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Gaius (ガジ, Gadzhi) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Gaius is a laid-back dwarf who spends almost all of his time foraging, mining, or running the shop. He is totally clueless when it comes to wooing girls.


Gaius turns red when he states Evelyn's birthday, says something about her, and even the mere mention of her name is enough to make him blush.


Gaius will often joke about Micah having romantic feelings toward him, particularly when given a gift he loves or during his proposal joke response.

He has trouble remembering festival names because he says that he has "recipes clear in his brain, but not festival names" and when he thinks about the forge, he tends to forget about everything else.


Gaius: Need some help{end}

[00000090] Gaius: About Raven{end}

[00000091] Gaius: Favor{end}

[00000092] Gaius: Part-time job{end}

[00000093] Gaius: Some trouble{end}

[00000094] Gaius: Some trouble{end}


Bulletin board requests

Need some help

Looking for someone to get iron for me.

Unlock: Completed Sherman's request (Lumber Quest).
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Bring Gaius a piece of Iron.
Reward: Rusty Hammer


Micah: "Hey there, Gaius. I got your request..." Gaius: "Ah, you did? I just ran out of materials to forge." Gaius: "Do you think you could get some IRON for me?" Micah: "Sure!" Gaius: "You'll need a hammer to mine for it though. Here, use this one."

  • Chest Appeared*

Micah: "Really? Are you sure?" Gaius: "Yeah, it's no problem. Anyway, to mine for ore, you're going to want to hit the gray rocks you see in PRIVERA FOREST and other dungeons." Micah: "Geay rocks, you say?" Gaius: "Yeah, gray rocks. Oh, also, you can mine with any kind of hammer, even those used for battle." Micah: "I see..." Gaius: "Oh, and if you accidentally lose you hammer, we have lots of them here at the shop." Micah: "Great! Thanks!" Gaius: "Well, I'm not going to give you a new one for free. Micah: "Uh, so I have to buy a new hammer from you if I lose this one...?" Gaius: "Yes. So I suggest not losing it. Thanks for your help!

  • Give him an IRON*

Gaius: "Oh, thank you!"

  • Screen'll fade a second and Raven will be there*

Gaius: "Thanks, Micah. Now I can keep on working." Micah: "Wait, you've been working this whole time?" Gaius: "Yeah, I think I'd fall asleep instantly if I put my hammer down." Micah: "Heh, well, I don't know about THAT..." Raven: "..." Gaius: "Since you got this iron for me, though, I can keep going for a while longer." Gaius: "Thanks." Micah: "You're Welcome." Gaius: "Now, I should give you something in return for your help." Raven: "Why don't you give him you hammer...? Gaius: "Mine? Why mine?" Raven: "A newer hammer would be an improvement over what he currently has..." Raven: "You'd like Gaius' hammer, right...?" Micah: "What? Uh, sure... I mean, if it's being offered..." Gaius: "I don't mind. Here you..." Gaius: "Huh? My eyes... Can't...keep...them..."

  • Gaius fell asleep*

Micah: "Gaius! Are you all right?!" Raven: "He's fine... He just fell asleep..." Micah: "Uh... Did he really fall asleep because he let go of his hammer?" Raven: "Gaius has a one-track mind when he's forging. It's all he can think about." Raven: "That's why I always try to make sure that he runs out of materials when it's time to go to sleep..." Micah: "Ah! So he stayed up too long because I gave him the iron to use..." Raven: "Yeah..." Micah: "I'm sorry..." Raven: "Don't worry about it. It's not you fault." Micah: "Thanks." Micah: "I guess I shouldn't take his hammer from him..." Raven: "Are you sure...?" Micah: "Yeah, it's fine." Raven: "I see..."

  • Request Completed!*

Mail's box requests

About Raven

Could you come see me?

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: Completed Raven's request (Let's talk...).
Objective: Escort Gaius to Sol Terrano Desert to mine and talk about Raven.
Reward: Silver x2, Gold


G:There you are. G:Well, let's go then. M:What...?! W-Where to? G:Hmm, well. G:Sol Terrano: Sand Sea should be fine. M:Ah...

--GO TO-- Sol Terrano: Sand Sea

G:Allright. This should be fine.

  • Gaius starts mining*
  • After got an iron...*

G:Hey, Micah. M:Oh, um, yes? G:Rocks are quit, but the can be stubborn. M:Ah... G:They're just waiting here, waiting for someone to talk to them. G:That's the only way they know how to be. M:... G:But no matter how stubborn they are, you just need to talk to them. G:Warm them in the fire, and tinker away at them with your hammer. M:Gaius...? G:Even rocks can change their shape over time. Using a hammer just speeds it up a little. G:But working them too hard won't work. My right eye is proof of that. G:They may be hard, but they can change. M:...

  • Gaius starts mining again*
  • After got a bronze...*

G:Alright, this should be enough! Let's get back then. M:Oh, okay.

  • You will be in front of weapon shop instantly*

G:Thanks for coming around with me. This is for you...

  • Chest appeared*

M:Thank you very much. You can ask me again any time. G:Of couse. Next time I'll ask you to watch the store! M:Uh. But... G:Raven has been out of sorts recently. M:...? G:She just stops working and stares out the window. G:She's waiting for someone. M:Huh...? G:Well, see you.

  • Request Completed!*


Gaius is very close to Raven in a father-daughter sort of way and feels that the store would be nothing without her, probably because he sees forging as more of a hobby and tends to give away what he makes instead of selling them. Sometimes, he'll work too hard on forging and fall asleep while making something. Gaius has a crush on Evelyn because he prefers "cute girls instead of pretty ones", and even has a few requests where Gaius needs help proposing to her (nothing ever comes of it because she thinks he's just requesting more clothes, though).

Gaius calls Zaid 'That cheeky dwarf' and says he wonders how he's doing at the Unity Festival. Even though Gaius knows Rusk likes sweets, he still doesn't give him any on his (Rusk) birthday.

Gaius is actually Raven's adoptive brother. Yet Raven thinks of him like a father. But Gaius doesn't really shows his 'brotherly' or 'fatherly' affection towards her, making him more like a basic brother-like guardian instead.

Marjorie mentions that whenever Gaius visits the Apothecary, he always stares outside the window, making her wonder if he's looking for someone. Since Evelyn lives close by, it's obvious that he's observing her.


Loved Gaius: OH! Is this for me?! You sure know what I {{{1}}}! Is there something you want to tell me...?
Micah: No, there’s no deep meaning behind it!
Gaius: Well, I knew that.
Micah: ...
Gaius: Anyway, thank you.
Curry Udon, Platinum, Gold
Liked Oh? I can have this? I really {{{1}}} these. You really know what I like! Thanks!
Tempura Udon, Udon, Fried Udon, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Scrap Metal
Neutral Gaius: Huh? Is this for me? Thanks. This is great. I would’ve been happier if it were ore I could forge.
Micah: ...
Yellow Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass, Black Grass, Antidote Herb, Medicinal Herb, Toyherb, Fruit, Bamboo Shoot, Diamond
Disliked Reaction 1 | Sashimi
Gaius: Huh? This is some spectacular trash. What did I do to deserve this?
Micah: Um, well...
Gaius: I would’ve been {{{1}}} to get some {{{1}}}. Well, I’ll do something with it. If there’s something I could do with trash.
Micah: ...
Failed, Trash, Withered Grass, Weeds, Needlefish Sashimi, Snapper Sashimi, Branch, Rock



  • Default Weapon: Greatsword
  • Gift Weapon Type: Long sword

Techniques: Crossed-eyed Forge

Gaius charges at the enemy (usually in mid-range) and attack relentlessly while combining his attacks with his Greatsword skills like Flash Strike and Delta Strike. He is admirable very focused in battle and quite high in the awareness and morale. In close-ranged combat, he likes to use the Greatsword dash attack while still not holding back.

[Melee] Alloy Raze (regular attack)

[Melee] Crashing Swing[Flash Strike] and Delta Strike (sparringly)

[Melee to Mid-range] Metallic Divide[Greatsword dash attack]

Gaius has no Special Skills.

15 233 52 0 0 0 56 26 9
Default Greatsword


At the Flea Market, he sells Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.




  • Before you know his name it will be shown as ???
  • He sometimes passes out while forging in the summer.
  • He believes he can be friends with anyone who likes iron whether they're human, an elf, a dwarf, or a monster.
  • He thinks slurping up hot Curry Udon in front of the hot forge on a hot day is the best. Especially the moment he passes out from the heat.
  • At the Turnip Festival he once threw swords at the Turnips, but the town banned it.
  • At the start of every year, he says he should work with Silver more but he never does.
  • He gives Micah a Platinum for his birthday.
  • He thinks that the Bean Throwing Festival is strange.
  • He says every year that he only loses by one bean at the bean throwing Festival (but it's not true).
  • He once got lost for three days on a mining expedition and ran out of food, so he had to fish for food.
  • He is known as "Iron Man" by Sofia .
  • His obsession with forging causes him to forget basic things, like rest. This leads him to passing out after receiving more materials from Micah during one of Raven's requests.
  • He also shares the same birthday with Cecilia from Rune Factory and Rune Factory 2.


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