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The Farm Dragon (ファームドラゴン, Famu Doragon) is used in Rune Factory 5 to grow crops, raise animals, and mine rocks.


Type Unlocking Location
Earth Dragon After clearing Whispering Woods Rigbarth
Fire Dragon After clearing Kelve Lava Caves Kelve Lava Caves
Ice Dragon After clearing Meline Crystal Caverns Meline Crystal Caverns
Wind Dragon After clearing Belpha Ruins Belpha Ruins
Terra Dragon After clearing Thunder Wilderness Thunder Wilderness


Gaia 3 Will temporarily boost the soil's health and damage resistance.
Ignis 5 Will temporarily boost crops' growth speed.
Glacies 1 Will make it rain for a while.
Ventus 2 Will increase crop yield.
Terra 1 Makes more space available for planting crops.