First Generation Requests

Please Get Me an Amethyst

Reward : 400 G

Please Get Me an Aquamarine

Reward : 600 G, and 100 pieces of wood

"Sorry, but can you get this for me too?"
Mine one from Trieste Forest. They can be quite rare sometimes so you should prepare one before taking the quest.

Please Get Me Some Sturdy String

Reward : 600 G

Kyle: Gordon, I’m here about your request on the bulletin board.

Gordon: That was fast, Kyle.

Okay, I need you to bring me a STRONG STRING.

You can sometimes find them on a Spider. You’ll find them in Trieste Forest at night.

That means that you’re going to have to fight for it. Of course, monsters don’t die when they are defeated, but still…

I can’t raise my fists against any creature.

That’s why I need you to do it, Kyle.


Gordon: Are you uncomfortable with that?

I know it seems like I just use my faith to get out of these difficult tasks.

Trust me, though, if I weren’t a priest, I’d like nothing more than to get my hands dirty battling some monsters.

Unfortunately, priests are held to a higher standard. We must be good and pure to provide balance against the world’s worst evils.

Yet not everyone can be as pure as a priest. Society requires most people to walk a path where they must make moral compromises to get things done.

The challenge, then is to choose your compromises wisely… But I’ve started to sound preachy, and I digress.

This time, I’ll pay you 600G.

Kyle, I know you can do this. I’m counting on your help.

But don’t forget! Don’t be inhumane. Always be just and compassionate in your deeds.

[after giving Gordon a Strong String]

Kyle: Gordon, I’ve brought your STRONG STRING.

Gordon: Oh, thank you.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Good job, Kyle.

Well, you held up your end of the deal. Here’s your payment. Go ahead, take it.

[Gordon gives Kyle 600G]

Gordon: You’ve really become someone I can count on. If I need any more help, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Find a Diamond for Me

Reward : 700 G

Gordon: Hi, Kyle. It’s good to see you.

By the way, I have a favor to ask of you. Could you bring me a DIAMOND?

You should be able to find a DIAMOND if you go to the Padova Mountains.

Thanks as always.

[after giving Gordon a Diamond]

Gordon: Thank you, Kyle! I knew I could rely on you.

Here, your reward.

[Gordon gives Kyle 700G]

Gordon: Sorry to bother you again! Ba ha ha ha!

I've Got Something for You

Reward : Blessing Pendant

Second Generation Requests

I Have Something to Give to Roy

Reward : 400 G

Give an Accessory to Yue for Me

Reward : 600 G

Go Get Something from Cammy for Me

Reward : 600 G and a page for the spell book Sonic Wind : Missing Page 2.