sure?{end}

A bigger ❶storage box❶...
(Good for just throwing everything in
when you need to clean up.){end}

You'll need ❾数字0❾ gold and ❾数字1❾
pieces of wood. Are you sure?{end}

I see...
(This is gonna be a pain...){end}

Well, we'll send it over today.
(Really...what a pain...){end}


Oh, looks like you can't afford it.
Well, maybe next time...
(Thank goodness...){end}

Oh, looks like you're short on wood.
Well, maybe next time...
(Lucky me...){end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾!
Today's your birthday,
isn't it?{end}

Happy birthday!{end}

This is from me.
It's not much, but I
hope you like it!{end}


Oh, that's a nice scent.
Are you wearing cologne?
Maybe we should start
selling cologne.{end}

Ha ha ha!
Unfortunately, I'm
already married to my

I can't accept so many presents in
one day. But I appreciate the thought.{end}

Is this supposed to be a present?{end}

This is just trash!
What do you want me to do with this?!

Oh, a present?{end}

I ❶don't really like❶
❶crunchy fish❶...{end}

I would've preferred
❾アイテム0❾ or

Now that's a really nice gift!{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
This ❾アイテム9❾ is for me?

Maybe I could get
a cake next time.{end}

You know, I'm not very good at
baking, so I don't get to enjoy
fresh-baked goods very often.{end}

I'd like to get some
❶vegetables❶, too.{end}

❶Raw vegetables❶ are
great to cook with,
but I can't very well
take our store veggies.{end}

Oh, a ❾アイテム9❾?
Thanks, I ❶like❶ these.{end}

Is this for me?{end}

I ❶love❶ these!{end}

You want me to drink this?
Well, okay...{end}

That doesn't taste like anything

Have I ever told you how handsome you
are, ❾ヒーロー❾? All that farming
has really made you fit. You're
practically chiseled out of stone!{end}

You can come by and say hi any time!{end}


Oh, a present?{end}

You didn't have to give me this
on my ❶birthday❶...{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
This ❾アイテム9❾ is for me?{end}

So this is my ❶birthday present❶?

Oh, a ❶birthday❶ present?{end}

I really ❶like❶ this!{end}

Thank you!{end}

Oh, a ❶birthday❶ present?{end}

I really ❶love❶ this!{end}

Thank you!{end}



Remove from party.{end}

Never mind.{end}

What's the matter?{end}

I can keep going!{end}

I can keep...
I'm not gonna lose
to no youngster!{end}

I can still...{end}

Karina, are you skipping
work again...?{end}

Bye then!{end}

I need to get going,
so I'll see you later.{end}

would you like to go
somewhere with me?{end}

I'm sorry,
I'm a little busy
right now.
Maybe another time?{end}

That's fine.
So, where do you want
to go?{end}

It seems you've already
asked someone.{end}

Good morning!{end}

Oh, good morning, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

Good morning,


Oh, hello, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

Hi, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

Good evening.{end}

Oh, hi, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

Hi, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

Oh, it's a monster!{end}

Well, I guess it's just a harmless

It's nice out today!
It's a good day to be out working
your field!{end}

This rain should make your crops

It's harder to get going when it's
cold like this. But I'm not going to
let that slow me down!{end}

A hurricane...
I'm worried about the crops.{end}

I'm not going to let a little
blizzard keep me from getting
work done!{end}

I hate cloudy weather. It's like the
sky's too lazy to make up its mind.
It should either be sunny or rainy!{end}

❾数字0❾ ❾アイテム1❾: ❾数字1❾ Gold{end}

❾数字0❾ ❾アイテム2❾: ❾数字2❾ Gold{end}

❾数字0❾ ❾アイテム3❾: ❾数字3❾ Gold{end}

❾数字0❾ ❾アイテム4❾: ❾数字4❾ Gold{end}

❾数字5❾ ❾アイテム6❾: ❾数字6❾ Gold{end}

❾数字5❾ ❾アイテム7❾: ❾数字7❾ Gold{end}

❾数字5❾ ❾アイテム8❾: ❾数字8❾ Gold{end}

❾数字5❾ ❾アイテム9❾: ❾数字9❾ Gold{end}

Never mind.{end}



Oh, that's right!
Here's your New Year's

Thank you.{end}

Kids are best when
they're frank.{end}

Instead of being
uncooperative like
someone I know.{end}

Ha ha...{end}


You have to sit there
waiting for ❶squid❶ to

What a boring festival.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾, huh?{end}

Well, if I catch a
lot of ❶❾アイテム0❾❶,
I can give it to Pia.{end}

I think that you
can catch ❾アイテム0❾
in the lake...{end}

Very nice, ❾ヒーロー❾.
But are you going
to eat all of them?{end}

Well, I guess you
could give a few to
Pia. I'm sure she'd
like that.{end}

The fishing rods at
our store tend to
Most just break...{end}

But I feel like some
of them just disappear
for no reason.{end}

Well, today's the
last day of the month.{end}

You can swim in the
lake during the summer.
The kids all look
forward to that.{end}

Well, it's the same
story with Karina...{end}

Why don't you go for a
swim, too?{end}


I always have trouble
figuring out what to
sell for the

Well, I'm sure I'll
figure out something,
so you should swing by.{end}

I'm still getting ready.
Come back a little

How were the shops
today? I tried getting
some new items together.
Did you like them?{end}

We have some very rare
golden plants.{end}

❾アイテム0❾ are
❾数字0❾ gold for
❾数字1❾ of them.
Is that what you want?{end}

Thank you!{end}

Oh, you don't have
enough money.{end}

Please come again!{end}

This is my thanks for
selling out!
Sorry, but you'll have
to come back next year!{end}


❾カレンダー0❾, huh?
I wonder what kind of
festival it is.{end}

It's almost time for


  • sigh*...

Seems like I'm more
nervous than I should

You know, I imagined
the univir as bloodthirsty
savage beasts! But you
know what?{end}

They're a lot better
than my stupid daughter!{end}

That turned out better
than I expected.{end}

Sure, they look strange.
But that's where the
differences end.{end}

Why did our feud have to
last that long? What a

The ❾カレンダー0❾
has come by again.{end}

I think I promised to
show them what I was
selling last year.{end}

Alright, I'm all ready.
Now the ❾カレンダー0❾
can start anytime it
wants to.{end}

I wonder how Karina's
I hope she's not
sleeping somewhere...{end}

I had fun this year,
I hope this festival
lasts forever.{end}

I'm Kuruna, the univir
elder over at the
settlement. And you are...?{end}

I'm Hazel. I run the
general store.{end}

Ah, you run it all
by yourself?{end}

No, I actually have--{end}

On second thought, yes.
Yes, I do run it all
by myself.{end}

Uh...I get the feeling
I'm not getting the
whole story here.{end}

What did I do to deserve
this?! Didn't I raise
her right...?{end}

Raise who right?{end}

Uh, let's get out of
here, Kuruna!{end}

Now, this year's coming
to an end.
You have anything you
still wanted to do?{end}

Today's the end of
the year...{end}

Looking back,
it was as busy as ever.{end}

With yelling at Karina.{end}

Th-That must have
been tough...{end}

Heh heh, I'm getting antsy already!
Are you ready for tomorrow,

Uh, what's tomorrow?{end}

You bet!{end}

The festival! Did you forget?!
Tomorrow's the

That's good to hear! It should
be a lot of fun, huh?{end}

Today's the

I really love this festival!{end}

Way to go, ❾ヒーロー❾!
You worked really hard for that.{end}

See? That's what happens with a
little hard work!{end}

If you're sore about losing, just try
harder next year!{end}

Whew... That was a good workout!
I always feel so good after I

The ❾カレンダー0❾ is

I'm not a fan of fishing... I have a
hard time just sitting there doing
nothing for hours...{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾ is


  • sigh*... Looks like I'll be serving

fish for dinner the rest of the

I'm up for eating any kind of fish,
except ❶desert-dwelling fish❶.{end}

Nice job, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

If you can't eat them all, remember
that you can always put them in
the shipping bin!{end}

I didn't have the time
to sit around this time.
It'd be fun if fishing
were always like this.{end}

And then Marjorie
told me what I was
describing was
"hunting, not fishing".{end}

I have no interest in eating desert

I mean, why are there fish living
in the desert in the first place?
It kinda creeps me out...{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
Sorry, would you mind
coming back later?{end}

I'm trying to focus on
picking a vegetable for

[000044D5] took all
night, but I finally
picked the vegetable to
enter today.{end}

Now, I can't wait to
see how it does.{end}

Karina always complains
when I start getting
ready for this festival.{end}

It's not like she
even has to help!{end}

Seems like your
vegetable was number 1.{end}

Which is good for our
business since we carry
your produce. So keep
up the good work!{end}

What a surprise.
I didn't think I'd win.{end}

Well, I guess I could
thank Karina a bit.
But really, just a tiny

Have you ever seen a
vegetable Marian grew?{end}

I'm not sure you could
even call it one. No,
never mind. Thinking
about it is just...{end}

Are all kids these
days like that?{end}

I don't think so.{end}

Obtained ❾アイテム0❾!{end}

Received ❾数字0❾

Received ❾アイテム0❾!{end}


What's the matter?{end}

This notepad is from
our store. I use it
when I've finished my

What? Then...{end}

It looks like my mom
covered for me...
(Because I'm
a failure...){end}


I'm sorry, ❾ヒーロー❾.
Since you helped
out and all...{end}

Oh, don't worry about

I'll go apologize
to my mom...
(This is so


It looks like we're
finally done....{end}


That was pretty

But, well...{end}

Being thanked...
well, it isn't so bad.{end}

I see.{end}

(I was with you...){end}


Oh, it's nothing.
(How could I even think
about saying something
so embarrassing?){end}


there's this.{end}

What is it...?{end}

You should take it.
It's left over
from the store.{end}

(I kept it because
I thought it would
look good on you.){end}


Oh, no.
It's nothing.{end}

Well, see you later,
(Thank you,

But it's already late,
Could you come back

I'm glad you're here.{end}

Could you take these
❾アイテム0❾ to Marjorie?{end}

No problem.{end}

I'd ask Karina, but I can't find her

The only thing that girl works hard
at is skipping out on work!{end}

Ha ha...{end}

Anyway, thanks for doing this for me.{end}

Just take those
❾アイテム0❾ to Marjorie.{end}

You made the delivery to Marjorie?{end}


I'm glad there's someone around here
I can count on!
Here's your reward.{end}

(She's really hard on Karina. I guess
that shows that she cares?){end}

What is it? Is there something on
your mind?{end}

Well, you and Karina seem to have
a...contentious relationship

You're darn right! That's because
she's a useless slacker!
Why, did Marjorie say something
about us?{end}


What? What did she say?!{end}


No, never mind.
I don't want to know.{end}

It really wasn't anything bad.{end}

I don't care! I don't want to hear it!
Now off with you!{end}

Huh? But I...{end}

We're closed today.
Come back tomorrow if
you need anything.{end}


Oh, this is about
the letter?{end}


I'm sorry, it's late,
could you come tomorrow?{end}

Anytime before

Alright, got another
test tomorrow!{end}

Be sure to study
hard with ❾ヒーロー❾!
Got it?!{end}

Wait, me too?!{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
Is this about the
bulletin board?{end}


You'd be a big help.
I've got a little
more business than
I can handle.{end}

And I can't
rely on Karina...
So I can't really leave
the store right now...{end}

Ha ha...{end}

I was wondering if
you could get a
❾アイテム0❾ for me.{end}

Yes, of course.{end}

That'd be a big help.
Well, I'm counting on

I could use some

Yeah, this is the

Thank you, ❾ヒーロー❾.
You're a lifesaver.{end}

You're welcome.{end}

Well, here's your
It's not much, but I
hope you like it.{end}

Well now,
Thanks again.{end}

Oh, Hazel. It's about
the bulletin board,
am I still in time to
help you out?{end}

Oh. Of course.{end}

I've just been so busy.
I'm a little short

Karina got an order wrong,
and we need about
❾数字0❾ more

Do you think you
could get it for me?{end}

Oh, yes.
Leave it to me.{end}

Well, I guess I can't
blame her, we have been
really busy. I'll have
to keep an eye on her.{end}

That's ❾数字0❾
Thank you for doing
this for me.{end}

Oh, looks like you
brought some.{end}

Only ❾数字0❾ more.
I'm counting on you.{end}

That should be all
of them.{end}

Sorry to have you
clean up after that
lazy girl.{end}

This is for your
trouble. Thanks.{end}

Thank you.{end}

I'll have to scold
Karina again.
I'll need to take her
pillow away first...{end}

How did she grow up
to be so lazy...?{end}

Ha ha...{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
Is this about the

Oh, yes.{end}

Actually, our deliveries
are getting attacked by

I was hoping you could
take care of the
❾キャラ0❾ in

Let's see...
About ❾数字0❾
of them should do
the trick.{end}


That'd be a big help.
There's not many people
I can ask to do this.{end}

Thank you for doing
this for me.{end}

Take care of ❾数字0❾
❾キャラ0❾ from the
for me.{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
Did you get them?{end}


Oh, good!

Well, here's your
Hope you like it.{end}

Thank you.{end}

I'm the one who needs
to thank you.
Well, hope I can count
on you in the future!{end}

Hmmm, my back's been so
strained lately.
It's because Karina keeps
me so worried-{end}

You have a
strained back?!{end}

W-What's your problem?
Why are you yelling?!{end}

Well, I just heard
there's this new
medicine that works on
strained backs.{end}

So, where do I get this?{end}

Currently on sale
at the apothecary.{end}

Oh, Marian's con.{end}

Marian's con?!{end}

You seem down,

It's my head.
I'm starting to get a

Well, we should get
that treated right


Why are you--{end}

It doesn't matter!
As long as I can treat

That doesn't sound
like anything a doctor
would say...{end}

Wait, ❾ヒーロー❾!
Let go of me!!{end}

Prepare yourself!!{end}



Alright, next!{end}

What's going on?
I didn't explode
or pass out...{end}

I feel like I've spread
the word enough.
I should get back to
the general store.{end}


W-What is it?{end}

Th-There's no need to yell at me...{end}

It's an old habit.{end}

Thanks for before.{end}


Forget it...
I should be the one
thanking you.{end}

I know how she is,
but please take care
of Karina.{end}


What is it?
I have no idea where
Karina went.{end}

Well, not that
I’m worried.{end}

(I think I could
find out if I just
asked around town.){end}


No, it's nothing...{end}


Did you get any
medicine from Marian?!{end}

Oh? How did you know?
I did actually.


I've been so tired
If only Karina would
work once in a while.{end}

Please excuse me!
We're going to the
next one!{end}

Please excuse me!
Let's go back to see
Marian again!{end}

Wait, Collette!{end}

I'm not sure what's
going on, but it seems
like you've got a full

Ah, ha ha...
Please, excuse me.{end}

Has Evelyn been
any different?{end}

I'm not sure...
She came and talked
to Karina when she bought
some seeds as usual.{end}

She said she was
going to grow more
vegetables to make
new outfits.{end}

That's a usual
conversation from


Are you interested in
Evelyn's clothes?{end}

I'm interested.{end}

Well then,
please ❷don't come❷ to
see them.{end}

Yeah, okay.
That's unfortunate.{end}

you're smiling a lot...{end}

That should be enough.
Let's go back home and

I see Gaius walking by
❶Privera Forest❶ around
❶dusk❶ a lot.{end}

I can't remember a
specific time, though.
Maybe someone else

Happy New Year!{end}

I hope you keep on
working and
shipping stuff
out to us!{end}

Today' know.
My ❶birthday❶.{end}

I-It's not like I'm
expecting to get
anything from Karina!{end}

Oh, I haven't said
anything, yet...{end}

I have cake, candles,
and a present
all ready...{end}


What?! Oh, this isn't
for my daughter's
❶birthday❶ or anything!{end}


Today's Shino's

Maybe I'll take
her some ❶sashimi❶.{end}

Seems like she holds
back so much for Pia.{end}

I completely forgot,
but today's Blaise's

I should talk to
Shino and figure out
what to take him...{end}

A raccoon wrecked some of our store's
merchandise! If I ever get my hands
on it...{end}

I heard you kicked that raccoon's
tail! Thank you!{end}

You were a wooly...{end}

I know I'm supposed
to be shocked, but you
as a seems
like a perfect fit.{end}

The ❶Unity Festival❶...{end}

I'm worried what
they'll be like, but
I trust you.{end}

Why did it come to

Maybe she's still
uneasy about humans
and monsters living in
the same town...{end}

Really? You actually
think that has anything
to do with this?{end}

I guess I shouldn't
comment, then. Sorry.{end}

That stupid girl...{end}

you don't know

I'm sorry...{end}

No...that's right.
There's no point taking
it out on you.

The island doors...?{end}

No, I just knew that
there were doors
that never opened.{end}

But they opened...?{end}

The Sharance Tree

Did you do something?{end}

Your place is looking
pretty impressive.{end}

I've never seen the
tree so big.
I wonder what

The settlement elder,
Kuruna was it?
She really impressed me.{end}

Compared to Karina...{end}

A good clerk should be cheery and
helpful! That's basic customer service.{end}

But Karina can barely manage to
stay awake...{end}

That lazy daughter of mine...{end}

What's wrong?{end}

I told her she was too slow at
bagging, so now she just makes all
the customers bag their own supplies!{end}

Well, that's one solution.{end}

Cakes are so delicious...{end}

(That was quite a non-sequitur.){end}

If someone catches your fancy, you
have to be direct and give them

And we've got some items on sale
that would be just perfect for that!{end}


  • sigh*{end}

Is something the matter?{end}

I was just wondering how Marjorie
can be so patient with Marian. She's
such a handful...{end}

Shino spoils Sakuya and Pia
so much.{end}


Yeah. She talks about them all the
time. And she only has the nicest
things to say.{end}

I see.
You two must be close.{end}

I don't know about that. Seems like
we just talk about our girls whenever
we see each other.{end}

Shino's a tough innkeeper, but I've
never seen her scold Sakuya or Pia
outside of work.{end}

The customer always comes first!{end}

Each one should be treated with
courtesy and respect!{end}

...But Karina keeps falling asleep
while they're talking to her.{end}

We don't get a lot of new customers,
but we've got enough regulars to
keep us busy.{end}

The customers used to love playing
with Karina when she was little.{end}

She was such an energetic little
girl... What happened?{end}

You're so energetic, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

Really, you're just my type.{end}


Ha ha!
I'm kidding!{end}

Shino's always bragging about her

Sometimes she'll say that they still
have a lot to learn, but whenever
she describes them, they sound

I wish I could say the same about
Karina's work...{end}


Marjorie says this town has a
bright future ahead of it.{end}

But I'm not so sure. I mean...{end}

Karina and Marian are its future.{end}

Th-That is a little scary...{end}

Do you ever get a craving for
something sweet when you're tired?{end}

Sure. Like fruit...{end}

Or cake.{end}



You always need to be ahead of your
customers! You've got to order what
they need before they know they need

Got it?!{end}

Uh, sure. But I don't run a shop...{end}

Karina says she doesn't want to take
over the store when I retire, you
know. So I hope there'll be someone
else willing to do it...{end}

Why are you looking at me...?{end}

Karina used to be cute.{end}

She loved playing in the store and
pretending she was working.{end}



You seem tired.{end}

You're pretty.{end}


I was thinking about the future of
Karina and this store...and I
couldn't sleep.{end}

Ha ha...{end}


Y-You shouldn't be teasing adults
like that! Honestly...!{end}

Shino can be pretty
strict with people.{end}

But she's most strict
with herself. She
doesn't like to show how
hard she really works.{end}

I should learn from her.

Does Karina really
want to leave town?{end}

I don't think so.{end}

Does that make you sad?{end}

Well, I'm sure she's
just saying that
because she hates

Oh, no,
I'm not relieved or

I-I'm just looking
after her because
I have to!{end}

N-No, I'm not...!
Actually, I can't
wait for her to leave!{end}

It's just...well, I'm a
little worried. It's not
like things will be
easier when she leaves.{end}

I mean children
can't stay children


I'm looking forward
to the town's future
a bit.{end}

Well, I'm still
pretty uneasy about it,


When you harvest your crops,
sometimes they'll drop seeds.{end}

And if you cut crops down with your
sickle, they'll usually drop seeds,
and the seeds will be higher quality.{end}

Of course, you can't harvest the crop
if you cut it down with the sickle.
But sometimes the tradeoff for the
better seeds is worth it.{end}

The soil quality will drop if you
keep growing crops in one area.{end}

When your soil quality is poor, your
crops will take longer to grow.{end}

So rotate between a few different
planting spots to keep that from

Also, sprinkling
❾アイテム0❾ or
❾アイテム1❾ where you
tilled will help.{end}

If you want better-quality crops, use

If you sell us good-quality ❶produce❶,
we'll be able to sell better seeds.{end}

Oh, that's great.{end}

Yeah. We don't want to fall too far
behind you!{end}

If you want to shorten the time it
takes to grow crops, use

That'll speed the process up by a
few days.{end}

It's only effective until a crop bears
fruit. So if you have a regrowing
crop, you'll need to use it each time
you want it to bear fruit faster.{end}

Oh, long time no see.
How have you been?
How's the farm work?{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾!
Haven't seen you
in a while.{end}

You should come by
the store more often.
I'll be waiting.{end}

That should be enough
We can go back to the
apothecary whenever.{end}

(I'm glad.
Everyone's really been
accepting of Kuruna.){end}

(I'm sure that will put
Ondorus at ease,
I should get back soon.){end}

Item Response