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Frost Island is a icy island located in the in the northern part of the Fenith Sea. The water spouts are needed to access this island.


Maerwen request : A frozen Island.

This request ask you to visit a location on your map, to raise the Island and then get back to Maerwen to finish this request. In order to unlock this request, you must fight in each room of the Mystic Ruins and receive the chest upon completion.


Available Monsters on the island :
Specialty : Buffazoo, Dorado
Common : Asterius, Necro, Queen Bee, Tundra

Note : Placing monster's on a island as co-worker, is an available option, after you started the restoring action on the respective Island.


First three statue
Fishing inside ponds covered by ice boulder help you obtain the required items, to past the first three statue : Bronze, Silver, and Gold smelt.
Note : Each ponds, hidden by ice boulders, yields different smelt's.


Silver, bronze and gold statue
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