Fishing is one of the activities that we can perform during the game. While fishing, a bar will pop up, indicating that there is a fish to be caught. The bar will have three different colors - red, blue, and green. If the A or X button is pressed in the red area, the fish will be lost. The blue area will give you a regular fish, and the green area will give you a "large" fish. The "large" fish is rarer and worth more gold.

Fishing rods can be made initially at the crafting station (either in the mansion in a room on the left side or after you've bought it from James) and then upgraded. The more you upgrade the rod, the easier it becomes to catch a fish and the more variety you will be able to catch. At the beginning, however, we need to get our first fishing rod from Joe after few conversations.

Types of Fish

Fishing with Aden

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  • Salmon- Large Fish that live in the ocean but return to the rivers to spawn
  • Cherry Salmon
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Fall Trout- A fish that looks like a fall leaf, and swims that way.
  • Mackerel- A fish that expires rapidly after caught.
  • Sardine- A fish that can be caught easily for it swims in schools.
  • Squid- A creature with 8 arms that is active at night.
  • Lobster- A menacing creature that fights for its life if caught.
  • Turbot- A fish that is flat and it faces left, pairs with a flounder.
  • Flounder- A fish that is flat and it faces right, pairs with a Turbot
  • Shrimp- A small crustacean with 12 legs.
  • Pike
  • Pond Smelt
  • Girella
  • Lover Snapper- It has a really cute pink color. FABULOUS!
  • Snapper
  • Tuna
  • Lamp Squid- A squid shaped like a lamp. There is a legend about these squids guiding a lost ship to safety.


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