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For Other Crafting recipes, see Crafting (RF3).
Forging Recipes are split into two groups, Weapons and Farming Tools. To obtain recipes in-game, one must eat either Weapon Bread or Farming Bread. These can be bought from Blaise for 350G or 450G respectively. They can also be bought as one of the random items from Yue at the upper floor of the inn when she's there. The final option is the traveler in the trench coat, he stays in the inn sometimes and sells as much as you can buy. His prices are higher than Blaise's and he appears very late in the game.

To begin forging, you must first obtain the second floor of Sharance Tree by clearing the Privera Forest dungeon, and traveling to the Univir Settlement. Once the second floor grows in, Gaius or Raven will offer to build a Forge for 5,000 G and 100 wood.

  • As with all recipes, you are not required to know the recipe beforehand in order to actually craft. However, you will not know the percentage of success until after you are successful. You may consistently fail in experimentation because your craft level is too low.
  • You can make recipes up to 9 levels above you, but they will have a 10% chance. For example, you can craft a Lvl 40 item while being Lvl 31 as minimum.
  • Unlike cooking, you will not lose your raw materials upon failure. You can use this to your advantage and level your forging by repetitively attempting to craft something of a higher level. You will still get exp even if you fail. Just remember to keep your RP up.

All data below are accurate and in flowing order in each category (except Axes and Hammers as they are separated) according to the game.


Short Sword

Short-swords are easy to use weapons with balanced attributes, however their attack power is slightly lower than other types of weapons

Dual Blades

Dual blades are actually slightly weaker than short-swords, but the combination of two short-swords compensates for this. Their striking is the fastest among all other weapons, though it renders all types of shield wielding useless.

Long Sword

Long-swords have the largest swing and reach, but are slow and heavy. All long-swords usually adds DEF.


Spears are bad to be use for swinging, but great at piercing. All spears reach are further than long-swords, and are great for attacking multiple enemies in the same line of fire.


Axes have high attack ratio, but slow in swinging. All axes are bad in knock-backs and knock-outs, but versatile in staggering. When use to pulverize, axes deal heavy damage, but smaller strike area


Hammers have high critical rate ratio. Hammers are bad at staggering, but versatile in knock-backs and knock-outs. When use to pulverize, hammers deal much larger strike area


Staves grants very low attack. but greater M-ATK. All staves are slow when used to strike, but deal devastating damage when charged. All staves if to be use for greater spells, must be upgraded to level 3 or above. When enemy spoils are used on staves the enemy ability is added to the spells, this also counts for boss spoils.

Farming Tools


Hoes are the most essential apparatus for farming. They are used to till the soil, and can be used to heal soil with Withered Grass by tilling it on the soil. Hoes are slow to swing, but have a chance to knockout enemies. Hoes are can be used to pull out Bamboo Shoots; unlike sickles, they will not accidentally destroy crops.


Water pots are essential gear for watering crops. It does not grant ATK, but M-ATK instead. Water pots have a high attack speed but low damage output. Water pots needs to be filled with water for each usage. Water sources include ponds, rivers, lakes, and the Water Magic Seed. Using water pots increases the Water Magic skill.


Sickles are used primary to cut down crops and grass, but can be used like any other weapon. Caution should be used to avoid accidentally destroying crops.


Axe attributes are the same as hammers, don't perform knock-backs or knock-outs, but possess greater attack power. Most axes can deliver staggers, but with a 26% change ratio. All type of axes (including the battleaxe) can chop wood. Unlike battleaxes, work axes always swing down.


All hammers are great at knock-outs and knock-backs, having a 50% or higher chance of doing so, but smaller chance to stagger enemies. Compared to axes, hammers have a lower damage output. All hammers can break up rock and mine ore. Unlike the battle hammers, work hammers only swings downward.

Fishing Pole

Fishing poles, naturally, are used to catch fish. They can also be used offensively like any other weapon. Compared to staves, fishing poles have farther range and faster attack speed. They will not operate as a weapon if in range of a valid fishing spot. Upgraded fishing poles are better to be used for fishing because better type poles can help to reel the fish longer by 13%.