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A list of fish appearing in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Please note that all size and price information is at level one.

Fish by Name

Masu Trout

A fisherman's standard catch. A freshwater fish, thought some may travel to the ocean.
Locations Size Profit
  • Summer Fish (De Sainte-Coquille Park)
  • Blessia Island (Center, Dense Overgrowth)
  • Messhina Valley (Fall Valley, Riverbank, Path to the Mountain, Serenearden, Bridge to Shrine,iant Boulder)
10 50


A mollusk that is active at night. Uses the fins on its body to seemingly fly through the water.
Locations Size Profit
  • Spring Fish (Alvana Pond, De Sainte - Coquille Park)
10 30


This cousin of the salmon is one of the largest of freshwater fish. Both rare and expensive.
Locations Size Profit
30 140


A relatively easy fish to catch. Swim in breathtaking, perfectly coordinated schools.
Locations Size Profit
  • All Season Fish (Alvana - Port), (mostly in Spring - Summer)
  • Alvana (East End & West End),
  • Blessia Island (Isle Port, South Beach, South-east Beach)
10 70


A commonly sought-after catch by fishermen everywhere, Likes cold waters.
Locations Size Profit
10 60


A fish with a single dark stripe on its body. Three beutiful lines appear during spawning.
Locations Size Profit
30 35

Glitter Snapper

A dazzling fish thatlitters in the sun, making it easy to spot. However, it is not so easy to catch.
Locations Size Profit
30 980


A popular Fall fish. Requires both skill and strength to land.
Locations Size Profit
  • Fall Fish (Alvana Pond, Alvana Port)
60 150


Both eyes are on the right side of this fish's body. Can change color to blend in with its surroundings.
Locations Size Profit
  • Spring & Summer fish (Alvana Port, East & West End),
  • Blessia Island (Isle Port, South & South-East & South-west Beach, North & West Beach, Silent Cave, Sandy Path)
10 78


Very few males of this fish exist. Lives in calm areas with little current.
Locations Size Profit
30 80


Live most their lives in the ocean, but famously swim up river to breed. Used in many dishes.
Locations Size Profit
  • Messhina Valley - (Riverbank, Path to the Mountain, Serene Garden,Giant Boulder)
  • Fall Fish (Alvarna - Port)
30 120


Easily spoils. Usually cooked or boiled.
Locations Size Profit
  • Fall Fish (De Sainte-coquille Park, Alvarna - Port)
30 75


Long and slender. Swims near the surface. Has areenish back and a shiny silver-white belly.
Locations Size Profit
  • Spring Fish (Alvana Pond),
  • Spring & Summer Fish (Port),
  • Blessia Island (Altar/Old Ship, Sandy Path)
30 45


This fishets its name from its long and slender shape. A fall fish. Veryood for you.
Locations Size Profit
  • Fall Fish (Alvarna - Port, East & West End)
10 10


A squid washed in from southern seas. Swims close to the surface, so is often sunburned.
Locations Size Profit
30 770


A type of crustacean encased in a hard shell. Trivia: It has 13 pairs of legs.
Locations Size Profit
  • Spring & Summer Fish (Alvana Port, East & West End),
  • Blessia Island (Summer Isle Port, Sandy Path, South-East Beach)
10 120


Thought to bring good luck. Has been served at festivals and on special occasions since ancient times.
Locations Size Profit
  • Spring & Fall Fish (Alvana Pond)
30 450

Lover Snapper

A rare breed of snapper. So rare that its very existence is debated among fisherman.
Locations Size Profit
30 500

Rainbow Trout

A mid-sized freshwater fish. Just as its name suggests, the males take on a rainbow luster when breeding.
Locations Size Profit
10 135


Both eyes are on the left side of this fish's body. Larger mouth and sharper teeth than the turbot.
Locations Size Profit
  • Winter Fish (Alvana Port, East & West End)
10 210


Famous for being used inourmet dishes. Very hard to prepare as the fish contains poison.
Locations Size Profit
10 620


The name yellowtail is actually used for a number of fish. This variety is said to bringood luck.
Locations Size Profit
  • Winter Fish (Alvana Pond, Port)
30 260

Crucian Carp

Matures quickly and lives for a long time. Mainly eats plankton so skill is needed to hook it with bait. 
Locations Size Profit
10 75


These large fish are popular for their delicious taste. They are very expensive.
Locations Size Profit
100 850


A winter, salt water fish. A popular, easy to hook catch. Puts up a bit of fight when reeling it in. 
Locations Size Profit
  • Winter Fish (Alvana Port, East & West End, De Sainte-coquille Park),
  • Blessia Island (North & West Beach, South-Weast Beach, Silent Cave)
30 65

Fall Flounder

Looks like a fallen leaf. Schools swimming on the ocean floor make it look like a forest in fall.
Locations Size Profit
10 530

Cherry Salmon

A small freshwater fish. Has made its way all over the world, so very easy to find.
Locations Size Profit
  • Spring Fish (Farm),
  • Trieste Forest (Spring Clearing, Aegis Fall,rassy Path, River Stream,reenarden, Reflecting Water)
10 20

Lamp Squid

A squid that has evolved a lamp as part of its body. Just a couple are enough to light the sea at night.
Locations Size Profit
  • Spring Fish (Alvana Pond)
30 440


A large walking crustacean. Its front legs are massive pincers which are used to threaten enemies. 
Locations Size Profit
10 310

Pond Smelt

This long and slender fish adapts well. Often fished from frozen lakes through holes.
Locations Size Profit
10 42

Fish by Location

In Alvarna

In Farm Field

  • Spring - Chub, Cherry Salmon
  • Summer - Chub
  • Autumn - Chub
  • Winter - Chub

Alvarna Pond

  • Spring - Lamp squid, Lover Snapper
  • Summer - Lobster
  • Autumn - Snapper, Glitter Snapper, Skipjack, Salmon
  • Winter - Blowfish

North Square, DeSainte-Coquille Park

  • Spring - Squid
  • Summer - Masu Trout
  • Autumn - Mackerel 
  • Winter - Girella

East End and West End Piers

  • Spring - Shrimp, Needlefish
  • Summer - Needlefish, Sardine, Turbot
  • Autumn - Pike, Sardine
  • Winter - Girella, Sardine, Flounder


  • Spring - Needlefish, Salmon, Shrimp, Snapper, Sardine
  • Summer - Fall Flounder, Lobster, Needlefish, Sardine, Shrimp, Sunsquid, Turbot
  • Autumn - Glitter Snapper, Pike, Salmon, Sardine, Skipjack
  • Winter - Girella, Yellowtail, Sardine, Flounder


Trieste Forest

  • Aegis Falls - Cherry Salmon, Chub
  • River Stream - Chub
  • Grassy Path - Cherry Salmon, Chub, Gibelio
  • Reflecting Water - Cherry Salmon, Chub, Gibelio, Pondsmelt
  • Riverstream - Chub, Cherry Salmon
  • Ruins - Branches, Rocks, Gibelio
  • Sundipped Spot - Gibelio, Lover Snapper
  • Wooded Paradise - Sunsquid, Branches

Blessia Island

  • Altar, Old Ship - Needlefish
  • Centre - Char, Masutrout
  • Dense Overgrowth - Char Crucian Carp, Masu trout
  • North Beach - Girella, Sunsquid, Turbot
  • Sandypath - Needlefish, Sardines, Shrimp, Turbot, Lobster (Throughout the year)
    • Spring only - Sunsquid
    • Winter only - Fall Flounder
  • Silent Cave - Crucian Carp, Gibelio
  • Summer Isle Port - (Same fish at port in summer) Fall Flounder, Lobster, Needlefish, Sardines, Shrimp, Sunsquid, Turbot
  • South Beach - Sardines, Sunsquid, Turbot
  • Southwest Beach - Girella, Turbot
  • Watering Hole: Southwest Beach - Char, Rocks
  • Southeast Beach - Sardine, Turbot
  • West beach - Girella
  • Ruined Shrine - Gibelio, Crucian Carp

Messhina Valley

  • Cave: Alter - Crucian Carp, Rainbow Trout, Taimen
  • Bridge to Shrine - Masu Trout, Salmon, Fall Flounder
  • Fall Valley - Chub
  • Giant Boulder - Chub, Masu Trout
  • Riverbank - Branches
  • Path to Mountains - Chub, Masu Trout, Salmon
  • Serene Garden - Crucian Carp

Padova Mountains

  • Flowing River - Chub, Pond Smelt, Taimen
  • Freezing Cave - Chub, Pond Smelt
  • Rushing Waterfall - Blowfish, Rainbow Trout, Taimen, Tuna
  • Shrine - Glitter Snapper, Rainbow Trout, Taimen, Tuna
  • Tomb - Rainbow Trout, Taimen
  • Watering Hole: Unfrozen Lake - Pond Smelt