Fall Island

The map of Fall Island, by Flanqer.

Fall Island is the final seasonal island that the protagonist of Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny can unlock. Like the other seasonal islands, excluding Winter Island, crops and trees can grow here.

It is located in the eastern Upper Sea, and area in the eastern part of the Fenith Sea, accessible only by waterspout.

No monsters are found here.


Fall Island is an island with an eternal autumn, making it a haven for Fall Crops all year round.

The shape of the Island is elliptical with the Huge Tree leading to barn near the center and a small waterfall and creek combo immediately to the left of it. The player can fish Fall Fishes from this part.

The request to find this island is given by Bismark.


Fall Island is the place where all fall crops can grow, and the player can use the harvest to cook, sell, or give to eligible bachelorettes/bachelors in order to raise LP and FP.

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