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Ocean map as seen in Game, note Fenith Island is highlighted by the Red ''X"

Fan Made Map of the Sea

A part of the Sea as seen from the overview map, Islands in picture are Fenith Island, Spring Island, and Verde Island

Aden views the Sea from Atop the Golem

The Fenith Sea is the vast ocean surrounding the Island of Fenith, and is the overall setting of Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. The Sea contains a vast amounts of islands to discover and explore, as well as many monsters to battle.


The Fenith Sea is a vast and mighty sea that must be explored by the Protagonist atop Ymir in order to progress through the game's storyline. Many secrets lay in its bed as well as many monsters that the player must fight with the help of his golem. Though the map appears to be daunting, the outer most edges of it cannot be explored since the water is too deep for Ymir to cross and thus serves as the game's barrier.


The Sea contains many islands and they are divided into three sections:

Permanent Islands:

Islands that stay afloat once discovered. Includes Fenith Island (this one is not raised, however), the Season Islands, Jungle Island, Desert Island, Shrine Island, Statue Island, etc.

Temporary Islands:

Islands that Ymir can lift out but must throw back into the sea if he wants to move again. Can be re-salvaged indefinitely. Includes Nameless Island(s), Wrecked Ships, and Shrines.

Element Shrines:

The "dungeons" of the game, they are needed to advance further into the main plot. Include the Earth Spirit Shrine, Flame Spirit Shrine, Water Spirit Shrine, and Wind Spirit Shrine. They are permanent as well and can be revisited even after completion. They have been there since before the game's plot and thus cannot be raised.


Name of Island

E-5 Spring Island
C-7 Summer Island
C-3 Winter Island
G-4 Fall Island
E-7 Earth Spirit Shrine
B-6 Flame Spirit Shrine
H-5 Water Spirit Shrine
E-2 Wind Spirit Shrine
E-5 Verde Island
F-6 Shrine Island
E-8 Jungle Island
B-3 Desert Island
G-6 Statue Island
D-3 Shipwreck Island
G-2 Frost Island
H-4 Mystic Ruins
B-4 Coliseum
A-5, C-3 NE, G-3 Ancient Ruins
B-4, C-5, F-5, G-7 Ancient Statue
D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7,
E-3, E-8, F-9
Nameless Island
B-7, C-3 NW, D-2 Shrine
E-4, F-6, H-4, H-7 Wrecked Ship


The Fenith Sea has its own deal of monsters besides the ones found in its islands, and they either appear when you pull up a rock or via random encounter, and Sonja will alert you to their presence. The monsters found here are special in kind as they are gigantic and require Ymir to defeat, they are known as Giant Monsters.

Kinds of Giant Monsters include:

A Redzilla, just a common example of a Giant Monster found in the Sea.

  • Big Squid- A huge squid similar to the Kraken.

Map showing the area of the Sea with monster presence, note that majority of monsters are found on the Eastern half

  • Pink Jelly- A large pink jellyfish looking monster with a mouth under its body.
  • Yellow Jelly- The Same as above, only yellow in color and stronger.
  • Blue Jelly- Similar to the Pink Jelly but blue and stronger.
  • Greenzilla- A giant bipedal lizard dragon monster, weakest of its species.
  • Redzilla- A giant bipedal lizard dragon monster that is red and stronger.
  • Bluezilla- The same as above, except blue in color and the strongest..
  • Behemoth- A quadrupedal ram monster with a platypus tail. Red in color and the weakest of its kind.
  • Purple Behemoth- Same as above but purple in color and stronger.
  • Yellow Behemoth- Same as Behemoth, but goldish and the strongest of its kind.

Some of these Giant Monsters dwarf Ymir in size and thus are much bigger that most islands.

Geographic Features

The Fenith Sea contains some interesting features on it surface, many of which are harmful to Ymir unless he has enhancements from the Cores.


Ymir next to a current.

Currents are fast moving streams of water found running North to South on the Western half of the Sea and East to West on the Eastern half. These will hurt Ymir unless he gets enhanced by the Yellow and Red Cores, found in the Earth Spirit Shrine and Flame Spirit Shrine respectively.


Ymir near a Whirlpool

Whirlpools are violent rotations of water that will harm Ymir if he gets too close, but there are some islands near these dangers. Will you stick your finger in the tiger's mouth to get the reward?


Ymir near a Stone

Outcroppings in the sea which can be lifted and hold either Rune crystals which revitalize Ymir, Giant Monsters, or absolutely nothing. An outcome is a stone's throw away!

Water Spouts

Ymir facing a Waterspout

A violent geyser of water which will damage Ymir unless he has the Blue Core from the Water Spirit Shrine, these spouts are named after the Divine Dragon of Water Aquaticus and will take you to the Upper Sea.

The Upper Sea

Ymir facing the meeting between Upper and Lower Seas. Note the waterfalls

The part of the sea which can only be accessed via waterspouts, it can be easily spotted by it's border made of waterfalls if you walk around in the Lower Sea. The Strongest of the giant monsters are found here, as well as the Wind Spirit Shrine Temple.


Theory Warning: This section contains theoretical information based on the research of one or several other users. It has not been officially verified by creators and its factual accuracy is disputed.

Due to the large presence of ancient monoliths and intact islands, it could be inferred that the area around Fenith was once dry land and experienced a Great Flood in a time prior to the game. The various monoliths such as the statues can be found with the heads broken off showing that a huge force did so, and shrines are found to be "uprooted". The description of Statue Island also mentions an ancient civilization that must have required more than tiny islands to place their giant statues and the creation of Fenith was made by crashing waves.


  • The size of the sea makes Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny have the largest playable area out of the entire series.
  • More than half of the map is inaccessible deep sea.