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Evelyn (エリザ・ハラペニョ・ヴィヴィアージュ, Elisa Harapenyo Vivianju) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Evelyn is a cordial young woman who has a unique taste in fashion: she loves using raw food products, such as fish and vegetables, to make various clothing. Most people in town question her unconventional style. Nobody seems to say anything though, because, from what Sofia says, Evelyn is very easily hurt by criticism of her clothing. Gaius even states that he practically has a closet full of her clothes though he doesn't want them. Tailoring is pretty much an obsession for her (much like Pia's obsession with squid, Daria's with rainbow art, and Gaius' with forging) and she will make an outfit out of anything.

However, the reason she obsesses so much over creating such odd designs is because she herself does not feel like a distinctive individual. Deep down, Evelyn actually has a somewhat low self-esteem. With only her family’s bizarre quirks as personality references, she believes herself to be relatively “normal” and, consequently, not a special or unique person in any regard. There are even festivals where, when she wins, she is certain it’s because others simply didn’t feel like trying, otherwise her victory would have been impossible. Having such low self-confidence, she aspires for her artistry to become a means of expression for others rather than for herself. It’s one of the many ways she shows that she cares.


Evelyn has long, bright purple hair and purplish-brown eyes.


While Evelyn is always asking for vegetables to use in her clothing (during simple requests) Evelyn will claim she prefers things that she can make clothing out of when Micah gives her a vegetable present.


Evelyn: Can you help?
Evelyn: A favor
Evelyn: Please help
Evelyn: I'm looking for
Evelyn: A favor
Evelyn: Help wanted

Request 1: Can you help?

Thank you.

Objective: Give Evelyn a Scrap Metal.
Reward: 2000G

Request 2: A favor

Could you bring me material for an outfit?

Objective: Give Evelyn RF3Wood.png Wood x3 and a Shade Stone, which can only be obtained from Marian, so that Evelyn can make faux fur.
Reward: 10,000G


Other than her tailoring, Evelyn seems to be very passionate about her family. She often worries about Sofia and how speaking in opposites must affect her. She also worries about her father, Sherman, and his weight so she puts him on a diet consisting of only 3 foods. Instead of working, though, Sherman seems to just continue gorging himself on food. Whether he's gorging himself on the diet foods or just disregarding it completely is uncertain.

Evelyn proves to be completely oblivious to Gaius' feelings throughout the main part of the game, believing that Gaius is just a friend and that Gaius feels the same, but she will note things such as the fact he stands in front of her house from afternoon until evening. It isn't until after Micah has married that things attempt to progress between them.

After Micah gets married, a request will pop up in his mailbox from Gaius. He confesses that he is in love with Evelyn and, surprised to find Micah already knows this, asks him how he should let her know his feelings. Micah suggests he flat out proposes to Evelyn, and he agrees to help Gaius make an Engagement Ring. Not much progresses out of this request though, since Evelyn thinks he is simply requesting more clothes; although, after trying to come up with an outfit for him and failing, Evelyn says that she will simply wear the ring and walk by him so that she can be his outfit for the day (which is good enough for Gaius.) It's suggested that Evelyn does catch on by then, because she asks Micah what kind of girl Gaius would like when she is coming up with her engagement ring outfit.


Loved Evelyn: What?! I can have this?! I'm so happy! Thank you very much! To get such a wonderful material… Hee-hee, what raw food could I add to make it wonderful?
Micah: Raw…?!
Quality Fur, Yarn Ball
Liked Oh, is this for me? These are hard to come by. Thank you very much.
Large Fleece
Neutral Evelyn: Oh, is this for me? Thank you. I would rather have items I could use as clothing material, though.
Micah: I-I’m sorry…
Evelyn: What? Why are you apologizing?
Yellow Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass, Black Grass, Antidote Herb, Medicinal Herb, Toyherb, Fruit, Bamboo Shoot, Wooly Furball

A present? This…? I'm sorry. I really don't like mushrooms… But I'll ask Blaise to make something for Father. I could have used Yarn Ball for my next outfit, though…

Oh, a present? And this... I have enough trash for material, so I don’t need any more... I could have used Quality Fur for my next outfit, though...

Failed, Trash, Weeds, Withered Grass, Rock, RF3Branch.png Branch, Scrap Metal, Mushroom



  • Staff
  • Supposed to have the Monkey Toy (shield) but it's just decoration.

Techniques: Sewing Storm

>When Evelyn spots an enemy, she attacks using her Needle Bolts skill without moving a pace. If the player runs away, she follows and continues her Needle Bolts skill. Evelyn rarely attacks using her staff, however, when she does she uses the Staff Dash attack.

[Any range]>Needle Bolts (majorly)

[Mid-range]>Fashionista Smash [Staff dash attack] (rarely)

[Melee]>Tailor Swift (regular attack/rarely)

Supportive: Cure

Evelyn casts Cure on herself, this usually triggers when moving to a new area. She sometimes casts it normally if she's hit in an unlikely combo. She only casts it if there are enemies in the same area.

[Self]>Cure (HP below 50%/70%)

Special Skill: Needle Bolts

Evelyn comes from a rich family, so she can buy as many needle as possible to 'use'. While in sight, Evelyn throws her sewing needles at very fast velocity and intensity. The needles pierce any enemy or projectile, which comes in handy if to counter against long-range attackers. On certain enemies, the needle will easily knock them back, surpassing their knock back resistance. Evelyn throws her needles at the enemy's nervous points, so the attack has a high probability of paralyzing them. This skill is similar to the Hornet's long-range sting attack "Parasting". Although Evelyn uses sewing needles, and not stingers, the status effect inflicted is very similar.

5 134 6 0 32 0 8 22 17
Default Staff
Type N/A


Her clothing shop is sometimes open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.




  • Despite her age, Evelyn is not a marriage candidate. This is probably because Gaius has been smitten with her for presumably quite a while before Micah comes to town.
  • Evelyn shares the same birthday as Natalie from Rune Factory 2 and Margaret from Rune Factory 4.