Flame Spirit Shrine (, Romaji) is a location in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

The Flame Spirit Shrine Temple is the second "dungeon" the player must complete in order to continue the story line. It is preceded by the Earth Spirit Shrine and is superseded by the Water Spirit Shrine. It has four floors to navigate and a boss on the fifth floor


The Flame Spirit Shrine is the second sequential Element Shrine and can only be entered after completing the Earth Spirit Shrine and finding the Key in Desert Island, and Island in the northern extremity. The request to find the key is given by James. One must have to have used the Green Core on Ymir to gain access through the current before reaching the shrine, however. The Flame Shrine is located in Quadrant B-6 in the West half of the Fenith Sea.



Entrance to the Flame Spirit Shrine

The exterior of the building is similar to the Earth Spirit Shrine except in representative color, the Flame Shrine holds a red theme in its obelisk and crystals.


The same as the Earth Shrine, except with more teleport pads and a red portal leading to the first floor.

Once the player is inside, they will see the Shrine composes of huge bridges and large Mesoamerican pyramids hovering over a hellish realm.



The Flame Spirit Shrine Temple is a huge stepping stone in the story line, as it introduces the main antagonist of the game, the Masked Man, for the first time. It is also the first time the Goblin Pirates fight you.

After defeating Crabotron, Aden runs to the Shrine, but before he can the Goblin Pirates show up to spar with him. The Pirates should be no difficulty and defeating them is not a daunting task. Once the pirates are defeated, a small cut-scene shows them all defeated and Aden walks off to the Shrine once more.

From there, the Masked Man is encountered, surprising Aden, Sonja, and the Goblin Pirate crew, who have miraculously recovered. The Masked Man is surprised as well, and after a brief conversation about the Spirit Sphere, the foe drops it "accidentally", causing the the Shrine to become corrupted...


Inner Locations



  • Black Hyena (?)
  • High Orc
  • Chipsqueak
  • Red Troll
  • Rhinoceros Beetle (?)
  • Fire Hornet
  • High Orc Archer
  • Viking Orc
  • Little Mage
  • Flame Elemental
  • Monster Box
  • Goblin Pirate (via "Super Gate")

    Crabotron, boss of the Flame Spirit Shrine


  • Crabotron: A half-crustacean half-tank, you'd think the Sechs were behind this freak of nature! Boasts incredible ranged attacks and a decent melee game. However, some of his ranged moves are limited in coverage area and/or distance, so longer ranged staves like Fire staffs are recommended, as are monsters. Beware of his missile launch attack!



  • Bronze and Silver can be found a in treasure chests around the Shrine.
  • Precious monster drops such as Hides, Claws, and Fangs are common.
  • The Red Core, which allows Ymir to cross all currents, is acquired after completion.





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