Ganesha (ガネーシャ, Ganesa) is a character in Rune Factory: Frontier.

She is the town blacksmith and Marco's single mother. She seems to like teasing others, such as teasing Marco about meeting a cute woman in the women's baths. She is also very passionate about her job and loves making weapons.

She gives Raguna the Farm Companion.

Favorite Gifts

Favorite Gift: Demon Blood ( Demon Blood can be found in the Snow Ruins)

Likes: Ores

Dislikes: Fluffy Wool


Normal Schedule
6am - 7pm Damascus Forge
7pm - 8pm Laga Springs
8pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Damascus Forge
Monday-Friday (Raining)
6am - 6pm Damascus Forge
6pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Damascus Forge



  • Ganesha says that Turner is hopeless because he always breaks the blade on his knife.
  • Ganesha shares a bed with her son.
  • Marco says that she hardly does any housework.
  • Marco is surprised when Candy says that she (Ganesha) is a good cook.