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Forging in Rune Factory 5 is to make or upgrade weapons and farming tools. To get started at forging, accept the request "Buy a Forge" by Darroch at the Task Board just outside Rigbarth Outpost. Before buying it, the protagonist will need to pass a test from St. Eliza (the talking mailbox) at Rigbarth Outpost to obtain the Forging License. A Forge cost 3000G, 25 Material Stone and 30 Lumber. After passing the test, proceed to buy the Forge furniture at Studio Palmo from either Palmo or Ryker.

The protagonist can get the weapon recipes by eating the recipe bread sold by Randolph and Yuki at Sweet Hearth the bakery store. Weapon Breads cost 180G each. The protagonist can also make weapons without a recipe, but it will require a lot more RP than usual. If the protagonist's weapon skill level or forging level is too low, the protagonist may not be able to learn new recipes from eating the Weapon Bread. So, increasing the protagonist's weapon skill level by using the different type of weapons will solve the problem. Therefore, make sure to use different type of weapons when the protagonist go monster hunting and keep forging new weapons to level up.


Short Swords

Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
RF5 Broad Swordd.png Broadsword 1 ATK:+5, Diz:+6 Minerals
RF5 SteelSword.png Steel Sword 3 ATK:+29, Diz:+6 Minerals Claws and Fangs
Steel Sword+ 4 ATK:+48, Diz:+6 Steel sword Minerals
Cutlass 7 ATK:+58, Diz:+6 Bronze Claws and Fangs
Aqua Sword 15 ATK:+128, M.ATK:+3, Diz:+6 Water Silver Aquamarine
Buff-A-Way 16 ATK:+155, Diz:+6 Silver Bull's horn
Earthen Blade 17 ATK:+164, Diz:+6 Earth Silver Ivory Tusk Earth Crystal
Defender 19 ATK:+188, DEF:+15, Diz:+6, Diz Res:+29% Sapphire Claws and Fangs
Burning Sword 20 ATK:+224, M.ATK:+5, Diz:+6 Fire Gold Fire crystal
Back Scratcher 20 ATK:+69, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+20, CRIT:+5% Glue Sticks and Stems
Gorgeous Sword 23 ATK:+232, INT:-5, Diz:+6 Gold Gold Gold Gold
Spoon 25 ATK:+92, M.ATK:+16, Diz:+6 Silver Silver
Gaia Sword 27 ATK:+307, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+6 Earth Gold Earth Crystal Lightning Horn
Trinity Edge 30 ATK:+355, Diz:+6 Minerals Blade Shard Blade Shard Blade Shard Earth Crystal
Veggieblade 32 ATK:+80, M.ATK:+32, VIT:+20, Diz:+6 Earth Carrot
Luck Blade 35 ATK:+388, Diz:+20, Crit:+10%, Diz Res:5%, Crt Res:5%, Psn Res:5%, Seal Res:5% Diamond Lightning Horn Claws and Fangs
Platinum Sword 38 ATK:+428, Diz:+6 Platinum Silver Claws and Fangs Sticks and Stems
Wind Sword 40 ATK:+496, M.ATK:+30, Diz:+6 Wind Platinum Silver Wind Crystal
Chaos Blade 42 ATK:+549, M.ATK:+35, Diz:+6, Par Atk:20% Dark Platinum Gold Magic Elixir Holy Spore
Sakura 44 ATK:+590, M.ATK:+5, Diz:+6, Psn Atk:15% Dark Platinum Paralysis Poison Poison Powder Cherry Grass
Sunspot 46 ATK:+692, M.ATK:+30, Diz:+6 Fire Platinum Gold Warrior's Proof Fire Crystal Ruby
Durendal 50 ATK:+800, DEF:+30, Diz:+6 Platinum Platinum Malm Claw Devil Horn Nine-Tailed Fox Bell
Spring Sword 53 ATK:+920, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+6 Diamond Sticks and Stems Orichalcum Viscous Liquid
Aerial Blade 54 ATK:+1000, M.ATK:+100, Diz:+6 Wind Orichalcum Crimson Claw Wind Crystal Emerald Claws and Fangs
Crystal Blade 56 ATK:+1224, Diz:+6 Minerals Sticks and Stems Gold Wolf Fang
Grantale 59 ATK:+1352, M.ATK:+250, Diz:+6 Earth Orichalcum Yellow Feather Earth Crystal Amethyst Hard Scale
Smash Blade 64 ATK:+1880, Diz:+12, Crit:+15%, Knock:+15%, Diz Res:5%, Crt Res:5%, Psn Res:8%, Seal Res:8% Orichalcum Pirate's Armor 4-Leaf Clover Sharp Claw Claws and Fangs
Icifier 68 ATK:+2270, M.ATK:+700, Diz:+6 Water Orichalcum Mermaid Scale Water Crystal Aquamarine Claws and Fangs
Soul Eater 70 ATK:+3720, M.ATK:+1500, Diz:+6, Drain:5% Orichalcum Dangerous Scissors Love Crystal Mermaid Scale Dragon Golem Ashes
Raventine 74 ATK:+4300, M.ATK:+1800, Diz:+6 Fire Orichalcum Orichalcum Golem Spirit Stone Fire Crystal Red Dragon Ashes
Star Saber 77 ATK:+5150, M.ATK:+1800, Diz:+6 Wind Orichalcum Golem Spirit Stone Wind Crystal Emerald Electro Crystal
Platinum Sword+ 79 ATK:+6050, Diz:+6 Platinum Sword Dragonic Stone
Dragon Slayer 82 ATK:+7000, Diz:+6 Dragonic Stone Dragonic Stone Black Scale Blue Scale Glitter Scale
Rune Blade 85 ATK:+8700, M.ATK:+5000, Diz:+6 Light Dragonic Stone Dragon Golem Scale Rune Crystal Claws and Fangs Sticks and Stems
Gladius 90 ATK:+9800, M.ATK:+1000, Diz:+12, Crit:10% Dragonic Stone Basilisk Scale Null Symbol Small Crystal Claws and Fangs
Rune Legend 99 ATK:+9999, M.ATK:+9999, Diz:+6 Rune Sphere Shard Dragonic Stone Rune Crystal Green Core General's Orb

Long Swords

Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
RF5 Claymore.png Claymore 2 ATK:+12, Diz:+12 Minerals
Zweihaender 6 ATK:+42, Diz:+12 Minerals Claws and Fangs
Zweihaender+ 11 ATK:+61, Diz:+24 Zweihaender Bronze
Great Sword 16 ATK:+120, Diz:+12 Bronze Liquids
Sea Cutter 21 ATK:+184, M.ATK:+3, Diz:+12 Water Silver Aquamarine
Cyclone Blade 25 ATK:+248, M.ATK:+5, Diz:+12 Wind Gold Emerald
Poison Blade 27 ATK:+292, Diz:+12, Psn Atk:25% Gold Silver Poison Powder
Daicone 28 ATK:+78, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+12, Knock:+30% Earth Radish
Katzbalger 29 ATK:+333, Diz:+12 Gold Silver Lighting Horn
Earth Shade 30 ATK:+378, M.ATK:+5, Diz:+12 Earth Gold Silver Black Feather Earth Crystal
Vendetta 31 ATK:+392, Diz:+12 Silver Minerals Black Feather Armor Fragment
Big Knife 32 ATK:+402, Diz:+12 Diamond Claws and Fangs Sticks and Stems
Katana 35 ATK:+424, Diz:+12, Faint Atk:5% Diamond Magic Elixir Claws and Fangs
Flame Saber 39 ATK:+425, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+12 Fire Diamond Gold Wolf Fang Fire Crystal
Bio Smasher 40 ATK:+470, Diz:+12, Psn Atk:60% Platinum Paralysis Poison Poison Powder Pom-Pom Grass
Snow Crown 42 ATK:+548, M.ATK:+25, Diz:+12 Water Platinum Gold Water Crystal Aquamarine
Dekash+ 42 ATK:+256, M.ATK:+50, Diz:+30 Water Tuna
Dancing Dicer 43 ATK:+600, Diz:+12, Faint Atk:15% Platinum Dragon Fang Dragon Bones
Flamberge 45 ATK:+678, Diz:+12 Platinum Platinum Magic Claw Thunderbird Feather Big Bird's Comb
Flamberge+ 46 ATK:+750, Diz:+12 Flamberge Malm Claw
Volcanon 48 ATK:+868, M.ATK:+30, Diz:+12 Fire Devil Horn Fire Crystal Ruby Sharp Claw
Psycho 50 ATK:+980, M.ATK:+30, Diz:+12, Par Atk:30%, Ftg Atk:30%, Sick Atk:30% Dark Devil Horn Malm Claw Dark Crystal Lotus Leaf
Shiny Blade 52 ATK:+1200, M.ATK:+100, Diz:+12 Light Orichalcum Platinum Light Crystal Sapphire
Spring Buster Sword 54 ATK:+1320, Diz:+12 Diamond Sticks and Stems Orichalcum Viscous Liquid
Grand Smasher 55 ATK:+1560, M.ATK:+300, Diz:+12 Earth Yellow Feather Earth Crystal Strange Tentacle Dragon Golem Ashes
Angel Sword 58 ATK:+2000, M.ATK:+800, Diz:+12 Platinum Sticks and Stems Quality Fur Thunderbird Feather Thunderbird Feather
Spirit Cleaver 60 ATK:+3320, Diz:+12 Skull Black Scale Sticks and Stems
Steel Slicer 73 ATK:+4890, Diz:+12, Crit:+10% Orichalcum Orichalcum Golem Spirit Stone MTGU Plate
Moon Shadow 76 ATK:+5380, M.ATK:+1500, Diz:+12, Faint Atk:25% Glitter Scale Light Crystal Earth Crystal Brilliant Feather Fine Green Fur
Blue-Eyed Blade 79 ATK:+7000, M.ATK:+1850, Diz:+12, Crit:+20% Dragonic Stone Orichalcum Blue Core Claws and Fangs
Balmung 84 ATK:+8080, Diz:+12 Dragonic Stone Tablet of Truth Golem Tablet Claws and Fangs
Brave Heart 89 ATK:+9600, M.ATK:+2750, Diz:+12 Light Dragonic Stone Dragon Golem Ashes Love Crystal Light Crystal Sapphire
Force Element 91 ATK:+10000, M.ATK:+5000, M.DEF:+100, Diz:+12 Light Basilisk Scale Green Core Red Core Yellow Core Blue Core
Heaven Asunder 92 ATK:+12000, M.ATK:+9000, Diz:+12, Crit:+10%, Faint Atk:50% Wind Rune Sphere Shard Dragonic Stone Strange Tentacle Red Dragon Ashes Dragon Golem Ashes
Caliburn 99 ATK:+13600, M.ATK:+5800, Diz:+23 Earth Rune Sphere Shard General's Orb Ancient Fish Fin Dragon Golem Scale Basilisk Scale


Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
RF5 Leather Gloves.jpg Leather Gloves 2 ATK:+24, DEF:+1, Diz:+3 Cloths and Skins
Brass Knuckles 10 ATK:+59, DEF:+3, Diz:+3 Bronze Cloths and Skins
Kote 16 ATK:+112, DEF:+15, Diz:+3 Iron Palm Claw Cloths and Skins
Punching Gloves 20 ATK:+172, VIT:+20, Diz:+5, CRIT:+2% Quality Cloth Fur (M) Strings
Scratch Knuckles 25 ATK:+186, DEF:+17, Diz:+3 Silver Giant's Nail Sharp Claw
Bear Claws 28 ATK:+222, DEF:+20, Diz:+3 Gold Cloths and Skins
Fists of the Earth 30 ATK:+318, DEF:+25, M.ATK:+5, M.DEF:+10, INT:+15, Diz:+3 Earth Gold Lightning Horn Earth Crystal Cloths and Skins
Fists of Fire 33 ATK:+396, DEF:+30, M.ATK:+10, M.DEF:+10, INT:+15, Diz:+3 Fire Diamond Fire Crystal Cloths and Skins
Fists of Water 38 ATK:+482, DEF:+35, M.ATK:+15, M.DEF:+10 Water Platinum Water Crystal Aquamarine Cloths and Skins
Dragon Claws 42 ATK:+592, DEF:+40, Diz:+3 Platinum Dragon Fang Scales Cloths and Skins
Fists of Dark 46 ATK:+748, DEF:+45, M.ATK:+30, M.DEF:+15 Dark Malm Claw Dark Crystal Hard Scale
Fists of Wind 50 ATK:+906, DEF:+50, M.ATK:+30, M.DEF:+20 Wind Malm Claw Wind Crystal Sharp Claw
Fists of Light 53 ATK:+1110, DEF:+100, M.ATK:+100, M.DEF:+40 Light Orichalcum Light Crystal

Light Crystal|

Big Crystal
Winter Gloves 54 ATK:+1130, DEF:+110, M.DEF:+40, Diz:+3 Amethyst Cloths and Skins Orichalcum Viscous Liquid
Obsidian Fists 56 ATK:+1300, DEF:+120, M.DEF:+42, Diz:+3 Dark Orichalcum Black Scale Big Giant's Nail Rune Crystal
Cat Punch 57 ATK:+1411, DEF:+125, M.ATK:+200, M.DEF:+45, Diz:+3, Crit:+5% Orichalcum Quality Worn Cloth Yellow Feather Big Bird's Comb Sharp Claw
Ironleaf Fists 64 ATK:+2550, DEF:+180, M.ATK:+800, M.DEF:+60, Diz:+1, Crit:+3% Orichalcum Crimson Scale MTGU Plate Ironleaf Ironleaf
Caestus 69 ATK:+4000, DEF:+220, M.ATK:+1000, M.DEF:+80, Diz:+3 Orichalcum Dangerous Scissors Brilliant Feather Fine Green Fur
Golem Punch 75 ATK:+4980, DEF:+300, M.DEF:+90, Diz:+3 Orichalcum Golem Spirit Stone Golem Tablet MTGU Plate Razor Fang
Hand of God 82 ATK:+7500, DEF:+360, M.ATK:+2000, M.DEF:+100, Diz:+3 Dragonic Stone Black Furball Strange Tentacle Small Crystal Cloths and Skins
Bazal Katar 90 ATK:+9800, DEF:+580, M.DEF:+300, Diz:+3 Dragonic Stone Dragon Golem Scale Basilisk Scale Crystal Skull Cloths and Skins
Twin Dragon Claws 95 ATK:+13500, DEF:+800, M.ATK:+5800, M.DEF:+600, Diz:+3 Fire Light Scarlet Dragon Claw Golden Dragon Claw Dragonic Stone
Fenrir 99 ATK:+12350, DEF:+720, M.ATK:+10000, M.DEF:+500, Diz:+3 Rune Sphere Shard Rune Crystal Brilliant Feather Fine Green Fur Ice Crystal


Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
RF5 Battle Hammer.png Battle Hammer 3 ATK:+29, Diz:+35 Minerals
Hammer 7 ATK:+40, Diz:+34, CRIT:+8% Cheap Hammer Minerals
Toy Hammer 8 ATK:+10, M.ATK:+25, Diz:+100 Light Sticks and Stems Cloths and Skins
Bat 9 ATK:+54, Diz:+35, Knock:+200% Bronze
War Hammer 11 ATK:+61, Diz:+35 Bronze Shards
Great Hammer 22 ATK:+198, Diz:+35 Silver Shards
Ice Hammer 26 ATK:+267, M.ATK:+10, Diz:+35 Water Gold Aquamarine Shards
Bone Hammer 31 ATK:+400, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+35 Dark Gold Giant's Gloves Shells and Bones Shells and Bones
Flame Hammer 36 ATK:+472, M.ATK:+35, Diz:+35 Fire Diamond Fire Crystal Ruby Shards
Gigant Hammer 38 ATK:+580, Diz:+35 Platinum Gold Silver Shards
Sky Hammer 40 ATK:+644, M.ATK:+50, Diz:+35 Wind Platinum Wind Crystal Emerald Thunderbird Feather
Graviton Hammer 49 ATK:+1150, M.ATK:+60, Diz:+35 Earth Grimoire Scale Earth Crystal Minerals
Spiked Hammer 50 ATK:+1250, Diz:+34, Crit:+8% Armor Fragment Claws and Fangs Sticks and Stems
Autumn Hammer 54 ATK:+1320, Diz:+35 Sapphire Sticks and Stems Orichalcum Viscous Liquid
Crystal Hammer 57 ATK:+1650, M.ATK:+300, Diz:+35 Water Orichalcum Crystal Skull Big Crystal Shards
Schnabel 60 ATK:+2200, Diz:+35 Orichalcum Ammonite Blue Core Shards
Gigant Hammer+ 71 ATK:+5555, M.ATK:+10, Diz:+35 Gigant Hammer Golem Spirit Stone Orichalcum Small Crystal
Break Hammer 77 ATK:+7122, Diz:+35 Orichalcum Palm Claw Sticks and Stems Minerals
Mjolnir 86 ATK:+10000, M.ATK:+3000, Diz:+35 Earth Dragon Golem Scale Dragonic Stone Small Crystal Rune Crystal
Fatal Crush 90 ATK:+11500, Diz:+35, Crit:+7% General's Orb Null Symbol Dragonic Stone Dragonic Stone Dragonic Stone
Splash Star 99 ATK:+14000, M.ATK:+7200, Diz:+35 Rune Sphere Shard General's Orb Ancient Fish Fin Dragon Golem Scale Basilisk Scale


Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
RF5 Battle Axe.png Battle Axe 6 ATK:+38, Diz:+2, CRIT:+5% Minerals Claws and Fangs
Axe 9 ATK:+42, Diz:+2, CRIT:+15% Cheap Axe Minerals
Battle Scythe 13 ATK:+70, Diz:+2, Crit:+15% Bronze Claws and Fangs
Pole Axe 16 ATK:+116, Diz:+2, CRIT:+7% Wolf Fang Bronze Sticks and Stems
Pole Axe+ 20 ATK:+163, Diz:+2, CRIT:+10% Pole Axe Silver
Bloodline Axe 22 ATK:+163, Diz:+2, CRIT:+10% Silver Sticks and Stems Quality Cloth Emerald
Great Axe 23 ATK:+232, Diz:+2, CRIT:+10% Gold Claws and Fangs
Lollipop 28 ATK:+128, M.ATK:+30, VIT:+50, Diz:+40, Crit:+15% Butter Apple
Tomahawk 28 ATK:+292, M.ATK:+8, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Wind Silver Emerald Silk Cloth Claws and Fangs
Basilisk Fang 30 ATK:+360, Diz:+2, Crit:+15%, Par Atk:30% Gold Paralysis Poison Claws and Fangs Claws and Fangs
Rock Axe 32 ATK:+412, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Earth Gold Silver Giant's Gloves Earth Crystal
Metal Axe 34 ATK:+450, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Diamond Sticks and Stems Hammer Piece MTGU Plate
Demon Axe 35 ATK:+488, M.ATK:+30, Diz:+2, Crit:+12% Dark Diamond Lightning Horn Devil Blood
Frost Axe 42 ATK:+736, M.ATK:+50, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Water Platinum Dragon Fang Big Crystal Water Crystal Aquamarine
Crescent Axe 46 ATK:+900, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Platinum Sharp Claw Devil Horn
Crescent Axe+ 47 ATK:+1000, Diz:+2, Crit:+15% Crescent Axe Warrior's Proof Proof of Rank
Dragontooth Axe 50 ATK:+1320, M.ATK:+150, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Silver Gold Wolf Fang Dragon Scale Sticks and Stems
Heat Axe 53 ATK:+1420, M.ATK:+150, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Fire Orichalcum Fire Crystal Ruby Red Dragon Ashes
Summer Axe 54 ATK:+1550, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Ruby Sticks and Stems Orichalcum Viscous Liquid
Bat Axe 60 ATK:+2200, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Dragonic Stone Devil Blood Black Scale Black Feather
Double Edge 65 ATK:+2980, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Big Giant's Nail Spider Jaw Brilliant Feather Fine Green Fur
Alldale 69 ATK:+4600, Diz:+2, Crit:+8% Orichalcum Orichalcum Dangerous Scissors White Stone Yellow Core
Devil Finger 73 ATK:+6000, M.ATK:+2000, Diz:+15, Crit:+5%, Drain:10% Love Scale Mermaid Scale Ancient Fish Fin Red Dragon Ashes Dragon Golem Ashes
Executioner 81 ATK:+8800, M.ATK:+1500, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Dark Dragonic Stone Golem Spirit Stone Light Ore Black Furball Dark Crystal
Saint Axe 98 ATK:+13500, M.ATK:+8500, Diz:+2, Crit:+10% Light Rune Sphere Shard Light Crystal White Crystal Small Crystal Big Crystal


Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
RF5 Spear.png Spear 3 ATK:+14, DEF:+1, Diz:+8 Minerals
Wood Staff 6 ATK:+38, DEF:+2, Diz:+8 Earth Sticks and Stems
Lance 9 ATK:+43, DEF:+4, Diz:+8 Minerals Sticks and Stems
Lance+ 12 ATK:+52, DEF:+5, Diz:+8 Lance Bronze
Safety Lance 13 ATK:+67, DEF:+9, M.DEF:+25, Diz:+8 Ghost Hood Sticks and Stems
Pitchfork 14 ATK:+96, DEF:+10, Diz:+8 Wolf Fang Fodder Sticks and Stems
Needle Spear 15 ATK:+108, DEF:+6, Diz:+8 Bronze Wolf Fang Sticks and Stems
Trident 18 ATK:+162, DEF:+7, Diz:+8 Silver Sticks and Stems
Water Spear 21 ATK:+170, DEF:+8, M.ATK+3, Diz:+8 Water Silver Aquamarine Sticks and Stems
Spear Axe 23 ATK:+193, DEF:+12, Diz:+8 Spear Battle Axe Silver Sharp Claw
Halberd 25 ATK:+246, DEF:+8, Diz:+8 Gold Sticks and Stems
Maple Lance 26 ATK:+270, DEF:+12, Diz:+8 Sapphire Autumn Grass Quality Puffy Fur Sticks and Stems
Corsesca 27 ATK:+306, DEF:+10, Diz:+8 Gold Lightning Horn Sticks and Stems
Corsesca+ 29 ATK:+333, DEF:+18, Diz:+8 Corsesca Black Feather
Poison Spear 30 ATK:+380, DEF:+18, Diz:+8, Psn Atk:25% Diamond Poison Powder Sticks and Stems
Heavy Lance 37 ATK:+496, DEF:+30, Diz:+8 Platinum Gold Sticks and Stems
Feather Lance 38 ATK:+532, DEF:+35, M.ATK:+30, Diz:+8 Wind Platinum Silver Thick Stick Wind Crystal Feathers
Pine Club 40 ATK:+320, DEF:+12, M.ATK:+16, Diz:+16 Earth Pineapple Sticks and Stems
Iceberg 41 ATK:+570, DEF:+45, M.ATK:+30, Diz:+8 Water Platinum Platinum Thick Stick Water Crystal
Blood Lance 43 ATK:+615, DEF:+50, M.ATK:+10, Diz:+8 Dark Platinum Hard Scale Thick Stick Magic Claw Devil Blood
Magical Lance 47 ATK:+715, M.ATK:+185, M.DEF:+65, Diz:+8 Devil Horn Hard Scale Strange Tentacle Round Stone Crystals
Flare Lance 49 ATK:+820, DEF:+75, M.ATK:+50, Diz:+8 Fire Platinum Devil Horn Proof of Rank Fire Crystal Dragon Bones
Brionac 51 ATK:+1100, DEF:+80, Diz:+8 Light Orichalcum Light Crystal Sapphire Crimson Claw Sticks and Stems
Summer Lance 54 ATK:+1200, DEF:+80, Diz:+8 Ruby Sticks and Stems Orichalcum Viscous Liquid
Cue 55 ATK:+1400, Diz:+8, Knock:+85% Stick Orichalcum Sharp Horn
Poison Queen 55 ATK:+1420, DEF:+100, M.ATK:+400, Diz:+8, Psn Atk:20% Orichalcum Light Crystal Sapphire Holy Spore Sticks and Stems
Metus 60 ATK:+2420, DEF:+150, M.ATK:+700, Diz:+8, Drain:25% Dark Orichalcum Spider Jaw Hard Scale Mermaid Scale Sticks and Stems
Silent Grave 65 ATK:+3880, DEF:+180, Diz:+8, Seal Atk:25% Orichalcum Dangerous Scissors Crystal Skull Shards Sticks and Stems
Overbreak 69 ATK:+4420, DEF:+200, M.ATK:+950, Diz:+8 Blue Scale Armor Fragment Grimoire Scale Sticks and Stems
Bjor 74 ATK:+5000, DEF:+250, M.ATK:+950, Diz:+8, Psn Atk:15%, Par Atk:15%, Sick Atk:15% Melody Bottle Holy Spore Orichalcum Small Crystal Sticks and Stems
Belvarose 76 ATK:+6150, DEF:+270, M.ATK:+1800, Diz:+16 Dragonic Stone Strange Tentacle Tablet of Truth MTGU Plate Sticks and Stems
Gae Bolg 81 ATK:+7480, DEF:+300, M.ATK:+2000, Diz:+8 Dragonic Stone Orichalcum Grimoire Scale Black Scale Moving Branch
Dragon's Fang 86 ATK:+9200, DEF:+400, M.ATK:+2500, M.DEF:+120, Diz:+8, Crit:+10% Dragon Golem Scale Big Crystal Rune Crystal Sticks and Stems
Gungnir 91 ATK:+10000, DEF:+450, M.ATK:+3000, M.DEF:+150, Diz:+8 Wind Ancient Fish Fin Green Core Dragon Golem Ashes Red Dragon Ashes Sticks and Stems
Legion 99 ATK:+12850, DEF:+500, M.ATK:+9000, M.DEF:+180, Diz:+8 Rune Sphere Shard Basilisk Scale Ancient Fish Fin Light Ore

Dual Blades

Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
RF5 Short daggers.png Short Dagger 5 ATK:+28, Diz:+3 Minerals Minerals
Steel Edge 9 ATK:+58, Diz:+3 Iron Iron Bronze
Double Scratch 12 ATK:+69, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+3 Back Scratcher Back Scratcher
Frost Edge 13 ATK:+96, M.ATK:+3, Diz:+3 Water Aquamarine Aquamarine Liquids
Iron Edge 21 ATK:+132, Diz:+3 Iron Iron Silver
Acutorimass 23 ATK:+132, M.ATK:+35, Diz:+3 Silver Silver Iron Iron
Thief Knives 23 ATK:+154, Diz:+3 Silver Silver
Wind Edge 25 ATK:+214, M.ATK:+5, Diz:+3 Wind Emerald Emerald Palm Claw
Gorgeous Lx 28 ATK:+232, VIT:+5, INT:-5, Diz:+3 Gorgeous Sword Gorgeous Sword
Steel Blades 30 ATK:+276, Diz:+3 Gold Gold Black Feather
Twin Blades 32 ATK:+324, Diz:+3, Psn Atk:15% Gold Gold Lightning Horn Lightning Horn Paralysis Poison
Rampage 33 ATK:+372, Diz:+3, CRIT:+5% Diamond Diamond Gold Wolf Fang
Salamander 35 ATK:+400, M.ATK:+20, Diz:+3 Fire Diamond Diamond Fire Crystal Razor Fang
Platinum Edge 37 ATK:+436, Diz:+3 Platinum Platinum Dragon Fang Dragon Fang
Sonic Daggers 39 ATK:+505, M.ATK:+30, Diz:+3 Wind Platinum Platinum Emerald Emerald Thunderbird Feather
Chaos Edge 40 ATK:+628, M.ATK:+15, Diz:+3, Par Atk:15% Dark Platinum Platinum Razor Fang Razor Fang Holy Spore
Desert Wind 44 ATK:+710, M.ATK:+45, Diz:+3 Earth Wind Malm Claw Wind Crystal Earth Crystal MTGU Plate
Broken Wall 48 ATK:+888, M.ATK:+50, Diz:+3 Earth Armor Fragment Earth Crystal
Force Divide 51 ATK:+1066, M.ATK:+300, Diz:+3 Fire Water Orichalcum Fire Crystal Water Crystal Red Core Blue Core
Autumn Swords 53 ATK:+1130, M.ATK:+350, Diz:+3 Sapphire Sticks and Stems Orichalcum Viscous Liquid
Heart Fire 54 ATK:+1380, M.ATK:+180, Diz:+3 Fire Red Dragon Ashes Red Dragon Ashes Yellow Feather Fire Crystal
Orcus Sword 57 ATK:+1920, Diz:+3 Crimson Fur Dragon Golem Ashes Dragon Golem Ashes Glitta Augite Glitta Augite
Deep Blizzard 63 ATK:+2380, M.ATK:+400, Diz:+3 Water Mermaid Scale Mermaid Scale Water Crystal Water Crystal
Dark Invitation 68 ATK:+3800, M.ATK:+500, Diz:+3, Drain:5% Dark Dangerous Scissors Fine Green Fur Brilliant Feather Mermaid Scale Dark Crystal
Priest Sabers 72 ATK:+3580, DEF:+250, M.ATK:+2500, M.DEF:+88, Diz:+3 Dangerous Scissors MTGU Plate MTGU Plate Light Crystal Light Crystal
Efreet 74 ATK:+4400, M.ATK:+1500, Diz:+3 Fire Red Core Crimson Scale Golem Spirit Stone Red Dragon Ashes Red Dragon Ashes
Dragon Claws 76 ATK:+5220, Diz:+3 Dragon Fang Blue Scale Glitter Scale Grimoire Scale Small Crystal
Emerald Edge 79 ATK:+6100, M.ATK:+1800, Diz:+3 Wind Dragonic Stone Green Core Green Core
Rune Edge 87 ATK:+7400, M.ATK:+3000, Diz:+3 Light Dragonic Stone Rune Crystal Rune Crystal
Twin Dragon Swords 95 ATK:+12000, M.ATK:+10000, Diz:+3 Scarlet Scale Golden Scale Dragonic Stone
Twin Justice 99 ATK:+11200, M.ATK:+9500, Diz:+3 Rune Sphere Shard Basilisk Scale Ancient Fish Fin Red Dragon Ashes Strange Tentacle


Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
RF5Rod.png Rod 2 M.ATK:+8, Diz:+15 Fire Sticks and Stems
Amethyst Rod 6 M.ATK:+10, Diz:+15 Earth Amethyst Sticks and Stems
Aquamarine Rod 8 M.ATK:+11, Diz:+15 Water Aquamarine Sticks and Stems
Sweet Potato Staff 10 M.ATK:+10, Diz:+15 Love Sweet Potato Sticks and Stems
Friendly Rod 13 M.ATK:+18, Diz:+15 Love Love Crystal Sticks and Stems
Love-Love Rod 15 M.ATK:+35, Diz:+15 Love Friendly Rod Love Crystal Love Crystal Love Crystal
Staff 16 M.ATK:+26, Diz:+15 Earth Magic Crystal Sticks and Stems
Emerald Rod 18 M.ATK:+42, Diz:+15 Wind Emerald Sticks and Stems
Silver Staff 21 M.ATK:+47, Diz:+15 Dark Silver Sticks and Stems
Flare Staff 22 M.ATK:+50, Diz:+15 Fire Fire Crystal Sticks and Stems
Ruby Rod 23 M.ATK:+56, Diz:+15 Fire Ruby Sticks and Stems
Square Rod 25 M.ATK:+58, Diz:+15 Earth Sticks and Stems Light Crystal Blade Shard
Sapphire Rod 26 M.ATK:+60, Diz:+15 Light Sapphire Sticks and Stems
Earth Staff 28 M.ATK:+65, Diz:+15 Earth Earth Crystal Sticks and Stems
Syringe 29 ATK:+40, M.ATK:+1, Diz:+30, Crit:+30%, Knock:+50% Water Silver Furs Sticks and Stems
Lightning Wand 30 M.ATK:+72, Diz:+15 Wind Wind Crystal Sticks and Stems
Ice Staff 31 M.ATK:+80, Diz:+15 Water Water Crystal Sticks and Stems
Diamond Rod 33 M.ATK:+94, Diz:+15 Dark Diamond Sticks and Stems
Wizard's Staff 35 M.ATK:+105, Diz:+15 Light Magic Elixir Sticks and Stems
Mage's Staff 40 M.ATK:+162, Diz:+15 Earth Platinum Sticks and Stems
Shooting Star Staff 43 M.ATK:+254, Diz:+15 Light Fairy Elixir Golem Stone Sticks and Stems
Judgement Staff 45 M.ATK:+200, Diz:+15 Fire Moving Branch Lightning Horn
Hell Branch 49 M.ATK:+300, Diz:+15 Dark Skull Warrior's Proof Proof of Rank Devil Horn
Crimson Staff 50 M.ATK:+380, Diz:+15 Fire Red Core Red Dragon Ashes Devil Horn
Bubble Staff 53 M.ATK:+500, Diz:+15 Water Blue Core Strange Tentacle Orichalcum Sticks and Stems
Winter Rod 54 M.ATK:+750, Diz:+15 Water Amethyst Sticks and Stems Orichalcum Viscous Liquid
Gaia Rod 56 M.ATK:+980, Diz:+15 Earth Yellow Core Dragon Golem Ashes Yellow Feather Sticks and Stems
Cyclone Rod 60 M.ATK:+1460, Diz:+15 Wind Green Core Grimoire Scale Crimson Fur Sticks and Stems
Storm Wand 65 M.ATK:+1920, Diz:+15 Wind Mealy Apple Electro Crystal Orichalcum Sticks and Stems
Rune Staff 70 M.ATK:+3140, Diz:+15 Light Rune Crystal Rune Crystal Crimson Scale Sticks and Stems
Mage Staff+ 76 M.ATK:+4400, VIT:+60, Diz:+15 Love Dragonic Stone Orichalcum Love Scale Love Crystal Sticks and Stems
Golden Turnip Staff 80 M.ATK:+120, Diz:+15 Love Golden Turnip Sticks and Stems
Magic Broom 82 M.ATK:+5500, Diz:+15 Wind Ancient Orc Cloth Moving Branch Rune Crystal Big Crystal Strings
Evil Dragon Staff 83 M.ATK:+6000, Diz:+15 Dark Moving Branch Devil Blood Dragon Scale
Devil Rod 84 M.ATK:+6200, Diz:+15 Dark Sticks and Stems Devil Blood Gold Wolf Fang Gold Wolf Fang
Magic Shot 85 ATK:+7980, M.ATK:+7350, M.DEF:+50, Diz:+30, Crit:+50%, Knock:+50% Love Dragon Golem Scale Melody Bottle Rune Crystal Small Crystal Sticks and Stems
Hell Curse 87 M.ATK:+8800, Diz:+15 Dark Moving Branch Ancient Fish Fin Hard Scale Crystal Skull Small Crystal
Harvest Moon Staff 88 M.ATK:+9900, Diz:+15 Light Moving Branch Glitter Scale Yellow Core
Algernon 91 M.ATK:+10800, Diz:+15 Earth Moving Branch Strange Tentacle General's Orb Charm Blue Lamp Grass
Sorcerer's Wand 99 M.ATK:+12960, Diz:+15 Light Rune Sphere Shard Ancient Fish Fin Rune Crystal Small Crystal Moving Branch

Farming Tools


Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
Cheap Hoe 5 ATK:+1 Earth Minerals
Sturdy Hoe 15 ATK:+18, M.ATK:+5 Earth Bronze
Seasoned Hoe 30 ATK:+30, M.ATK:+10 Earth Silver
Shiny Hoe 45 ATK:+64, M.ATK:+15 Earth Gold


Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
Cheap Waterpot 5 M.ATK:+1 Water Minerals Cloths and Skins
Tin Waterpot 15 M.ATK:+18 Water Bronze Cloths and Skins
Lion Waterpot 30 M.ATK:+35 Water Silver Cloths and Skins
Rainbow Waterpot 45 M.ATK:+60 Water Gold Cloths and Skins


Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
Cheap Sickle 5 ATK:+2 - Minerals Shards
Iron Sickle 15 ATK:+20 - Bronze Shards
Quality Sickle 30 ATK:+60 - Silver Shards
Love Sickle 45 ATK:+100, M.ATK:+20, STR:+20 Wind Gold Shards
Legendary Sickle 80 ATK:+178, M.ATK:+80, STR:+50, Diz:+5, CRIT:+20% Wind Platinum Shards

Axe (Farm Tool)

Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
Cheap Axe 5 ATK:+3, CRIT:+5% - Stones (Rock) Sticks and Stems
Chopping Axe 15 ATK:+25, CRIT:+5% - Bronze Stones (Rock) Sticks and Stems
Lumber Axe 30 ATK:+67, M.ATK:+5, Crit:+5% - Silver Stones (Rock) Sticks and Stems
Mountain Axe 45 ATK:+108, M.ATK:+10, Crit:+5% - Gold Stones (Rock) Sticks and Stems
Miracle Axe 80 ATK:+190, DEF:+30, M.ATK:+15, M.DEF:+50, STR:+20, Diz:+5, Crit:+10%

Hammer (Farm Tool)

Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
Cheap Hammer 5 ATK:+3, Diz:+5, CRIT:+5% - Minerals Sticks and Stems
Bronze Hammer 15 ATK:+25, Diz:+5, CRIT:+5% - Bronze Sticks and Stems
Silver Hammer 30 ATK:+68, M.ATK:+5, Diz:+5, Crit:-5% - Silver Sticks and Stems
Golden Hammer 45 ATK:+106, M.ATK:+10, Diz:+5, Crit:-5% - Gold Sticks and Stems
Platinum Hammer 80 ATK:+187, DEF:+50, M.ATK:+15, M.DEF:+30, STR:+20, Diz:+18, Crit:-5% - Platinum Sticks and Stems

Fishing Pole

Image Name Level Attributes Element Forging Materials
Cheap Pole 5 ATK:+1, M.ATK:+3 - Sticks and Stems Strings
Beginner's Pole 15 ATK:+10, M.ATK:+12 - Bronze Sticks and Stems Strings
Skilled Pole 30 ATK:+25, M.ATK:+25 - Silver Sticks and Stems Strings
Famous Pole 45 ATK:+60, M.ATK:+40 - Gold Sticks and Stems Strings
Sacred Pole 80 ATK:+128, DEF:+50, M.ATK:+100, M.DEF:+80, STR:+30, INT:+30, Diz:+30, Crit:+50%, Knock:+100% - Platinum Sticks and Stems Strings