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Serious Errors

End of Game Freeze

Monsters (RF4)

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It is possible to have your game freeze as you finish fighting the Act II final boss. When this occurs, portraits will become glitched, and the game will freeze during the credits. You will have to hard reset, and progress you made since your last save will be lost.

Known Workarounds: Go to your settings and turn off portraits, BGM, SFX, and do not bring anyone with you to the final battle. This will greatly reduce your risk of encountering the glitch. Failing to do this does not guarantee you will encounter the glitch, but if your game freezes once then you should do this on your second attempt.[1] This workaround is not a guarantee that the game won't freeze as the character models will instead glitch rather than the portraits. It is best to start over from the last save when encountering the glitch during the dialogue scenes as it is a sure indicator that the game will freeze during the credits.

Graphic Glitch

At random, the game graphics may glitch. Portraits will usually become bugged first, followed by sprites and scenery. The exact triggers are unknown, but this is an uncommon bug.

No options

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At some times when you talk to a villager and there's options for you to choose, all of you're options will be blank causing you to have to guess which one is which. This can happen because of too much soft resetting. Soft resetting is done by holding R+L+Select+Start at the same time.

Vishnal's Proposal Glitch

After triggering Vishnal's marriage proposal event, he will ask you to meet him in front of your room the next day. When you do so, he will join your party and suggest that you go to the west side of town. However, when you get there, the next part of the event does not trigger and he is permanently stuck in your party, because when you talk to him he just continues to suggest that you go to the west side of town. If you have saved while he is in your party, there is nothing you can do to fix your save file, so it is suggested that after triggering Vishnal's proposal event that you do not save until you're sure that you haven't encountered this glitch.

Exploitable Errors

Repeat Boss Battles

Although you get Prince Points/Princess Points and boss drops appear when a boss monster vanishes, the barrier around a boss room will linger for a second longer, and the game does not consider the boss battle completed until the barrier disappears. If you warp out of the room before this happens, you can fight a boss multiple times a day.[2]

Act II Final Boss Phase Skip

It is possible to defeat the final boss while its still taking possesion of Ventuswill, in the situation that this occurs, the cutscene with the Guardians will not trigger and the second phase of the final battle will be completely skipped.

Plot Skip

In Arc 1, as soon as Venti collapses, if you are married you can skip the three rune spheres before the heaven's gate battle by going to Leon Karnak' solo. Once you pass the save station, the dialogue between you and your spouse will begin like it is supposed to as if you were at that point normally and married. The rune spheres will be active in the guardian rooms as if you progressed normally.[3]

Rapid Watering

This is a good trick to use if stuck with an Iron Watering can and want to speed up the process of watering. Charge up the watering can and then as soon as you release the charge, rapidly press the B button while moving. This will water 2-3 spots at a time, however it will consume water as if you were continuously using the charge.

Paralyzed Bug

If you open your inventory at just the right time while a monster paralyzes you, you'll still get the floating "paralyzed" symbol above your head, but you'll still be able to walk and run normally.

Re-married Bug?!

If you reject a proposal (as Frey) and then propose to the person you rejected while you're doing a reverse proposal event with another bachelor, you will marry the person you rejected. If the reverse proposal event is still going and you accept the proposal, you will marry that person and the person you married first will have no idea.

Miscellaneous Errors

Freeze Bugs

The game sometimes or frequently locks up during normal play. The most common culprit is using fully range-extended weapons that can inflict all status ailments on a large crowd of enemies.

Graphics Glitches

Character portraits and occasionally other graphics will have blue lined bars running through them. Often occurs as a result of too much soft-resetting, and can generally be triggered on Beach Day by hanging around Dragon Lake all day long without leaving the screen.


During the Fishing Frenzy Contest, it is possible to come across a line where Margaret speaks in Japanese. All she says is Forte's name. One random traveler also has an untranslated line of dialogue.

Floating Furniture

If you throw a piece of furniture that is capable of storing items, then throw an item, with a storage capacity, at it before it has finished bouncing, the furniture will float away. You can still interact with the furniture by inspecting the space where it is supposed to be, and if you leave the room and come back, the furniture will have returned.

Name Bug

Some field and barn names will revert to default upon resetting or reloading the game.

The Senility of Volkanon


He can abruptly begin referring to Frey as "Sir" rather than "Miss." By seeing the "Someone Has The Wrong Idea" event before getting married clears this glitch up.

Don't Do It!

Characters can sometimes be found standing in places such as on the palace roof, on top of furniture, or stuck in the cliff at Dragon Lake. You can also find NPCs like Barrett, who will appear to be outside the castle where your room will be, however he is off the map and impossible to locate.

Portrait Bug

Dylas will sometimes display a sad portrait when he should be blushing. However, this does not appear to be as much a glitch as it is an oversight by the developers where Dylas does not have a blushing portrait in his bathing suit or pajamas.

Confused Child

Luna and Noel can abruptly start referring to Frey or Lest by their first name. They can also randomly address Frey as "Daddy" in their voice clips.

Valentine's Day Confusion

Females, usually bachelorettes, sometimes react to Frey as a boy on Valentine's Day and cease presenting them as a "friendship cookie." 

Pink Dragon Takes Flight

Using elementally enhanced fists to slam a Pink Dragon using the B,B,B,A combo will cause it to heal the dragon while it's on the air, making it float on the air for a while.

Unfriendly Greetings

There are times when the protagonist walks up to a villager who he/she hasn't talked to yet to start up a conversation with them, but they both skip the usual friendly greeting and immediately go through their normal dialogue routine. This is caused by repeated amounts of soft-resetting.

Mistress Trupin's Refusal

After beating Arc 2, Mistress Trupin, for an unknown reason, will not change your name. She will skip straight to talking, not giving the option of changing any names. The cause of this could simply be if you had not talked to her until this point, although it is not for certain if this is the case.

Margaret's Demon Note


At times when Margaret pulls out her harp, she will continuously play one note. This is solved by simply walking out of the area and walking back in.

Japanese Diary

There is a glitch where, for no apparent reason, the diary will display the top word 'Save' on the diary above the characters, in Japanese. It can be corrected by leaving the diary, and re-entering.

Bird Handler

This is not a glitch as much it is an easter egg. There are plenty of little birds found everywhere in Selphia, but is often dismissed because they fly away to safety as the player runs towards them. If you creep up to the birds, however, you are given the option to hold them. That is the only action you can do, however, as the villagers do not respond to the bird. You cannot sell, hand, keep, or give the bird. But you can throw it at something for damage, unlike most handheld entities, and similarly to the ironleaf.

Floating Hat

Giving Mistress Trupin a bandana won't make her wear it like the other characters would, instead it floats above her head like a large plate. Since giving travelers items is unnecessary, it's not known if this occurs for other travelers as well.

Nickname Bug

When in the Get It Together! event, if you're married to one of the "Experts," it's possible for their name to appear incorrectly, leading Clorica to call them "Expert [nickname]" rather than by their name (Forte, Arthur, Margaret, or Dolce).

Wandering Monster Bug

There is a rare chance that when you go into a dungeon, the monsters you bring with you will wander around and not follow you. Along with this, they will not fight unless you ride it.