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Gerard (グレー, Gurē) is a character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.



Father Gerard is a very open-minded man, a bit effeminate and loves the gossip, but his intentions are pure when it comes to taking care of the two children Quinn and Kelsey and looking out for the fellow islanders. His mood is almost always cheerful, and he often expresses joy when the protagonist visits. As Odette says, "he is a character." However, Gerard also has a completely different side to him. He can be threatening and scary when provoked, and is called "a demon" by Pandora .



Gerard was once a soldier in a country far from Fenith Island. Their rulers were aggressive and were constantly at war. One day, he was rushing to reinforce a unit that was engaged in a battle near a small village. However, when he got there, he was too late. The battle had moved somewhere else, and the village was rubble. Villagers wandered here and there, dazed, heartbroken, hoping to salvage anything of their lives from the debris. Seeing this shocked Gerard and he tried to leave as fast as he could. He heard a child crying beneath the rubble and he dug through it. He found Quinn and Kelsey buried under that rubble.

After that, he left the army, taking Quinn and Kelsey with him. They stowed away on a freight ship and we ended up on Fenith Island. Beatrix allowed them stay on this island, no questions asked.


Event #1

Ah, just who I wanted to see. Could you give me a hand?

Event #6

Ah, just who I wanted to see. Could you give me a hand?


Have You Seen It?

Title Description Difficulty
Have you seen it? Dear me... Something quite important is lost. I could use a hand. RFToDiifTurnip.pngRFToDiifTurnip.png

Gerard says that Kelsey lost his rosary. Gerard offered other rosaries, but he cries and said he only wanted that one. If Aden talks to Maerwen, she'll say that Quinn and Kelsey were playing with one in the bath the other day. She says she went into the men's bath to clean it and didn't find anything, but suggests that he check the woman's bath. She watches outside until it's clear. Kelsey's Rosary can be found in the water and returned to Gerard. He rewards Aden with three Oranges.

How About Putting Your Skills to the Test?

Requester Request Difficulty Unlocks When...
Gerard "How about putting your skills to the test?" Easy Gerard gives this request when you unlock the Earth Spirit Shrine.

Description: Gerard wants somebody to take care of some orcs. Talk to him if you're interested.

How to complete: Speak to Gerard who tells you to kill some orcs. If you kill enough of them, he will give you a prize. The orcs can be found on the top floor of the Earth Spirit Shrine. Kill 5 of them, and return to Gerard.


Requester Request Difficulty Unlocks When...
Gerard "Test your skills again." Easy You will be given this request when you unlock the Water Spirit Shrine.

Description: Gerard wants somebody to take care of some tortoises. Talk to him if you're interested.

How to complete: Like with the last request, kill enough tortoises to complete the request and Gerard will reward you. The tortoises are found on the 3rd floor of the Water Spirit Shrine. Kill 5 of them, and return to Gerard for your reward.

Reward: Recovery Potion L (x3), Dual Blades Recipes (Level 3)



Loved "Mix Au Lait! Why, this is my very favorite!"
Mixed Au Lait
Any Fruit Juice and Vegetable Juice
Green Juice

Like: Juices (except Green Juice)

Hate: Green Juice

Why, thank you. This is just the thing.
Mixed Juice


Can be found early in the morning escorting the children back to the Church from the bath house, and then resides at the top of the Church tower. Afternoons and evenings he can be found at the Church alter and at the Three Sisters Inn at later hours.

It should be noted that there is a period of time which the map states that Gerard at the church, but he is not present in the church at all. It occurs sometime around 1pm (unconfirmed) and ends at 6 pm (confirmed). This occurs when he goes atop the watchtower next door, since it is treated as part of the church on the in-game map.



  • He is the true head of Fenith Island Security, and gets patrol reports from Mikoto (his subordinate) daily.
  • According to Mikoto, he is the strongest person on the island. This helps explain why he does not participate in the Warrior Festival. It should also be noted that he has dumbbells in his room, implying he works out regularly.
  • He was once known as the "Silver-Eyed Demon" on the battlefield.
  • Mikoto has a slight crush on Father Gerard. In a conversation with Aden/Sonja, Mikoto notes how remarkably muscular and formidable Gerard is, and pauses in thought after stating this. She quickly dismisses herself after catching herself daydreaming, and resumes her business.
  • During the Masquerade, Gerard is seen wearing an Egg Hat
  • Every year he buys Quinn new clothes on her birthday.
  • He regularly works out in his room with his weights.
  • He says "If only I wasn't a priest" when talking about Violet.
  • Sometimes he seems to flirt with Aden.
  • He wants Aden to think of him as a father.
  • Gerard has the same birthday as Selphy from Rune Factory: Frontier.