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"That lazy daughter of mine... I told her she was too slow at bagging, so now she just makes all the customers bag their own supplies!"

Hazel (ヘーゼル, Hazel) runs the General Store with her daughter Karina in Rune Factory 3.

Hazel is the tough and hardworking mother of Karina. She often wishes Karina was more hardworking and would take her job more seriously. She's a strict parent, and has little patience when dealing with Karina, scolding her often (though, it is likely that she is the reason for her daughter's laziness). She often wonders how Shino and Marjorie have so much patience when dealing with their children.

She wakes up early, often around 6:30 in the morning and likes to be busy. Hazel has a soft spot for cake and diamonds, and sometimes seems to flirt with Micah if he says that she looks pretty.


Unity Festival

> Before Annual

Hazel: Unity Festival, huh? I wonder what kind of festival it is.

Proposal Joke

Hazel: Ha ha ha! Unfortunately, I'm already married to my store!

Battle Information

Techniques: Dashing Mother

>Hazeal charges at the enemy while doing the Axe and Hammer running attack. Then, she keep up with her speed and vigorously repeat the Axe and Hammer running attack combined with normal attacks and the Stardust Upper skill.

[Mid-range]>Rolling Diamond[Axe and Hammer running attack] (sparringly)

[Melee]>Exemplar Mother (regular attack)

[Melee]>Diamond Rain[Stardust Upper] (majorly)

Hazel has no Special Skills.

Hazel Battle Level Health Attack
23 379 10
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
80 36 19
Default Weapon Battleaxe
Weapon Type Axe


  • Hazel will sometimes tell Micah that if he likes someone that he has to be direct and give them presents, and that she has some items on sale that would be perfect for that.
  • Hazel loves the Bean Throwing Festival and gets antsy the day before.
  • Hazel thinks that Shino spoils her children because she talks about them all of the time and only has nice things to say. Whenever they talk, they are usually talking about their girls.
  • Since Karina doesn't want to take over the general store when Hazel retires, she seems to want Micah to.
  • Hazel doesn't like the Catch the most fish contest because she dislikes fishing and sitting there doing nothing for hours.
  • On the catch the most fish contest she'll say that she has to cook fish for the entire week.
  • Sometimes she can't sleep when thinking about Karina and the future of the store.
  • Hazel has the same birthday as Lin Fa and Nolan from Rune Factory Frontier and Rune Factory 4.