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Electra (エレクトラ • ハッタイン • ヴィヴィアージュ, Elektra Hattain Viviaajyu) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.


Electra De Sainte-Coquille is the daughter of Fenith Island's mayor, Beatrix. She loves cleaning, working, and crafting and works part-time at the general store, inn, and clinic. Maerwen often gets angered because of her doing the housework. Electra also takes care of most, if not all, of the mayoral duties. She plans on one day becoming the mayor of the island.


Obsessed with cleaning she has a sweet disposition, granted she worries about how to pay Maerwen. Unknown to her the real reason of her families poor status she devotes her time working, cleaning and becoming helpful in the studies of medicine and other areas to help rebuild the family to prevent losing what they have. She also enjoys making accessories as she practices she gets better with the help of Aden/Sonja and establishes a better friendship with her household.

She is innately practical, in spite of her flowing princess-like appearance. She prefers cheaper goods to more expensive ones, especially when the cheaper version is equally effective. This may stem from the fact she's financially poor, but also her conservative nature.

She is also very ambitious and future/goal oriented, as she desires to become governor herself someday. She is currently saving money to attend college on the mainland, and to take the political sciences needed to become a good governor when the day comes.

She is arguably the least emotionally driven of all the characters in the game, tending to rely on logic, fairness, and standards rather than passion when making decisions. This is exemplified many times on many occasions, such as when she complains how she needs to repay all she is indebted to (like Maerwen's willingness to work without pay and Aden's deeds), how she refuses expensive birthday gifts (as norms would dictate she'd have to return the favor), and even in her closest relationship (Maerwen seems much more attached to Electra than the other way around).

During her talks with her mother concerning her college, she does become mad when Beatrix becomes upset to learn her plans; one of the few circumstances she shows blatant emotion. She even becomes sad to the point she runs away, albeit she quickly calms her emotions and returns to discussion with her mother. This can be seen that she's passionate about reaching her goals and tries to keep everyone's interests in mind when executing her plans, especially her mother and her debt. She ultimately chooses to stay with her mother, since she needs to take care of her mother and her mother can give general advice about being Mayor.

It should be noted that when discussing the future Electra makes no mention of Maerwen, even though Maerwen tends to base her actions around Electra.


Loved Gifts

Teardrop, Bird Feather, Glue, Sharp Talon, Knife Piece, Insect Jaw, Insect Skin, Cheap Cloth, Quality Cloth, Tortoise Shell, Magic Powder, Fairy Dust,

Liked Gifts


Horror Gift



She can be found sitting at the dining table with Maerwen eating breakfast early in the morning. She works part time at the Gemini Store on Monday and Thursday afternoons unless it is raining. She also works part time at the Inn on Tuesdays and at the Clinic on Wednesdays. Assuming she's not working, she can often be found in the Sainte-Coquille dining room around 8-9pm, alongside Maerwen and Beatrix.

Heart Events


In the General Store, Electra will start looking through the shelf behind the front counter, and will tell Aden that she was doing inventory until Bismark had to go out on an errand. Aden will say that he doesn't mind, and asks her why she is working at the General store and cleaning her house all the time. Electra will explain that her family is on a tight budget. Sonja will be quite surprised and tells electra that she thought her family was really rich. Electra then explains that even though their house is large they are still quite poor. They used to have a army of maids, butlers and groundskeepers but now they only have Maerwen, and they can hardly pay her as it is. Sonja apologizes for prying but Electra says that her family is not trying to hide anything and then apologizes if she brought her or Aden down. She says that there is so much work to do and then starts inventory again.


  • Despite most families with the name De Sainte-Coquille being wealthy, this is the first time in the series that the family is not.
  • She apparently does not like her own hair, and sometimes imagines herself with the hair styles of other girls on the island. Notably, she mentioned Pandora's flowing hair, Odette's ponytail, and Lily's long hair, though she'll only mention one per conversation.
  • She works at the Three Sisters Inn on Tuesdays, the Gemini General Store on Mondays and Thursdays and the Clinic on Wednesdays. Some of her requests can only be done while she's at one of these jobs, and she'll tell you the respected time/place to talk to her to complete the request.
  • She technically has the most jobs of all characters in the game (excluding Aden), being a barmaid, Grocery Store clerk, Pharmacist, and (volunteer) Maid. She also hosts the annual Fashion Festival.
  • Should you give Electra a gem/accessory/something of high value on her birthday, Electra will refuse it. This is foreshadowed by Odette, who would warn you a few days prior not to give her such a gift as Electra does not want to feel obliged.
  • Electra claims her name was given to her by a famous fortune teller. Electra is also the name of one of the Pleiades Sisters.
  • As a birthday "present" for Elena, Electra cleans Elena's room.
  • She will mention Tabatha's birthday even if Tabatha has yet to make an in-game appearance.
  • Electra's English voice actor is Lauren Landa.
  • Maerwen says that Electra is afraid of the dark.
  • She wears a Crown during the Masquerade.
  • She's a better cook then Maerwen.
  • She wants to go to school to become the future mayor.