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Floating Empire (, ') is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Floating Empire



Floating Empire East Map.png

Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 Gasham, Sechs Sorcerer - Pink Lever in this room
B1 - X2 Boxes Red Lever in this room
B2 - -
B3 Gasham, Hover Warrior X2 Boxes
B4 Blood Panther, Gasham, Hover Warrior -
C1 - -
C2 Blood Panther, Gasham, Hover Soldier -
C3 Blood Panther, Hover Warrior -
C4 Blood Panther, Hover Warrior X1 Box
C5 Sechs Cat, Sechs Dragon, Sechs Sorcerer X2 Boxes Warp to F4
C6 - - Place items on the switches, squeeze in between the two squares in the top left.
D1 - - -Save Point-
D2 Hover Soldier X2 Boxes
D3 Hover Soldier -
D4 Blood Panther X3 Boxes
D5 Hover Warrior -
D6 Master Giant - Green Lever in this room. (Only accessible if room is entered from the north.)
D7 - -
D8 Sechs Tank -
D9 - -
E1 Gigantes -
E2 - Ellie Leaves
E3 Hell Spider Elli Leaves Blue Lever in this room.
E4 - - Lime Green lever in this room.
E5 - - Place item on switch near bottom right for chest.
F1 Gigantes Elli Leaves, X1 Box Yellow Lever in this room.
F2 Hover Warrior -
F3 Hovver Warrior -
F4 Blood Panther, Gasham, Gigantes, Hell Spider, Hover Soldier, Hover Warrior -
G1 Hover Warrior - Purple Lever in this room.


Floating Empire South Map.png

Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 - -
A2 - X1 Box

-Save Point-

Go north to enter the central part of the Floating Empire.

A3 Little Dragon, Sechs Cat, Sechs Sorcerer, Thunderbird -
B1 Fortoise, Little Dragon X2 Boxes Wind blocks the path north. You can access the room the path leads to via the warp point in H1.
B2 Thunderbird - Wind blocks the path east. You will need to use the warp point in E3 to access that path.
B3 Hover Solider -
C1 Fortoise, Thundebird X2 Boxes
C2 Hover Soldier - Blue Lever in this room.
C3 Hover Soldier -
D1 - X2 Boxes
D2 Hover Soldier X2 Bomb Boxes

Green Lever in this room.

Wind blocks the east path. You will need to southern beat the boss to go further that direction.

D3 Little Dragon, Thunderbird -
D4 Hover Soldier X2 Boxes
E1 Hover Soldier -
E2 Fortoise, Little Dragon, Thunderbird -
E3 Hover Warrior - A warp point in thie room will take you to B2.
E4 Fortoise, Pepper Ghost, Sechs Cat, Thunderbird -
E5 Pepper Ghost, Thunderbird - A lever in this room will let you control the wind blowing through the eastern path
E6 - X2 Boxes A lever at the bottom of this area controls which direction the wind will blow through the room.
E7 Hell Spider, Pepper Ghost - A warp point in this room will take you to D4.
F1 Fortoise, Pepper Ghost, Sechs Cat X2 Boxes
F2 - X1 Box -Save Point-
F3 Little Dragon, Sechs Cat, Thunderbird X2 Boxes
G1 Armored Tank + -
H1 - -
H2 - - The northern warp point in this room goes to D1. (The top block baracading you from it can be gone around.) The souther warp point goes to A1.


Floating Empire West Map.png

Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 - X2 Boxes
A2 Faust, Golem X2 Boxes, X1 Bomb Box
A3 Dark Slime, Fause, Hover Warrior - Warp goes to D7
A4 - -
B1 Hover Warrior -
B2 - - Warp goes to E3
B3 Dark Slime, Faust, Hell Spider -
B4 Hell Spider X1 Box Warp goes to D7
C1 Dark Fairy, Dark Slime, Hell Spider, Sechs Dragon -
C2 - - Warp goes to D3
C3 Dark Slime X1 Box Warp goes to A3
D1 - - The bottom left block can be walked through.
D2 Sechs Golem -
D3 - - -Save Point-
D4 Dark Fairy, Golem, Sechs Dragon - Warp goes to C1
D5 Dark Fairy, Hell Spider - Warp goes to G2
D6 Faury, Hell Spider -
D7 Dark Slime, Faust X1 Box

Top warp goes to B3

Bottom warp goes to F3

D8 Dark Slime -
D9 - X2 Boxes -Save Point-
E1 - - Warp goes to G3
E2 Dark Fairy, Dark Slime, Hell Spider -
E3 Dark Fairy, Faust, Golem -
E4 Faust X1 Boes
F1 - - Warp goes to D7
F2 Dark Slime, Faust Elli Leaves Warp goes to E2
F3 Dark Slime, Hell Spider -
F4 Hell Spider -

Warp goes to D2

The first block on the bottom left can be walked through.

G1 - - Warp goes to A2
G2 Dark Fairy, Faust X2 Boxes
G3 - Elli Leaves, X2 Boxes
G4 Hover Soldier, Hover Warrior - Warp goes to D7



Wooden Box