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Earth Spirit Shrine (, Romaji) is a location in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

The Earth Spirit Shrine Temple is an island located to the south of Fenith. It has three floors to navigate and a boss on the fourth floor. It is one of the four Elemental Shrines and is vital to the story line.

On the Island


Moleman, boss of the Earth Spirit Shrine

  • Moleman: A giant anthropomorphic mole swimmer that specializes in close combat and melee attacks. Watch out for his moving ballerina twirl as it can rake up a ton of damage an possibly OHKO lower level fighters.


  • Monster Drops such as Cheap Cloth, Hard Horns, Earth Crystals, Emeralds, and Scrap Metal.
  • Iron can be found throughout the map in various chests.
  • The Green Core, which is necessary for broader exploration on Ymir, is acquired after completion



The Earth Spirit Shrine is vital to the story line as it is the the stepping stone that leads to the events of the Masked Man resurrecting the Legendary Golem.

After one defeats the Mole Man, the player progresses to the last floor, which holds the actual shrine itself, complete with a Spirit Sphere. From there, the Goblin Captain appears to push the player aside to acquire the Sphere himself.

However, the Goblin Captain accidentally drops the Sphere, causing an earthquake and the release of the corrupted Spirits. During the chaos, the Goblin Captain and crew decide to high-tail it, leaving the player alone to face the new threat....


Inner Locations


Earth Spirit Shrine as seen from the Landing party, note its darker tone is only achieved after it has been completed.

The Earth Spirit Shrine Temple is one out of the four Elemental Shrine Temples found in the cardinal directions of the sea (the others being Flame, Water, and Wind), and this one can be found in Quadrant E-7. It's appearance is one of a giant golden-brown obelisk tower standing atop a hill with ruined columns surrounding it. When Landing, one can see rows of columns and a large door that leads the main structure. The Earth Spirit Shrine Key can be found in a chest in Shrine Island.


EarthSpiritShrine 1F.png

When one manages to get inside, they can see a large glowing yellowish-orb, entering said orb leads you to the first floor. There are also brown disks on the sides, those are teleport pads and can be used once you reach a floor higher than the First (i.e, reaching the Second Floor and going back to the entrance gives access to the first teleport pad, which returns you to the Second Floor). However, the Floors must be discovered first before you can use its supporting teleport.

From the Floors, there the player can see the Shrine is composed of floating castles in a deep spacial chasm.

Earth Spirit Shrine 4F

Earth Spirit Shrine Altar