Gold (金, Kin) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory: Frontier

File:RFFGold.png RFFTYPE Miscellany A shiny metal that has been
used since ancient times.

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Category Goods Sell G Buy G
+ + + + + +


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
[[]] [[]]


Rune Factory 4

RF4Gold A type of mineral used in the forging of items and accessories. Valuable and highly sought after.
Category Minerals Sell 480G Buy 7800G
[Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 40 DEF +10


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Crafting Table Gold Bracelet 39 Gold Cloths and Skins
Crafting Table Gold Ring 63 Orichalcum Gold Turnip's Miracle
Crafting Table Critical Ring 30 Gold Rigid Horn
Crafting Table Star Pendant 40 Silver Pendant Gold Love Crystal
Crafting Table Sun Pendant 45 Silver Pendant Gold Fire Crystal
Crafting Table Field Pendant 35 Silver Pendant Gold Wind Crystal
Crafting Table Dew Pendant 28 Silver Pendant Gold Water Crystal
Crafting Table Earth Pendant 19 Silver Pendant Gold Earth Crystal
Crafting Table Witch Earrings 30 Gold Emerald Mysterious Powder
Crafting Table Bone Shield 32 Gold Shells and Bones
Crafting Table Magic Shield 37 Gold Silver Mysterious Powder Crystals
Crafting Table Gold Hairpin 60 Turnip's Miracle Gold
Crafting Table Gold Boots 28 Gold Gold Shards
Crafting Table Strider Boots 40 Pretty Thread Platinum Gold Cloths and Skins
Crafting Table Sparkling Shirt 28 Gold Furs Cloths and Skins


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Burning Sword 20 Gold Fire Crystal
Forge Gorgeous Sword 23 Gold Gold Gold Gold
Forge Gaia Sword 27 Gold Earth Crystal Rigid Horn
Forge Chaos Blade 42 Platinum Gold Magic Holy Spore
Forge Sunspot 46 Platinum Gold Warrior's Proof Fire Crystal Ruby
Forge Cyclone Blade 25 Gold Emerald
Forge Poison Blade 27 Gold Silver Poison Powder
Forge Katzbalger 29 Gold Silver Rigid Horn
Forge Earth Shade 30 Gold Silver Black Bird Feather Earth Crystal
Forge Snow Crown 42 Platinum Gold Water Crystal Aquamarine
Forge Halberd 25 Gold Sticks and Stems
Forge Corsesca 27 Gold Rigid Horn Sticks and Stems
Forge Heavy Lance 37 Platinum Gold Sticks and Stems
Forge Great Axe 23 Gold Claws and Fangs
Forge Basilisk Fang 30 Gold Paralysis Poison Claws and Fangs Claws and Fangs
Forge Rock Axe 32 Gold Silver Giant's Gloves Earth Crystal
Forge Ice Hammer 26 Gold Aquamarine Shards
Forge Bone Hammer 31 Gold Giant's Gloves Shells and Bones Shells and Bones
Forge Gigant Hammer 38 Platinum Gold Silver Shards
Forge Steel Katana 30 Gold Gold Black Bird Feather
Forge Twin Blade 32 Gold Gold Rigid Horn Rigid Horn Paralysis Poison
Forge Bear Claws 28 Gold Cloths and Skins
Forge Fists of the Earth 30 Gold Rigid Horn Earth Crystal Cloths and Skins
Forge Shiny Hoe 45 Gold
Forge Rainbow Waterpot 45 Gold Cloths and Skins
Forge Super Sickle 45 Gold Shards
Forge Mountain Axe 45 Gold Stones Sticks and Stems
Forge Golden Hammer 45 Gold Sticks and Stems
Forge Famous Pole 45 Gold Sticks and Stems Strings


Liked Clorica Icon Clorica Raven (RF4) Icon Raven


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