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Elder Dragons, or Native Dragons, are creatures regarded as deities in the Rune Factory series. Each main series installment has one: Terrable for RF, Fiersome for RF2, Aquatics for RF3, and Ventuswill for RF4. They all correspond to a specific element: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, respectively. They are a main plot figure in their respective games.


This Elder dragon of life and nature, has its own story in Kardia, during the first chapters of the Rune factory's games series.

You could read more about this dragon on theses pages :

Plot (RF),Ivan

Also, Theses two characters tried to manipulate the dragon since the game's beginning

Ethelberd (RF), Lynette, Sechs Empire


This elder dragon of destruction has his own page and is a crucial parts of the second chapters of the rune factory's games series.

Fiersome, Magic Rune Abilities (RF2), Plot (RF2)
Unlock these area :The 4 last temple

Aquaticus RF3, RF Tide

A better description of this elder dragon is required. He appears to be one of the protagonists inside Rune factory 3, and inside RF tides of destiny.

Plot (RF3), Etherlink, Accomplishments (RF3),Monsters (RF3)

Save your wife from Aquaticus

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Fenith sea - Water Spout


This elder dragon has is own page and appears to be a principal character in Rune factory 4.

Ventuswill, Characters (RF4), Selphia, Lest and Frey, Plot (RF4)


Arch Dragon

Theses dragons seem to be parts of the Tide of destiny story.


Monsters RF4
A nice sumarised description of every boss you could find, could be found on theses pages.

Monsters (RF4), Monsters (RF3)

species list : Native Dragon