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This is a list of Festivals appearing in Rune Factory 5. There are a variety of seasonal festivals where Ares or Alice can participate in. Some festivals require them to pair with the residents, so it may be a good idea to participate with the people they care about[1].


Season Day Festival Type Unlocking Making Seed Points Replay
Spring 1 New Year's Day Dialogue Beginning
6 Cooking Contest Contest Making Winter Spring 1000
10 Bean-tossing Festival Contest Making Spring 1000
15 Variety Fish Contest Contest Making Spring 1000 O
19 Flower Festival Dialogue Making Spring 1500
28 Harvest Festival Contest Beginning Spring 1000
Summer 1 Beach Opening Dialogue Beginning
11 Buffamoo Contest Contest Making Spring, Summer 1000 O
15 Pet Contest Contest Making Summer 1000 O
19 Firefly Festival Dialogue Beginning Summer 1500
28 Harvest Festival Contest Beginning Summer 1000
Fall 3 Smithing and Crafting Contest Contest Making Summer, Fall 1000
12 Valentine's Day Dialogue Beginning Fall 1500
15 Gluttony Contest Contest Making Fall 1000 O
19 Halloween Contest Making Fall 1500
25 White Day Dialogue Beginning Fall 1500
28 Harvest Contest Contest Beginning Fall 1000
Winter 3 Snowman Contest Contest Making Fall, Winter 1000 O
13 Squid Catching Contest Contest Making Winter 1000
25 Holy Night Dialogue Beginning Winter 1500
28 Harvest Festival Contest Beginning Winter 1000
30 New Year's Eve Dialogue Beginning


Place Prize
Bread Medicine Weapon Dish Seed Points
1st 9 2 1 1 150
2nd 5 1 1 100
3rd 3 1 50
4th 1 0

Depending on the protagonist's place in competitive festivals, he or she will receive different types or amounts of items and seed points. The recipe bread for the Buffamoo Contest is Accessory Bread, the Smithing and Crafting Festival is Weapon Bread, and all others are Cooking Bread. The medicines may be Protein Boost, Intelligencer, Vital Gummi, or Heart Drink.


New Year's Day

On New Years Day, the adults of Rune Factory 5 will gift Alice or Ares with varying amounts of money. If the protagonist is married, he or she can give a New Year's gift to their children, Hina, and Julian.

Character Money
Elsje 2000
Palmo 4649
Heinz 812
Randolph 3000
Yuki 3000
Simone 5000
Misasagi 3000
Terry 3000
Livia 500
Laedia 500
Dogu 3000
Total: 28,461

Cooking Contest

Bean-Throwing Festival

Bean Points Bonus
Failed Dish 0 Combo Returns to 0
Brown Bean 2 +2 Points
Green Bean 10 +10 Points
Pink Bean 30 2x + 30 Points

Fish Variety Contest

Flower Festival

Harvest Festival


Beach Opening

Buffamoo Festival

Type Points Bonus
Buffamoo 100
Buffaloo 1.2 400
Buffazoo 1.5 800

Pet Contest

Firefly Festival

Harvest Festival


Forging and Crafting Contest

Valentine's Day

Gluttony Contest


White Day

Harvest Festival


Snowman Festival

Squid-fishing Contest

Holy Night

Harvest Festival

New Year's Eve



  1. リグバースの町では、毎週のようにお祭りや住人の誕生日などのイベントが発生します。 町では、料理大会やペット大会、釣り大会やカブ祭りなど、季節ごとにさまざまなお祭りが開催されます。なかには住人とペアで参加できるお祭りもあるので、気になる相手や仲の良い住人と一緒に参加してみるのも良いかもしれません。 海に面したリグバースの町では、夏と言えば「海開き」。水着に着替えたらビーチに集合! 年間通して開催される「釣り大会」。ふたりで力をあわせて大物を釣り上げよう。