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  • "Hey."
  • "You look good."
  • "'re a weirdo."
  • "With you, I'm... uh, nothing."
  • "Hm, not bad."
  • (When dating) "Baby"
  • (Leaving party) "Sorry, but I've got prep work to get done for tomorrow. Later"
  • (Leaving party) "Oh, look at the time."

Battle Quotes

  • "Get outta here"
  • "Go home!"
  • "That's... nothing...!"
  • (Knock out) "Daaamn...!"


  • Gelding
  • Mr. Horsie
  • Horse-face
  • Nag
  • Bastard
  • Swayback Nag
  • Stallion

First Section

"They look like they're having
trouble deciding. What should
I do?"
Talk up the item.
Sell with a smile.
Lower the price.
Be enthusiastic.
Recommend it.
Put it on sale.
Praise their choice.
Wait patiently.
"I'm sorry, I don't think I can
accept that price."
Please come again.
"Yay! I sold @0@ @アイテム0@
for @1@ Gold!"
Thank you very much!
Please come again!
Thank you for shopping here!
"That was the last of my items.
Everything's been sold."
"Oops! There was nothing
to sell in the Shop Box."
"I should re-open after I put
in items I want to sell."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Sell
With a Smile!"""
"It might not work, but I can try
selling this at a higher price.
I'd better watch my RP, though."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone up!
I've learned the skill ""A Little More!"""
"It might not work, but I can try
selling this at a higher price."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Lower
the Price!"""
"If I lower the price, there's a
better chance I'll sell it. I'd
better watch my RP though."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to 
""Recommend It!"""
"There's a good chance it'll fail,
but I could sell it for a really
high price. Better watch my RP."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Put It 
On Sale!"""
"The price will go way down, but
the chance I'll sell it will go
way up. Better watch my RP!"
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Be
"It will cost +a lot+ of RP, but
the item will sell for sure!"
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Talk Up
the Item!"""
"It will cost +a little+ RP, but
the chance I'll sell it will
go up a little."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Praise
Their Choice!"""
"If they buy this item, maybe they
will think about buying another
one, too. Better watch my RP!"
"I should try using this skill
when the customer is thinking
hard about whether to buy or not."
"By using +a little+ RP, I can
slightly raise the chance the
item will sell."
"It might not work, but I can try
to sell this at a higher price.
It'll use +a little+ RP."
"If I lower the price a little,
there's a better chance the item
will sell. It'll use +some+ RP."
"This will use +a lot+ of RP,
but the item will sell for sure."
"I could try for a high price, but
there's a high chance it'll fail.
It'll use +a bunch+ of RP."
"Dropping the price way down will
greatly raise the chance it'll
sell. It'll use +a lot+ of RP."
"If they buy this item, maybe they
will think about buying another
one. It'll use +a little+ RP."
"Maybe it's better if I don't do
anything. I'll wait for them to
decide on their own."
I highly recommend this!
I'll lower the price for you!
That item is on sale today!
"This is an excellent item! You
won't find a better one anywhere
"This is a great item! It has
X and Y special qualities! ♪"
I'm so happy you came today!
That is an excellent choice!
You look wonderful today!
Please, take your time. ♪
I'm sorry.
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Chemistry Set for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Cooking Tools for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Forge for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Crafting Table for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Forge for this. "
A boy.
A girl.
Wh-what's wrong?!
"Oh no! We need to go see @ジョーンズ@
right away!"
Ow...I-I hurt all of a sudden...
"@しゅじんこうくん@, we should go
to the clinic right away!"
"I hope the baby will be born
M-my belly hurts...
Oh no...!
@しゅじんこうくん@, don't tell me... hurts...!
"@しゅじんこうくん@, we should go
to the clinic right away!"
I'm sorry.
"Tomorrow is a festival where you
give @アイテム0@ to members of
the opposite gender."
"It's okay to give some to
anyone, really..."
"But it is a festival, after all.
Why not call a special someone to
the castle and present it there?"
"Hmm...I already have a date, so
why don't I hand it over when
we meet up?"
"Bean-throwing, huh? Originally,
this festival was for driving
away demons and plague, right?"
Mm-hmm. That's what I heard.
"Ooh, neat! Let's all drive the
demons real far away! ♪"
Yes, we can all do it together!
"This year's objective is to be
hit by the beans, not to dodge
"You've got a tough job every
year, don't you?"
"I can't say I'm particularly fond
of...excessive exercise."
"""If you meld with me, milady,
then you could dodge every bean
without moving a step!"""
"I-I-I'd rather not do that,
thank you!"
"But that certainly is an awful
lot of beans. Could anyone dodge
them even if they tried?"
"Similar situations happen all the
time on the battlefield."
"Though in that case it's arrows,
not beans. And if you can't dodge
you can just slash them away!"
"Stop swinging that dangerous
thing around right in the middle
of town!"
"Oh, goodness. There are entirely
too many delicious foods to be
Is too many goodies a bad thing?
"Um, y-yes, you could say that.
There are so many, I don't know
where to start!"
Ooh, I know!
"If we all eat too much and gain
weight, we can go train with
That sounds like a good plan.
"""Dolly, Dolly! Are you going
to do that, too?"""
"If I gain too much weight, I may
think about it."
"All right. It's a knight's duty
to respond wholeheartedly to all
reasonable requests."
"First, we'll begin with a light
warm-up. Say, 10 laps around the
town at a jog."
"Then we'll practice sword
strikes at 200 per set."
After that--
Hold it right there.
"Ooh, I can't wait to see the wooly!
He'll be so cute!"
"Yes! I wonder how soft and cuddly
the big guy is. "
"I like the ones that are easier
to hug."
"With that much wool, you could
make a mountain of thread."
"""Oh, Dolly...You would do that
for me?"""
"""Um, milady? An answer would be
nice. Any answer at all..."""
I wish I could have one as a pet!
"Wouldn't it be hard to care for
something that big, though?"
"It's large enough to be worth
cutting, that's for certain."
"The WOOL, yes? You mean cutting
off the WOOL."
"What kind of Wooly do you like
the best, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
Big ones.
Small ones.
Golden ones.
"Oh, the big ones are definitely
the best."
"They're so fluffy-wuffy cuddly-
wuddly! I just want to hug them
and squeeze them aaaall day!"
"Ooh, I wish I could just bury
myself in all that soft wool!"
You understand, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"The best of a Wooly is in its
easily huggable size, yes?"
Hmm? There are Golden Woolies?
"I maybe have heard of them.
I'm not sure."
I bet they're really pretty!
"Hrm. Hitting the target is hard.
I hit everything I'm not aiming
at, though."
"Oh, dear. Are you no good in
this competition, Xiao Pai?"
It seems so, yes.
"I practiced with Mama, but the
ball kept falling down from
above my head."
"Ooh, really? You threw the ball
aaall the way around the world!"
I think that might be impossible. 
"I think this may go beyond simply
""not very good."""
"Yes. We're into ""complete klutz""
territory on this one."
"Wording it that way makes it
hurt more, not less, you know."
Oh! Sorry.
"This doesn't solve my problem.
How do you hit those targets?"
"Relax. Focus on the target and
bring your arm forward."
Ah! Yes, I see!
"""But milady, when you threw the
ball, you didn't look relaxed.
You looked al--MRPH!"""
Uh-oh. Have you caught a cold?
"No. I'm just a little chilly,
that's all."
"Let me bring you something warm
to drink."
"The weather may look lovely, but
it's still cold. You need to take
care of yourself."
I will. Thank you.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
"@しゅじんこうくん@, do you
know a good way to warm her up?"
Tell a bad joke.
Give her a hug.
"What did the fisherman say when
he caught an angelfish? Holy
...Hee! Ha ha...Ah ha ha!
Wait, really?!
"What on earth are you doing?
And in public, no less!"
"Um...could you put that away,
please? I-I think it's drawing
This one is your own fault!
...I'm sorry.
Oh my...
"Once she warmed up, she fell
asleep right away."
"Hey, are any of you good at
"I'm better at things where I
can move around."
"Like detective work? Are you
a gumshoe, pal?"
Erm...that isn't what I meant.
"You mean like jumping into a box
with the correct answer on it?"
"Or racing to grab flags to see 
who can give the first answer."
"""Or having an obstacle course
and the first one through gets
to answer the question?"""
"With nasty penalties for giving
the wrong answer."
"...I think I'm fine with a normal
"What's wrong, Meg? You look
Fishing is harder than it looks.
"Oh, I know! It always makes me
so sleepy."
Everything makes you sleepy.
Fishies are scary...
"Well I guess we won't have to
warn you to stay out of the
deep areas, then."
"""I think I'll catch a fish
"You mean you'll try to possess
it and it'll wind up dragging
you all across the pond."
"Are you good at fishing,
I'm okay.
Not at all...
"Really? Could you show me how
you do it?"
I'd like to know as well.
So you aren't bad, then, right?
"I'm jealous of your skill. But I
won't let you beat me!"
"I'm amazed you're not falling
"Well then, why don't we all
practice our fishing skills?"
Iggly-wiggly fishies...So scary!
...*FUSS* *FUSS*...
...*FUSS* *FUSS*...
Meg seems very busy.
"""Yes. She can't seem to sit
"As if you have any right to talk
about that."
"It looks like she's on patrol.
Do you think there are people
who would really try to cheat?"
"Cheating will not be tolerated in
any way. I will personally deal
with anyone caught doing so."
Wow, that's so cool!
Y-you think so?
Forte! Perfect timing.
It seems I'm needed already.
"Hmm? Oh, yes. You see, that
person over there, he's--"
"Understood. Looks like someone
needs a lesson in proper manners."
No, he's lost! He just needs some
Oh, dear. What's wrong, Meg?
"That's right. You aren't very
fond of squid, are you, Meg?"
"Brr! No! They're slimy and
wriggly and gross!"
Hrmm. May I try something?
Here. Have a squid.
"Papa's special Anti-Phobia
Training--""Hold It Until You
Learn To Like It!"""
What?! That won't work!
Ooh, what a cute squid!
No! No, Amber, they are NOT cute!
I know.
Wait, what?
"""What is so frightening about
this lump of flesh?"" *POKE*"
"EEP! It squirted ink!"
"Pico, why don't we step aside
for a moment? I'd like a chat
with you."
"""I'd much rather stay right here,
thank you!"""
"Hey, did you hear? There are a
lot of fish over there."
"Then it seems we should go right
Wait for me!
"No, don't! There's a big ol'
monster's lair over there!"
"We went fishing at a lake with
Mama and Papa once, too. It was
just like this."
"Yes, it was."
"Oh, dear. Dolce, what are you
doing back there?"
Come on, hurry, now.
"Yes! Or else all the fish will
swim away."
"If you aren't confident in your
fishing skills, I can help you."
"No, Dolly is trying to stop you
from going to the monster's lair!"
"Properly showcasing your veggie
is really important."
"It feels like an odd tradition
to me, really."
"I'm afraid I'm not particularly
good at it. "
I'm not fond of it, myself.
"""You're not fond of vegetables
on the whole, milady."""
I become so nervous!
Oh? Why?
"You need to pay close attention
to the ground to be sure no rocks
jump up to trip you."
"That's not nerves, that's simple
Goodness, it's hot today.
Very hot.
I'm sweaty already.
"Well, I'm not hot in the least."
"Of course not. You don't have the
body or the brains to feel the 
"""Oh, you're so cold, milady. But
that's what makes you!"""
"Once the festival is over, why
don't all of you come to our
"Oh, that's a good idea. It would
be so refreshing!"
"But it seems that isn't all, yes?
Today's bath salts are--"
"The Fragrance of 10,000 Roses!"
Yay! Pretty flower scents!
Ooh, that sounds very relaxing.
Yes. I would love to go.
I can hardly wait!
"That is, if Mama hasn't messed
it up. Again."
"Argh! Sometimes Porco and Dylas
drive me crazy!"
What's wrong?
"They're both so messy! They
don't even clean the hall in 
front of their rooms."
"Well, it's not a place a customer
would see. But it should still
be clean!"
"Bado is the one who drives me
the craziest."
"I wish he'd do something about
that lazy, good-for-nothing
attitude of his."
"Oh, but I think Doug is worse!
The other day I caught him asleep
while at work. Again. "
"Oh dear. Sleeping on the job is
"There's someone who drives me
batty as well."
"Oh? Is it Jones? Maybe Nancy?"
No, of course it's not those two.
"No? Who else could it be?"
"Ellie's completely hopeless, so
don't worry about her one bit! ♪"
"Amber, the words that come out
of your mouth sometimes..."
"You know, if we're going to have
all these festivals, I'd like a
Music Festival someday."
What would we do?
"Everyone would practice with
their favorite instrument, and
then we could have a recital!"
That sounds like fun.
"Hmm. What about a martial arts
And what would we do for that?
"Everyone could test their combat
skills and check the fruits of
their training!"
"A flower festival would be really
What would we do for that one?
"We could all watch the pretty
flowers! And then give them
some water!"
"That sounds lovely. Let's
do that sometime."
You really want to do that?
"How about a Dolly Festival?"
"Aww. So fast!"
Happy New Year, everyone.
Yes. Happy New Year.
Happy New Year!
May everyone's New Year be happy.
"Hap-py New Yeeeear!
Hap-py New Yeeeear!"
Happy New Year.
"""Oh, milady! Any year with you is
a happy year."""
I didn't mean it for you.
"""And like every year, you are
cold from the very beginning."""
Ah ha ha ha!
"Hee hee! Those two get along so
"Come on, Forte. Let's go swimming
"Erm...thanks, but, um, I'd rather
just watch."
Wait. What? Don't tell me--
N-no! It's not that I can't swim!
"I, erm, I've learned. I just...
I'm not that confident yet."
We didn't say anything.
"""Spilled the truth of the matter
herself, didn't she?"""
"I-I'm just worried that...that my
sword might rust! That's it!"
"Why would you carry your sword
into the water?"
"Come on, everyone. Let's carry
her into the water! ♪"
Ooh! I'll help! I'll help!
N-no! You don't have to do that!
"Here, everyone. Have some nice,
hot tea."
"Oh, it smells lovely! Thank you,
Mm! Looks yummy! ♪
And here's yours, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Ow! That's hot.
"Oh dear! I'm sorry. Are you
"Yes, I'm fine. A little burn on
the tongue is nothing to a
So why the tears?
"""Milady, milady! Let me blow on
it for you."""
"Whew! I wrote a lot of music this
And I slept a lot!
I trained hard all year.
"And I broke more plates than
"""Dolly, your year was wonderfully
filled with me! Right? Right?!"""
Get away from me.
"Hmmm...I had a full year, too,
but I don't know of what."
Oh well. Don't worry about it.
How was your year, @しゅじんこうくん@?
Full of farming.
Full of adventures.
Full of love...I guess.
Ooh, it was, wasn't it? ♪
"Yeah. Working the land suits you
"Yep! You were always covered in
"Don't you think that's neat too,
It doesn't sound bad.
"""@しゅじんこうくん@ should just
go and marry that field already."""
"And I'll be counting on you
again next year, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"Strengthening the mind and body
through training is a good thing."
"Hmm? @しゅじんこうくん@ does
seem meatier now, yes."
Really? ...*STAAARE*...
See? Here...and here...
"""Milady is wonderful here and
here, too!"""
Ooh, and look there! ♪
I see! I see!
"Um...can you all stop now?
Please? This is embarrassing."
Oh my goodness!
"Tee hee! Everyone looks like
they're having lots of fun! ♪"
"Well, you can't have my Dolly!"
"Stop clinging! I can barely
hear what they're saying."
I wonder why fireflies glow.
Isn't it some type of protection?
How would light protect them?
"Well, it might be strange enough
to scare off enemies."
"Hmm. Maybe I should find a
glowing sheen of some sort to
put on my blade."
But they fly into lights too.
Oh, that's right.
"I heard once that is it a way for
them to find love. "
Right, no glowing sheen, then!"
Why not?
"""Milady is always a bright,
shining light in my eyes."""
"Oh? Well, you'd best stay away,
then. Wouldn't want you to head
toward ""the light"" now, would we?"
"Hee hee! Aren't they such
wonderful friends?"
"Everyone will be giving presents
today, yes? Who to?"
To my brother.
I'm giving something to Porco.
"I have something for Vishnal and
Mr. Volkanon."
"Ooh! Ooh! I'm going to give a
present to Ellie! ♪"
"""You of course have a present for
me, right, milady?"""
"Well, I was going to give you
something...if you'd stayed
quiet. But too late now."
"No! Have I been foiled?!"
"Hmph. Everyone is giving safe
"Will you be giving today,
You bet!
Really? Ooh, to whom?
"Be honest, now. Lying won't get
you anywhere."
"Come on, everyone. We mustn't
press too hard...though I am
curious as well. Ahem."
"Oh, really? That sounds fishy
to me."
No need to be shy, now.
"Erm, do you honestly have no
"If you're too embarrassed, you
can just whisper it to me."
"Hey, guys? Who do you think will
get the most?"
Mama, no doubt.
Not Ellie?
"Well, if we're going to guess 
who, at least stick to our group."
Among us, it's Forte!
"Ooh, you're secretly popular,
N-no! I am no such thing!
"""Milady will get the most. Of
this I have no doubt."""
"""But I will swat down any clingy
leeches who dare slither too
"I look forward to you swatting
yourself plenty, then."
Hmmm... Meg might get a lot.
Me? Oh, no! I doubt that.
Who do you think, @しゅじんこうくん@?
Xiao Pai.
Hmm? You think I will?
"Thank you! I don't really think
so myself, but I'm happy you do."
Wha?! M-me?! Erm... I...
Ahem. Thank you.
Ah ha ha... Erm... I... Ha ha...
Heehee, Margaret has a cute reaction. 
I see.
"It was unexpected, but it was
also nice to hear. Thanks! ♪"
Calm down, now.
Hmm? Me?
Oh, isn't that nice, Amber?
"Um...yeah. Tee hee! Thanks,
"""Ding ding! That is the correct
No it's not, you ding dong.
"""Then why are you blushing,
Not another word! ...Hmph.
"""Ah, for that cute pink tinge do
I dare to tease. Be still, my
jealous heart!"""
"""How positively sinful of you,
"Quiet! Silence! Begone, you
idiotic ghost!"
"Has everyone heard the legend
behind this festival?"
"Isn't it that you will have your
wish granted if you wish on the
highest star in the sky?"
"Really? We can just fly off the
tower to find the highest one,
"You're the only one who can fly,
"There's another legend that says
making a wish with someone will 
form an eternal bond, yes?"
"""Dolly! Milady! Let's go right
"How about I wish to be alone for
"Those two are the same as ever,
I see."
"While it's very romantic, all
this talk about heights gives
me the shivers."
"Oh, yes, you were never fond of
heights, were you, Meg? Would
you like me to stand by you?"
"Oh, dear. And what if the two of
you made a wish together then?"
They'd be bound, I guess...?
"Ah ha ha! That wouldn't be so 
bad. Forte is quite the dashing 
prince of a knight, after all."
"Was that meant to be a 
"The judges for this festival must
taste all the dishes to judge
them, right?"
Of course.
Forte, will you be okay?
What's that supposed to mean?
I hope no one gets hurt.
Oh, no! Do people get hurt?
"Well, not really hurt, per se.
But they're not unscathed."
And what's that supposed to mean?
"""Death by food is no laughing
"Though hearing it from you is
kind of funny."
"Forte, you are a master at
forging things, yes?"
"I wouldn't say I'm a master, no.
I leave most of the difficult
parts to Bado."
What about you, Clorica?
"Oh, I'm terrible at it. Are you
any good, Meg?"
"Not at forging big, clunky items.
But I'm pretty good at making
accessories, I think."
"After this much time, my fingers
are quite dexterous, you see."
"Ooh, neat! I wish I were good
with my fingers too."
"Would you like to practice making
accessories with me sometime?"
"Yaaay! I wanna make something
that will start a case Ellie can
Let's not and say we did.
"""You're quite dexterous yourself,
right, milady?"""
"""You're always knitting clothes
and lovely accessories for me."""
I'm not really doing it for you.
"It's never easy between you two,
is it?"
"Hey, what kind of monsters do you
guys like best?"
I like the cute ones.
...Me too.
Really? How odd.
"I thought you'd be the one to
like strong monsters, yes?"
"...I'm well aware cute ones don't
suit me."
I like the pretty flower ones! ♪
I do too!
What about you, Dolce?
"Well, it's not that I like them,
Ghost monsters seem to like me.
"Aren't you going swimming,
"Hmph. I'm no kid. Why should I
romp around like one?"
Well, you are wearing a swimsuit.
"N-not for that dumb a reason!
See, I, uh..."
I'm wearing a swimsuit!
I noticed that.
Can you swim, @ディラス@?
Of course.
Okay then.
Teach me how to swim.
Who's faster, you or @ダグ@?
What, can't you swim? Ha ha!
Oops! You laughed.
Get lost!
Of course I'm faster!
"Oh? How can we know for sure if
you don't show us?"
DOUG! I challenge you to a duel!
"Hi, @ディラス@. What are you
What does it matter?
What, don't tell me you're--
Scouting girls in bikinis?
Oh, you really are just bored.
So I am. So what?!
"C'mon. I'm going swimming, and
you're coming with."
WHA?! Am not!
Oh, really?
"Ugh, what kind of guy do you take
me for?"
Summer's coming.
"Are you going to come enjoy
the beach opening?"
Not interested in the least."
"Fall's coming. It's a good season
for fishing."
Winter's coming.
Ice fishing is kinda fun, y'know.
The year's almost over.
"Time for some new year
cleaning, I guess."
Tomorrow's Margaret's birthday.
She's helped me out, I guess.

Dylas Birthday

Today's my birthday, y'know.
"Porcoline and Margaret are throwing
a party for me."
"That reminds me. There was a
present left at the cafe. I
wonder who it's from?"
Tomorrow's Porcoline's birthday.
"I'll cook up a mountain of food
for him. It'll be fun."
Tomorrow's Doug's birthday.
N-not that I care.
...I don't!
I didn't say anything.
Dammit, why was I there?
"I can't remember a thing. Oh
well. It's best I concentrate on
what's in front of me now."
What do you want?
Huh? Oh, uh...
"If you don't want anything, don't
bug me. I don't have time for
I'm fine.
Hmm. I might've overdone it.
Ngh...Is this it...?
See ya.
"...I wouldn't mind hanging out a
little longer."
I mean--never mind. See ya.
Oh, look at the time.
"Sorry, but I've got prep work to
get done for tomorrow. Later."
"@ディラス@, do you want to
go somewhere together?"
What, now?
Sorry, now's a bad time.
Maybe next time.
Ask someone else.
"...I guess a little while won't
"You've already got someone with
"Sure. I was just thinking the
same thing."
Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Wanna go somewhere together?
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@, let's
go somewhere--"
"Wait, never mind. You've already
got someone with you. Maybe
next time."
Great. Let's go, then.
Quit it! That's not funny!
...I need time to think.
"Come to @マップ0@ at @0@
hundred hours tomorrow."
I'll give you an answer then.
See ya.
"Come to @マップ0@ at @0@
hundred hours tomorrow."
I'll give you an answer then.
"Come to @マップ0@ at @0@
hundred hours."
I'll give you an answer then.
Can I hear your answer?
I wanna ask you something first.
You know I'm a bad talker, right?
I know.
Didn't you know? Sheesh...
"I'm not all that smart, either.
I act before I think."
I know.
Yeah, I do.
So, uh...
See, I, um...
ARGH! Heck with it!
"I'm only going to say this once,
so listen up!"
I you!
I know.
"I'm the one who wants YOU to
go out with ME! Got a problem
with that?!"
So I've got one question for you.
"If you don't mind a dumbass like
me, will you...go out with me?"
You will?
"Dammit. This is hard on a guy's
heart, y'know."
"So, uh...I'm looking forward to
this, @しゅじんこうくん@."
You're right.
"It's better that way. 
"Oh. @しゅじんこうくん@, what do
you want me to call you, now?"
"Should I call you what I
always have?"
Just like always is fine.
Yeah, that's best.
"So I'll call you what I usually
do, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Hey, are you serious?
You don't like it?
"Okay, okay!
@しゅじんこうくん@, it is!"
"Whatever. I don't even wanna
think about it."
"If calling you @しゅじんこうくん@
makes you happy, fine."
Are you serious?
You don't like it?
Okay, okay!
"We'll use that.
"@しゅじんこうくん@?" Not bad.
"We'll use that.
What, are you kidding?
You don't like it?
"Okay, okay!
@しゅじんこうくん@, it is!"
So what do you want to call me?
Just like always is fine.
"Yeah, let's do that. No need to
complicate things."
What?! Are you serious?!
Yep! @ディラス@. ♪
You don't like it?
...Whatever! Fine!
That's not so bad.
Let's go with that.
"Hmm...I guess that isn't so bad.
Let's go with that."
What the heck?!
"Only if you swear you'll never 
use that in front of others! 
"Okay, then. I'm looking forward
to this, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Me too, @ディラス@.
"Hey! Come up with a better joke
next time, okay?!"
He didn't get it.
Me, too.
"...Wait, what the heck are you
making me say?!"
"You're married already. You
shouldn't do stuff like this."
Ah. I see.
"Well, I don't exactly hate you,
Marry me.
I need you.
Here's a ring for you!
"...Good. I was getting kinda
worried, to be honest."
"I couldn't tell how much you
actually cared for me."
"But now there's nothing for me
to worry about at all."
I'll make you happy, I swear.
Thank you...


"What the hell is this?! Come up
with a better prank next time!"
"Oh, thanks. How many of these
things are you going to give me?"
"What the hell is this for? Are
you trying to pick a fight with
I +hate+ these.
"If you're going to give me
something, at least make it
@アイテム0@, okay?"
"If you're going to give me
something, at least make it
+sashimi+, okay?"
"I was hoping for a +rarer+ fish
than this."
"@アイテム9@, for me? Hmm.
Thanks, I guess."
@アイテム9@? ...Thanks.
"@アイテム9@, for me? Hmm.
I don't mind it."
@アイテム9@? ...Thanks.
"If you're giving me @アイテム0@,
you could bring more and I--
Never mind."
"Now, if I had some @アイテム0@...
Never mind."
"Now, if I had some +sashimi+...
Never mind."
I think I'll go +fishing+.
@アイテム0@, for me?
Thanks. I +like+ this stuff.
For me?
"I +like+ this kind of thing.
How'd you guess what I +like+?
What, you're giving this to me?
"Oh, I +like+ this stuff.
What, @アイテム0@?
"Oh, well, I +don't hate+ it,
so I guess I'll take it."
What, did you catch this?
"Not bad. Show me what you can do
Dylas Gifts
Oooh! Sashimi!
Whoa, I can have this? Cool!
Thanks. I +love+ this stuff.
Wait, this is--!
And it's for me?
Thanks. I +love+ this stuff.
"Wow, that looks pretty good.
Are you sure it's for me?"
"Thanks. This stuff is my
Oh, hey! @アイテム0@.
Thanks. I +love+ this.
"I-I mean the @アイテム0@! Just
the @アイテム0@!"
Wait, you're giving this to me?
Thanks. I +love+ this stuff.
Wow. You caught this?
"Not bad! You're pretty good at
"Maybe we could go fishing
together some time. I'd like
to see your technique."
Wait, you caught this?
"That's pretty surprising. You're
good at this."
Give me some tips sometime.
"Now that's a rare fish. Did you
catch it?"
"Take me along next time you go
fishing, okay?"
"Ooh, that's some tasty-looking
What, I can have it? Thanks!
"Whoa! Sashimi from that rare a
"Wow, you've got to be good at
both fishing and cooking!"
"Now that's some tasty-looking
"Thanks. I'll take my time and
enjoy it later."

What the heck is this?
"Well, if you're handing it out,
I guess I'll have some."
Dammit...! L-leave me alone!
"Oh? It's my birthday, so you give
me something I +hate+, huh?"
"Wait, did you know that today's
my birthday?"
"Wait, a +birthday present+ for
"And it's even something I
+like+! That's gre--AHEM.
It's not bad."
Dylas Birthday
@アイテム0@ for me?
"I never thought someone would
give me this for my birthday.
I +love+ it."
And it's handmade, too. Thanks.
...Wow! This is handmade.
...Wow! This is handmade.
I wish I knew how to thank you.

You made this?
Thanks. I appreciate it.
"And handmade, too. You're pretty
"And handmade, too. Man, you're
really something."
"Hey, uh...thanks. For everything.
So um, here. A thank-you gift."
"Hey, do you remember what today
"You did remember. Today's our
+wedding anniversary+."
...Our +wedding anniversary+.
Oh yeah!
"I'm glad I met you. Really glad.
I, um..."
I love you.
Did I do something wrong?
"I heard a rumor and it's got me
a little, uh, concerned."
...Y'know, never mind.
"Just remember that I only have
eyes for you."
I hope you feel the same for me.
That's all.
Today's your +birthday+, right?
A present for me?
"You've got it now, so get lost
already! Scram!"
Uh, here. This is for you.
A present for me?
"...Whatever. I just happened to
think of it, is all."
"Why don't you just admit the
truth already?"
You don't look so good.
Drink this. It'll help.
"Get yourself to the Doc. Go on!

"Here. Lunch. I made @アイテム0@
for you."
"I made @アイテム0@ today.
Take it with you."

"How does @アイテム0@ sound for
today's lunch? Eat every bite,
got it?"
"Here, have this for lunch. I made
@アイテム0@ for you."
"I made @アイテム0@. Have some
for lunch if you're hungry."

Dylas Food – Additional (Added after one of the above texts)
See ya. Take care.
Let's work hard today.
"Don't get hurt, okay? And do
your best."
"Come home early, would you? I'd
like to see you."

"If you're headed out, take care.
Come get me if you need anything."
Need anything else?
Need anything else?
"Medicine Bread? That'll be
@0@ Gold."
"Cooking Bread? That'll be
@0@ Gold."
"Weapon Bread? That'll be
@0@ Gold."
"Accessory Bread? That'll be
@0@ Gold."
"Farming Bread? That'll be
@0@ Gold."
"Hmm. This one +turned out well+.
That's good."
This one +turned out well+.
"If you want Recipe Bread, we have
@0@ left."
We still have @0@ left.
"There's @0@ left yet.
Do you want any of them?"
"...Hold on. You don't have enough
"Sorry. Looks like we're out for
the day."
Thanks for shopping.
Do you like fishing?
"Your Fishing Skill is almost
Your Fishing Skill went up.
...I'd better catch up.
"Wait, when did your Fishing Skill
get that high?!"
Teach me how to do it.
"Now that's an impressive Fishing
"Sheesh. At this rate, I'll never
catch up."
"Here. I had leftovers, so you can
have some."
Fishing is best in quiet places.
"You have to concentrate. Think
only of the fish."
Your Fishing Skill went up!
"Oh yeah. I just remembered a neat
recipe. Here, I'll teach it to
"Y'know, maybe someday even
you and I could have kids..."
"Oh--was that too soon?
I can't believe I said that."
"H-hey, have you...ever thought
about having kids?"
Isn't this nice? Just us?
I'm glad we're on the same page.
"True. If that's what you want, we
can enjoy our time together a
little longer."
"Is--is this really happening?
I'm not dreaming, right?"
"We're going to have a kid. I
never thought I'd be this excited
about something."
"I swear I'll protect you both, no
matter what."
"Say, do you think we'll
have a boy or a girl?"
A boy?
"Ha ha! We can make sure to raise
him to be nice, unlike me."
"I think you're very nice,
"Don't go saying mushy stuff like
that! It's embarrassing!"
A girl?
"Yeah. I'm sure she'll grow into 
a lovely woman, and an even 
lovelier bride. ...A bride..."
"Wait, why am I angry all of a
You're right.
"Well, I think our kids will
look cute no matter what. ♪"
"All right, time to go tell
the guys about this!"
"Ah! I-I'm not gonna brag about
it or anything! I, uh, I'm just
gonna, y'know, let them know!"
Today's @子供ちゃん@'s birthday.
"We're making a cake, right?
Then there's flowers to buy,
presents to get..."
"Hmm. I see you've got some
"How about @1@ Gold for
@0@ @アイテム0@?"
Hmm. Okay, how about @1@?
Ah. Oh well.
Good. I'll take it.
"Y'know, I don't think I need
anything right now."
Hmm... What to do...
What else you got?
"You've got some good stuff. I'll
come again later."
"Hey, uh, good luck. Hope sales
stay good for you."
"I'm really glad that I get to
live in the same world as you."
I don't know what I'm saying."
So, uh, anyway... Thanks.
"I'm proud that I had a chance to
fall for someone as good as you."
"...That's, uh, all I wanted to
say. Later."
"You get along with your partner
so well."
"...What, am I butting my nose in
where it doesn't belong?"
We should talk more often.
"Hey. It's been a while since
I last saw you."
"I've managed to start feeling
That's your fault.
Though it's not such a bad thing.
I just don't need the "sad" part.


"So I won, eh? I-it's not a
big deal!"
"What's the big deal about a new
year? It's just another day
"It's nothing special. That, or
every day is equally special."
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I don't mind exercise. I guess
I'll play along."
Aren't there any bigger beans?
"Getting hit by these won't hurt a
That's the point.
"What're you gonna do with your
beans? Porcoline was looking for
all he could gather up."
"Looks like there'll be plenty to
eat tomorrow."
"Ugh. Who came up with this
"Sheesh, what a pain. I guess I'll
just go along with whatever."
Wait, was that---
"It'll be a while before I'm
hungry again."
"Tomorrow is, what, the Wooly
Sounds like it could be fun.
"Okay, time to go out there and
beat Doug!"
That was some good exercise."
"This festival is kinda fun. I'm
looking forward to it next year."
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I don't mind exercise, but I'm
not real good with little fiddly
"Hmm? Wait, the targets are bigger
than I expected. This might be
more fun than I thought."
Whew. I worked up a good sweat.
"Tomorrow is what, again?
The @カレンダー0@?"
"Heh heh heh! You-know-who is in
for it."
"I'm gonna have one target and
one target only!"
Aren't you the bloodthirsty one?
It's cold.
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"Y'know, I'm not real good at
thinking stuff all the way
"My bet is on Arthur or Kiel
winning this one."
"Porcoline looked like he was
having a blast."
"I'd better go give my pets a good
brushing soon."
"My pets are in peak condition.
This is one I won't lose."
"I think I'll cook up something
extra special for them today."
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I'm +really good+ at this type
of festival. There's no way I'll
"At this time of day, they'll be
biting over there. I just have
to remember this for bait."
...Wow. He's serious.
How many have you caught?
Curious, hmm?
99,999 so far.
"Well, don't you sound confident?
Just you watch, I'll beat you
That many?!
What, you actually believed me?
"Crap! I didn't expect there to
be anyone else good at fishing!"
"Heh heh heh! Do you see now
how good I am?"
Wow. He sure is proud of himself.
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I'm +really good+ at this type
of festival. There's no way I'll
lose to you."
"Now, which pole is better for
catching big fish? This one?
Nah, I'll go with this one."
"How's it going? Catch anything
Curious, hmm?
Just a 99,999 cm one.
N-no! I'm not curious! Hmph!
What, seriously?!
"No, not seriously. How could
you believe that?"
"Dammit, I almost caught one that
was gonna be huge."
Whew. I managed to win after all.
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I'm +really good+ at this type
of festival. It's in the bag."
"C'mon, let's get started already!
I'm itchin' for some fishin'!"
"I think I'll take this lure.
No, better take this one instead."
Dammit, I lost.
"Being the gracious winner I am,
let me give you some fishing
"Squid are tastiest when they're
fresh out of the water."
Not much of a "fishing" tip.
"I've got everything ready for
tomorrow. Maybe I should go
ahead and start setting up."
Nah. That wouldn't be fair.
"Time to drive off that
pea-brained dwarf."
"I think it's time I shifted to
the next spot. Maybe that one?"
"Dammit! I lost. I'll win next
time, though!"
"Ha ha ha! There isn't anyone in
this town who can beat me at
Oh, quit acting so childish.
Tomorrow's the @カレンダー0@?
"Not interested. Maybe I'll just
nap instead."
Time to go get Porcoline.
"With all those tasty veggies
around, he might lose control."
That was actually pretty fun.
"I don't really mind this kind of
The @カレンダー0@, eh?
"Can't say I'm interested in a
festival with no physical
"Wait, Doug is competing?
I guess I'll just have to
go win it instead."
"All of those veggies looked
great for cooking."
"I'll have to keep Porcoline under
control tomorrow."
"Y'know, maybe I should just let
him run loose."
"Maybe I should just let Porcoline
"I had my hands full just keeping
Porcoline under control."
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I'm better at cooking them than
raising them."
"Everyone has some pretty tasty-
looking veggies."
"That one would probably be best
cooked this way. And that one
would be better like..."
"I have an idea. How about we cook
the winning veggies and make a
feast for everyone?"
I'll whip up my best recipe.
@カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I-it's not like I'm looking
forward to it or anything!"
It's just Doug is.... Well...
I didn't say anything.
Better stretch first.
You look excited.
Yeah, that's important.
N-no way! Get lost!
You bet.
"Tomorrow's the end of the year.
Guess I should clean up a little."
"Just because the year's ending
doesn't mean anything's changing."
"Though I guess it's a good time
to look back on things."
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"Hmph. What's so fun about
watching a bunch of bugs?"
"Are you gonna go watch the
fireflies with someone?"
"I mean, watching them alone has
gotta be dull. You could, uh,
watch them with me."
"Cool. This festival might not be
so bad after all."
"N-not that I'm looking forward
to it or anything! Hmph!"
Um, I didn't say anything.
Oh--Right. Never mind, then.
"There's other people who wanna
watch them, right? Why don't
you go with one of them?"
"This is gonna be boring waiting
for nightfall."
"Maybe I'll go help Porcoline to
pass the time."
"Watching fireflies, eh? It's not
that bad if you're with someone."
"Well that wasn't a total waste
of time. Time to get some sleep."
"Hey, the @カレンダー0@ is
tomorrow. Let's go watch them
That sounds like a great idea.
"If I'm with you, I'll have
a great ti--"
AHEM! It's nothing!
"You don't need to keep biting
back your words like that,
"So this is what it's like to
have fun with someone."
"I've had some wonderful memories
"...Hmm? People have been really
antsy lately."
Is something happening tomorrow?
"Today's special, right? Porcoline's
been real calm about it...For Porcoline."
Hmm? Is this for me?
As a friend, yeah.
You're a special friend.
You mean a lot to me.
I-I knew that!
A special...huh?
"Can't say I understand, but
it looks well-made. I guess
I'll take it."
"W-wait, what?! You can't be
What the heck are you getting at?
It's just a joke.
I mean it.
I had some left over.
Sheesh! Don't shock me like that.
Oh, I see.
"...Wait. What do you mean,
""left over?"""
...Pretty good.
Dylas - Fall 24
"I hear @カレンダー0@ is
tomorrow. Not that it's got
anything to do with me."
Dylas - Fall 25
"What the heck is Porcoline going
to do with all of those?"

What, is this for me?
As a friend, yeah.
You're a special friend.
You mean a lot to me.
I-I knew that!
"Can't say I understand, but
it looks well-made. I guess
I'll take it."
"W-wait, what?! You can't be
What the heck are you getting at?
Hah! Don't you get it?
Think about it a minute.
I had some left over.
...No. Why would I?
Wait, what?!
"Oh, okay. It looks pretty well
made. Thanks."
"Porcoline told me to pass them
out to everyone."
Um, see ya?
"Here. Take this
As a friend?
Does this mean something?
You're so dense.
Wh-what does it matter, anyway?
"Hey. Do you have free time
...Yeah, I guess so.
No, it's nothing big.
"Come meet me at @マップ1@ at
@0@ hundred hours, then."
I have something to give you.
What did you want to give me?
Hold out your hand.
"Here. I made this
@アイテム0@ yesterday."
You made it just for me?
"Y-you don't have to tell me what
you think of it!"
"If you eat it, that's enough
for me."
@ディラス@, wait!
I'd love some more.
W-wait until next year!
"There's something I want to give
to you."
"Would you come to @マップ1@
Something for me?
Hmm. Tomorrow?
Yeah, I should have some time.
"Great. Come to @マップ1@ at
@0@ hundred hours, then."
...? Sure.
"@しゅじんこうくん@. What did
you want to give me?"
Please accept it!
I had leftovers.
"You want me to have this? Are you
Of course!
...Thanks. I'll enjoy every bite.
See ya.
"Hey! If that's all it is, don't
drag me all the way out here!"
"Hmph. Now I feel stupid for
getting my hopes up."
"I-I don't need to hear what you
think about it or anything! Just
eat it!"
It was delicious.
Maybe next time.
I said don't tell me!"
That's why I didn't want to know.
@カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I wonder if what people are saying
about making wishes tomorrow is
really true. "
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@? About
"Would you want to go make a wish
on the stars with me? Only if
you want."
Really? Great!
Wishes, eh? I only have one.
"The sky looks really nice. I like
nights like these."
"I guess this festival isn't half
"Hey, the @カレンダー0@ is
tomorrow. Why don't we go see
the stars together?"
"Wanna go up to the observatory
with me? If you don't mind, that
That's a great idea. Let's do it.
"I've had some more unforgettable
memories tonight."
"Bado definitely has the advantage
in tomorrow's festival."
"What about Doug, though? He's a
dwarf, just like Bado."
I hear Margaret's good with crafting.
"Guess that's not a surprise. She
is an elf, after all."
Forging stuff is pretty fun.
"Though I still like fishing
"Kiel and Porcoline are the two
front-runners in tomorrow's
...And me, too.
"I haven't been working with Porcoline
this whole time for nothing."
"I'll show everyone just how
much I've learned."
Oh my gosh, what's wrong?!
"I-I tasted Forte's cooking!
"Oh...! I see a beautiful river,
and someone on the far side
beckoning me...beckoning..."
@ディラス@, hang in there!
"Do you want to go somewhere
together tomorrow?"
"Sorry. Tomorrow's not good for
Sure. Let's go.
"Let's meet up at @マップ1@
at @0@ hundred hours."
Don't be late.
"Do you want to come hang out in
my room?"
Huh? Why the big shock?
Stay at home, eh?
"I guess it's not so bad to hang
out at home with you for the day."
"Do you want to go to
Yeah. Sounds good.
How about...
"How about we hang out in your
...That was easy.
"Let's relax at home today. That'd
be nice."
Yeah, let's do that.
How about @マップ0@?
Sure. @マップ0@ it is.
"I already have plans for that
time, so I probably shouldn't
invite another person."
Hold hands.
Do nothing.
S-sorry. Would you rather not?
It's fine. C'mon, let's go.
Why are you staring at me?
...This is hard.
What's wrong?
Am I, uh, walking too fast?
Sorry. I'm not used to this.
"If I'm walking too fast, just
let me know, okay?"
Link arms.
Do nothing.
C'mon, let's go.
Sure. I'll go anywhere you want.
Why are you staring at me?
Don't get lost, okay?
I won't.
And no wandering off.
You'd better not, yourself.
I won't. Not ever.
Today was fun.
Let's... do it again sometime.
"Did you forget you were
meeting me today?"
I waited for you.
"Um...sorry. I shouldn't have
gotten so mad over this."
Forget about it, okay?
"I don't want things between us
I never knew you were like that.
"Did you forget you were
meeting me today?"
I, um...
Sorry, but please leave me alone.
"Did you forget you were meeting
me today?"
I never knew you were like that.
"We'll meet up at @マップ0@
at @0@ hundred hours tomorrow."
Don't forget.
"We'll meet up at @マップ0@
at @0@ hundred hours today."
Don't forget.
You made it.
"What's wrong? You look a little
pink in the cheeks."
You made it.
Wait, was that a sigh of relief?
Ugh, I'm tired...
Oh? Couldn't sleep?
Th-that's not it!
It's about time you got here.
I thought you weren't coming.
...You're late.
No big deal. You're busy and all.
You're early.
You're earlier.
"I guess I got here a little
We both did.
What, you're here already?
You're pretty early yourself.
...I had nothing better to do.
"C'mon, let's go. We're headed
for @マップ0@."
"Uh, @しゅじんこうくん@? Why do you have
someone with you?"
I came to chat.
Recipe Bread please.
Dishes please.
Nothing for now.
Cooking Bread @数字0@G.
Weapon Bread @数字1@G.
Accessory Bread @数字2@G.
Farming Bread @数字3@G.
Medicine Bread @数字4@G.
Nothing for now.
Are you okay?
Stand back a little.
Stay close.
Hold still.
Let's split up here.
General Store
Flower Shop
My Room
Call to the Castle.
Let's go on an adventure!
Let's go on a date.
I love you!
It's nothing.
"Hmm...they look mad right now.
I should leave them be."
I really love you!
Just kidding.
By the way...
Hey, um...
"Hmm... I was meeting someone
at @0@ hundred hours in
@マップ0@, right?"
"Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
Maybe I can ask someone out
on a special date."
" what I'd love to say,
but I already promised to meet
someone, so I can't."
"We may be married, but we can
still enjoy ourselves by going
on dates."
I don't have a Double Bed yet."
Now isn't the time for that.
I wonder what that is?
"If I want to propose to someone,
I should probably figure this out
"I think @ビシュナル@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
A little more!
Don't sell.
"I have lots of handy items for
sale! Please come have a look!"
Welcome! ♪
Please take your time. ♪

Normal Dialog

What do you want?
Um, err, nothing...
Then don't talk to me.
What do you want from me?
Um, nothing...
I was just hoping to talk to you.
There's nothing to talk about.
"@しゅじんこうくん@, why do you even
bother talking to him?"
"Can't you leave me alone? What
do you want this time?"
What's your favorite food?
What foods don't you like?
When's your birthday?
What's your type?
Who cares?
Why do I have to tell you?
The hell kinda question is that?!
"What do you want? You enjoy
talking to me or something?"
Not at all.
"I want to know more about you...
Is that so strange?"'re a weirdo.
"...That's what I thought. Now
go away."
You're so cheery.
...Oh, am I?
"...Yeah. You're totally different
from me."
"How is it you can always talk to
a crotchety guy like me without
the slightest hesitation?"
"Well...that's a hard question to
Don't you...feel embarrassed?
"...Have you just been shy, this
whole time?"
Sh-shut up! And go away!
Did me shy...?
GAH! Don't be stupid! Dammit!
(It's bothering him...)
Do you want to go eat somewhere?
"...Wait, why do I have to go
with you?!"
Hmm...smiling, huh?
"That's a pretty creepy look you've
got right now!"
Wha?! Don't look at me!!
"...I might go visit Doug
Huh? Are you two close now?
"Urk! Wh-wh-why would you think
Um, see...
...NO. You're wrong!
About what?
The other day...
"The other day...
...Um...never mind."
Trying to make me angry?
You're making me angry.
"I'll forgive you if you tell me
what you were going to say."
"The other day...I found this
...You can have it.
Huh? Are you sure?
Yeah. I just...found it.
Thank you!
...!'re welcome.'re welcome.
You're a weirdo...y'know.
Am I?
"You always come talk to me,
for some reason."
"Is there something you wanted to
ask me?"
Hmm? Well...
What's your favorite food?
What's your type?
"I guess I like +milk+ and
+Carrots+? You're like a horse.
D-don't call me a horse!
"Oh yeah, weren't you a horse when
you were a monster?"
Dammit...go away!
...Shut up.
"Can I ask you more questions,
Go ahead.
All right, then...
What foods don't you like?
When's your birthday?
What's your type?
"I don't particularly like
"Oh yeah? How about a sweet
"If it's naturally sweet...wait a
minute. You're trying to make me
into a horse again, aren't you?"
Hee hee, sorry.
It's Day @0@ of +@キャラ0@+.
"All right. I'll be sure to
remember that."
You'll remember it?
"Huh? Of course I will. We're
"...That's...none of your
"Let me ask you a question this
"What's your favorite thing in
the world?"
Oh yeah?
...I should practice cooking.
I see. So do I.
"...I guess this is how you get to
know others."
...Wait, WHAT?!
"How do you like being a waiter
at the restaurant?"
It's a tough job.
It takes a whole lot of skill...
" quickly serve Porcoline's
dishes before he eats them all
"Heh heh heh...bring it on,
"That's...not the usual experience
of being a waiter, I would
"Doesn't speak well of the
restaurant, now, does it?"
Do you like fishing?
It's nice, isn't it?
"A one-on-one battle with the
fish, in a quiet environment."
"That unique atmosphere, where
you have to stay completely
focused on the task at hand..."
"(@ディラス@ is being...
You're missing out, you know.
I am?

This town has a great airship.
"...Though I don't care much for
the figurehead..."
That bastard...
"Did something happen between you
and @ダグ@ again?"
"We just don't get along, always
ending up at odds with one
Like a lover's quarrel...
So in other words...
"They say the more you love, the
more you fight."
"...the horse and the rider
don't get along?"
"...You're trying to piss me off,
aren't you?"
"Porcoline has accepted all sorts
of people into his home."
Me, Arthur, Margaret...
"He must be quite a man to do
all that."
Perhaps so.
"It's not bad getting to know
"I'd never thought I'd be so
interested in others."
I'm glad to hear that.
"There are more things I want
to know about you."
"So...will you continue to be my
Of course.
Thanks. That makes me happy.
I-is that a no...?
I was just messing with you.
Dammit, don't make fun of me!
"Hey, if you're about to go
somewhere dangerous, take me
with you, okay?"
"B-because, I might be able to
help you out, y'know?"
"What'll you do if something
happens when you're all alone?"
Okay, I will.
"Oh, my! What happened to your
Oh, this?
"Porcoline was trying to eat his
own food again instead of serving
it, so I had to grab it away."
"But it was so hot that I burned
myself a little."
Are you all right?
Don't worry, it's not a big deal.
But what's strange...
" that Porcoline was holding
the same dish with his bare hands
and it didn't burn him at all..."
Do you cook?
You do?
"I'd love to try your food
"Well, Porcoline's teaching me how
to cook."
"So I'll cook you something
sometime." you like scenic places?
I do.
Not really.
"...I found a place with great
scenery just outside of town."
If you'd like...w-w-well...
"...wh...why don't you...go there
"I caught a huge fish the other
day. It was about this big."
Wow, that's pretty big!
"I almost forgot how bonkers you
are about fishing."
"Yeah, I love fishing. I love
that quiet struggle..."
"Can't believe this town was nice
enough to welcome a sourpuss like
Yeah, no kidding! Hee hee...
"Especially Porcoline...I can't
thank him enough."
"I'm really glad that I came here.
I need to thank you, too."
You're welcome.
Why have you...kept talking to me?
I want us to be friends.
You've seemed bored.
I'm bored.
I like horses.
"I do you think we're
friends now?"
Of course.
"Yeah, well...back then, I was bored
with everything. I was bored with
life itself."
I guess you've saved me.
Really? That's it?
"I guess I was expecting something
a little more selfless..."
"H-hey! Stop calling me a horse,
S-so...I guess it's come to this.
But what should we talk about...?
The usual, I guess.
The usual, huh?
"Wait...why are YOU so calm?
This isn't fair..."
"You don't smile much, do you,
There's nothing to smile about.
Aren't I fun to be with?
Is it boring...being with me?
N-not at all!
"Sorry...I'm just bad at
expressing my feelings."
"But...thanks to you, life's
been a lot more fun every day."
"More fun than I ever remember
it being."
"So...don't look at me like
Hee hee. I knew that all along.
"H-hey! You tricked me, didn't
you?! You tricked me into saying
something sentimental!"
Whoa! Stop it!
I'm never going to smile for you.
Oh, but you just did!
Something's in your hair.
Don't move.
H-hey, what are you doing?!
"There's something in your hair.
Let me get it."
Y-you're so...close...!
Got it.
You're too vulnerable, you know.
"Wh-what the hell? What's going
...I'm just messing with you.
"You've become a lot more honest,
you know?"
...You think so?
"Like...saying embarrassing things
without hesitation..."
"What embarrassing things are you
talking about?!"
Well...for example...
"AHHH! Don't tell me! I don't
want to hear it!"
Why did you ask, then?
Um, @ディラス@?
Do you love me?
...Never mind.
...! ...! ...!
Well? Do you?
...I don't hate you.
Wrong answer!
It's nothing, really.
Wh...what is it? I want to know!
"You asked me if I loved you the
other day, didn't you?"
"Th-then... Wh-wh-what about
I love you.
I loathe you.
D-d-d-don't be stupid!
"How can you say that without
any hesitation?!"
You're the one who asked.
...Just kidding.
Huh? @ディラス@?
"Do you have...any concerns...
you know, about us?"
Not that I can think of.
A-are you really sure?!
Is something wrong...?
"Uh, no, never mind. Sorry for
being so nosy."
...You're not nosy. Thank you.
Time flies when I'm with you.
It does, doesn't it?
I think it goes slow.
This must be...a happy thing.
"Well...I guess it feels that way


"You know, you might not believe
me, but..."
I...actually do love you.
I could always feel it.
You lie!
...You know me too well...
"I-I'm not lying! Come on, you've
gotta believe me!"
"...I know. I was just messing
with you. Sorry."
You...always do that...
"No I don't. That's just your
imagination. ♪"
...That's a lie right there!
"The other day...Jones was
" important it is to
proclaim ""I love you"" out
...Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Hmm? What is it?
Uh...erm, y'know...
"I think the weather's great
today, ha ha ha!"
...Are you all right?
Um, @ディラス@?
What is it?
Choose. Me, or fishing.
"If you had to pick one, which
would it be?"
"(I need to give her a prompt
response, but it's already too
late for that, so...I have to...)"
"...Too late. Question expired.
Forget I asked."
"I-it's not like that, I swear!
I was just trying to think of how
to phrase my answer! Come on!"
...? ...Okay.
I love you more than fishing.
...Th-that's all.
"Wh-what is it?
(D-did I say something wrong
Thank you. ♪
...You're welcome...
"The other day, Arthur actually
sat down and ate with us."
Porcoline seemed so happy...
"That's nice.
(@ディラス@ also looks really
"The other day...Jones was
" important it is to
proclaim ""I love you"" out
...Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Hmm? What is it?
Uh...erm, y'know...
I love you!!
I couldn't hear you.
Right back atcha, babe.
Y-you don't have to cry...
"I've been feeling a lot
stronger lately."
Because you're cooking?
Is it the power of love?
"Yeah, maybe. I've been carrying
some pretty heavy packs of bulk
ingredients, after all."
"Seems to have buffed me up
a little."
Wha...could that be true?!
Are you okay?
"Well...I was just thinking about
the future..."
The future? Like what?
I-it's nothing.
Can I ask you something?
Am I the right person for you?
"Of course you are. Otherwise, I
wouldn't be here now."
"...Thanks. I feel the same way
about you."
"It's one of your petty worries,
isn't it?"
You're right...sorry.
"I'm pretty confident about my
"Porcoline's been teaching
me, y'know."
Let's cook together.
I'll leave it to you then!
That's my specialty, too.
That's not a bad idea.
"Sure. I bet you'll be shocked
by the quality of my food!"
The kitchen's mine.
"Wha...then...that's fine,
I guess."
I'll leave it to you.
"Even after we get married... know..."
"Why don't we...go on dates
together...from time to time?"
If you'll take me out.
You want to go somewhere now?
Th-that's awfully sudden...
"But...not a bad idea. Where would
you like to go?"
O...of course!
I-I'll take you anywhere.
What are you plotting, exactly?
N-nothing, really.
Thinking about fishing?
Thinking about carrots?
Thinking about me?
Just kidding.
Did I actually...guess right?
...S-so what if you did! Hmph!
You don't have to be so shy.
"I can't believe I actually did
Did what?
"I served Porcoline's food to
ten people yesterday."
"It's...a new record.
"...Will the restaurant be all
right with numbers like that?
(He's even clenching his fist...)"
Sometimes I wonder...
About what?
"Wh-whether or not I'm being...
a good husband."
Of course you are.
You're not bad.
You're a failure!
"There's no need to worry. I have
no complaints at all."
I'm glad to hear that...
"...Just so you know, I don't have
any concerns about you either."
(I should ask Jones for
Just kidding!
Um...@ディラス@? Hello?
"Call me if you ever need to go
out at night."
Are you worried about me?
I'll be okay.
Yeah. Of course I am.
Thank you.
"...Okay. Maybe I should mind my
own business."
"You love to cook, right,
"So do you want to be a chef
in the future?"
That's actually not a bad idea...
"But my goal for now is just to
deliver all the food to the
customers, where it belongs..."
"Ahaha...sounds like that won't
be too easy, though..."
"Porcoline and Arthur are really
"...and I used to imagine that
that's what it was like to have
a family."
"But in reality, it's much better
than I'd ever hoped for."
"You do get right to the point,
huh? Even after marriage..."
"Ngh...what can I do, though? I've
always been this way."
Don't laugh!
I can't just laugh on cue...
Who's laughing?!
H-huh? What's wrong?!
You're not laughing for me.
"L-like this? How is it? See,
I'm doing it!"
"...That looks incredibly
Well, forget it, then!
Hey, what's up?
...You're supposed to laugh.
"Oops...did that hurt...?
...Well, not really...
...So you were just pretending?
...Kind of.
"It's not much...but this is for
...@アイテム0@? But why?
"Bado taught me how to craft it.
I wanted to make you happy..."
"Have you been using the
@アイテム0@ I gave you?"
There's something in my eye...
Let me see.
*Stuff more gunk in there*
Look at me.
WHOA! A-are you stupid?!
"Don't suddenly come close like's embarrassing."
...You never change, do you?
I wonder who Doug will marry.
You concerned about him?
@ビシュナル@. Gotta be.
"Wh-who gives a damn about that
sad sack?!"
Hold on a moment.
"Now that we're this close, I feel
comfortable telling you..."
"...that I was so nervous when I
proposed. You have no idea."
"I'd never want to go through that
Say it again!
Thank you.
"""I love you more than anyone
Satisfied now? Huh?!
"...I'm the one who should thank

"I'm glad I got to know you,

"Why are you saying that all of
a sudden?"

Come closer.

>>>Scooch closer.
>>>Stand your ground.
What is it?
"I'm not scared of anything.
So I'll just say it."
I really love you.
And I you.
Then I'll go.
Then I'd run.
Wait! Why?!

"One day, @子供ちゃん@ will be
leaving the house..."
"Ngh...but I'll be all right.
I just hope that day doesn't
come too soon!"
"I guess at some point,
@子供ちゃん@ will hate me.
It's part of growing up."
"Hmph. When that day comes...
I'll proudly...proudly..."
"Porcoline's so in love with
Scarily so.
So are you.
"Well, @子供ちゃん@ is so
cute that it's perfectly
"May I teach @子供ちゃん@ how to
...Wait, what am I saying?
Good morning.
...Oh, it's just you.
You look good.
How are you?
Looking good today, too.
Looking good today, too.
Looking good today, too.
"...The sun's awfully bright
Good morning. And yes, it is.
...Bad weather.
But good morning!
...Snow, huh?
Yep. Good morning, by the way!
...Typhoon time. *SIGH*
It'll be all right.
...The snowstorm's here.
"Sure is. Good morning, by the
...Sky's covered in clouds.
"Good morning. Yeah, it's kind of
dreary today."
"The Runeys are flying about.
...I wonder if they're edible..."
"Looks like the typhoon's
getting closer. Be sure you
take care!"
...Good weather.
Hello to you. And yes, it is.
...Bad weather.
But good day!
...Snow, huh?
Yep. Hi, by the way!
...Typhoon time. *SIGH*
It'll be all right.
...The snowstorm's here.
Sure is. Hello, by the way!
...Sky's covered in clouds.
"Hey. Yeah, it's kind of dreary
"The Runeys are flying about.
...I wonder if they're edible..."
...It's so warm.
Yeah, it is.
Lately it's been crazy hot...
Haha. Much too hot, yeah.
Getting cooler recently. 
Yeah, it is.
It's freaking cold!
"Yeah, it could definitely use a
nice thawing."
...It's so warm.
Yeah, it is.
Lately it's been crazy hot...
Haha. Much too hot, yeah.
Getting cooler out there.
Yeah, it is.
It's freaking cold!
"Yeah, it could definitely use a
nice thawing."
"It's the perfect season for
Mmm, no kidding...
It's too hot to sleep...
"Good evening. A-are you
all right?"
"I like it when it cools down like
this. It's much easier to sleep."
Good evening. Yeah, that's true.
"Just when I thought it couldn't
get any colder...night falls!"
Good evening. Yeah, no kidding!

"I'm about to be a father...
It makes me kind of nervous."

"I should go ask for advice on
how to be a good father."
"How are you holding up? Take it
easy, all right?"
"How are you holding up?
Stay safe, okay?"
"How are you holding up?
Is there anything you want
to eat?"
"Try to stay home, all right?
Call me if you need to carry
something heavy."
"I wonder if Doug sells childcare
books...I should have him order
some, if he doesn't."
"Porcoline is surprisingly
knowledgeable about parenting.
Bet you would've never guessed!"
"I'll do all the housework, so
you should rest."
"I hear you're having a baby...
Good luck."
"There's not much I can do, but
I'll be there if you ever need
"It's kind of strange thinking
that Doug's about to be a
"About to be a parent, huh?
Strange feeling."
"Damn...what the hell was I doing
"No...I can't remember. I should
concentrate on what's in front
of me right now."
"I'm supposed to work as a waiter,
right? ...Guess I should be
grateful for what I can get..."
Huh? A ghost?
"Must've been a monster or
something. Everyone's just
I guess...there was a ghost...
How's the big dragon doing?
I've got a...bad feeling...
+Rune Sphere+? +Blue gem+?
"...Oh, I might've seen it at
Thank you!
Why there?
"...No need to thank me. You
asked, I answered. That's how
it works!"
"...I just wanted to try a new
place for fishing."
"I know it's dangerous...
but I couldn’t resist."
"Fishing's not only about the fish
itself, but finding the right
spots to catch 'em, you know?"
"Deciding what bait to use, and
where to throw it..."
"It's all part of the fun of
the sport!"
I-I get it...
That's enough...
"NO! You don't understand
"You see?! So what you need when
Give me a break!
"...There's more than one +Rune
"...But that's the only one I
know of. Try asking around,
I guess!"
"Though I don't know much about
the dragon..."
"...I can't pretend like there's
nothing going on, when everyone
else is working so hard."
"I can't explain it, but I've
been waiting for this moment..."
...I think.
I wonder why...
The dragon's doing better, right?
"That Leon kind of
I remember now...
"...that it was Venti who taught
me how to fish for the first
"...It must've been really hard
for her."
Let's clean up this mess!
Is anyone hurt?!
"Tell me if you find someone, so
I can carry them to the clinic!"
Damn those Sechs bastards!
"Doug, where are they?! I'll make
them regret they even THOUGHT
about invading our little town!"
"Maybe I'll bring this dish to
What's that?
I-it's nothing!
A floating island...
"...If you're going there, make
sure that you're really ready.
It's pretty dangerous, y'know!"
"You're about to go slaughter
the Sechs, right?"
"It's time for you to show them
how strong you really are."
"We can't keep being depressed
just because Venti's not here."
"Who knows? She might eventually
come back."
"Are you about to go to the
Not yet.
Um, you know...
"...Be sure you ask me before
you leave too, okay?"
Venti's back, isn't she?
"Hmph. She'd better know how
worried we were..."
Th-that was a close one...
"The dish served to the gourmet
was made with the last
ingredients we had available."
"I mean, seriously, does Porcoline
not even SEE the customers? Are
they invisible to him?!"
Illuminata solved a case...?!
"That's a new case in and of
Awww, that's mean!
Kiel gave me some +scrap metal+.
"But what the hell am I supposed
to do with that?!"
"Was it Margaret who wrote that
song?"'s not bad.
Clorica's staying awake?
"...I think that means there'll
be a storm tomorrow."
"Yesterday's bath was especially
"It gave me enough energy to clean
the whole restaurant."
So he won, huh?
"Guess this town has a truly
skilled butler to boast about."
Do you want your own butler?
"I'd rather get an extra hand to
help serve food."
"Doug carried Blossom to the
"Guess he can be kinda nice
"Has it changed your perception
of him?"
"...Well, I guess he deserves a
little bit of a compliment this
"Margaret's been pretty noisy
since early this morning."
What's all the hubbub, I wonder?
"Everyone's trying to give
something to that dragon."
"Though I doubt they even know
what she likes."
"What kind of food does Venti
like to eat?"
"Maybe it's about time I cook
her something..."

Slumber Party?
"Looks like this is the only place
we can use as a gathering spot."
"Ah... Arthur? Are you sure we're
not bothering you?"
Don't worry. It's fine.
"That's right. Everything is
perfectly okay."
He wasn't talking to you.
You finished the job, then?
"Yes, almost. But there is
something left to do for
You don't mean...
"Everyone could've used my room 
if it was big enough."
You mean, if it were clean?
Oh, come on, that's not fair!
"Man, all these books are huge!
And... complicated-sounding..."
"They're quite interesting. You're
welcome to borrow one, if you'd
N-no, I'm good, thanks!
"If that offer extends to me as
well, I'd like to borrow one."
"Seriously? You can read stuff
like that?!"
"Well yeah, of course. Don't lump
me in with you when it comes to 
hitting the books!"
"Man, you sure know how to
hit where it hurts sometimes..."
"I'd like to borrow this one,
if I may."
Wha? You too?!
"Oh, wow! Can't believe you have
a rare one like this in your
collection! May I see it?"
No way! Even you?!
"Hey, Arthur, did you get in
that book I ordered?"
Sure did. Here you go.
"Holy crap. Am I really the only
one here who doesn't read?"
"I can give you some picture
books, if you want."
Keep 'em, dammit!
"Doug is the life of the party,
isn't he?"
"He really is. And he's great at
gathering people together."
"What the hell? Uh, okay...
Yeah, this is good. Praise
me! Praise me HARD!"
"If only he were a bit more
And a bit less noisy!
"At least I'm not a Dyllie Downer
like you!"
He was such a good man, once.
"Hey! Stop talking about me like
I'm dead or something!"
You lose, Doug!
Ahhhhh! Wait! That doesn't count!
That's pretty pathetic, you know.
Why don't you just accept defeat?
"Arghhh! I almost won that time,
Just once more! Come on, guys!
You seem bored, Arthur.
"No. I'm not bored. Actually, I'm
quite enjoying myself."
"Perhaps...I was much more bored
when I was serving as prince in
the castle."
"But you could do anything you
wanted there, right?"
"Nothing of the sort, no. One's
rights must be tempered with
duty and obligation."
"Besides...being able to do what-
ever you please isn't all that 
exciting either."
"It just seems far too predictable
and passe for someone with dreams
and ambitions."
"But suddenly my life turned into
this. And this is what I truly
wanted. "
You hear that, @しゅじんこうくん@?
"I really appreciate what you did
for me. Thank you, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Ah... Y-You're welcome...
Hey, Arthur. What are you doing?
"Let's pick up where we left off,
shall we?"
Sure. I'll be right there.
"Oh, and Kiel? This is the book
you wanted, I believe."
Thank you, Arthur.
"What kind of book is it? Is it
all science-y or philosophical
or something?"
No, this one's a cookbook.
A cookbook?!
"I already perfected all the
dishes in the one I was using
Are you serious?!
You gotta be kidding me...
"Why don't you let Forte cook
"Well...she might blow the
house up, for one..."
"Better with the sword than
with the skillet, eh?"
"Kiel, won't you teach me your
secrets? I've been training to
cook in my spare time."
"Wha?! I... I don't know if I'd
really be of much help, though..."
"Porcoline's way of cooking is too
fast for me. I can't follow him. "
"Umm... Okay. Next time, then,
we'll cook together!"
What's the matter, Vishnal?
"Oh, please excuse me. I've had a
very, very busy day."
You sleepy? You can sleep here.
"May I? 
A short nap, then, perhaps..."
"...Whoa. Out like a torch.
He must've been beat!"
It certainly does seem that way.
"I wonder how long he's been
working without sleep..."
"Too long, I'm sure. 
Vishnal's always been like that."
"He probably worked himself so
hard, he didn't even have time
to realize how tired he was."
We should leave him be.
"Doug and Dylas...
You two are actually very close
friends, aren't you?"
"People do say the best type of
friend to have is the type who's
not afraid to pull any punches..."
That's preposterous!
"And true. Everybody knows you
two are like bread and butter."
"Don't be stupid! How the hell
could I ever be friends with
this dumbass?!"
"That's right! You tell 'em,
you mush-brained moron!"
You bet I will!
"You guys should just get married,
right here and right now."
Aha ha ha...
How do you read this, Leon?
Huh? Ah, this is--
"Excuse me, Leon. 
Could you come help me?"
Sure. Be right there.
"Ah, wait, Leon! I called you
I called him first, not you!"
"Haha. Leon's quite popular,
it seems."
Yeah, with guys! It's not fair...
"Though I guess there are worse
fates than babysitting this
"Is there anything I can help
you with?"
Huh? Well...
Leon! C'mon!
"Sorry. Time's up. 
Catch you later!"
"Okay, it's time to close the
restaurant! Let's start cleaning
Yes, Meg!
Man, I hate this part...
DYLAS? No ditching, okay?
Urk...I know!
"We're always in the red...'cause
you won't stop eating, Porco!"
Na ha ha ha!
It's not funny!
Has it always been like this?
...Yeah, pretty much.
"It's a miracle the place hasn't
closed down already."
That's certainly true!
"Whoa, hold up! This can't be
right, can it? We actually made
some profit today!"
"Meg, are you sure you didn't
I'm positive! See for yourself!'s a miracle!
I guess miracles do happen...
We did it, Meg! Om nom nom...
"This would be a regular occur-
rence if Porco would just stop
picking at all the food..."
Why is he so quiet?
Uhh, Porco? Hello?
"Oh, I was just thinking about
the past..."
"I don't think I've heard all that
much about your past. What was
it like?"
"I'm sure I have a portrait around
here somewhere..."
Ooh! Can I see?
I'd like to see it too.
Here we have it!
All right! Let's check it out.
" this you, Porco?! It
looks like a total stranger!"
It can't be! Who is this?!
"W-wait...who's that beautiful
woman next to you!?"
"She looks like an elf. Was she
your girlfriend!?"
"Um, why are you staring at me,
"There's nothing fun about
watching Margaret, believe
me. I've tried it."
Shut your mouth, Dylas!
"You sure have grown into
a beautiful woman, Margaret."
H...hey, Porco! Cut it out!
You're making me blush!
"Are you all right, Porcoline?
You must be exhausted..."
...Thanks a lot, Dylas.
"Don't you agree with me,
Of course!
WHOA! Even you?!
AHH!! My face is burning!!
...S-see? It's just you, Porco.
"You know, come to think of it,
I saw this odd couple hanging out
by the restaurant the other day."
Strange how, exactly?
Well, I overheard them talking...
"Man: ""Why don't we eat here?""
Woman: ""It looks expensive...""
Man: ""It'll be fine! My treat."""
"Woman: ""But... I'd feel bad.""
Man: ""Really, it's my pleasure.""
Woman: ""Can we split the bill?"""
"Man: ""I can't let you do that.""
Woman: ""And I can't let you pay!""
Man: ""But I was the one who..."""
"They just kept going on and on
like that. Back and forth, never
reaching any conclusion."
Is that...
I thought, enough is enough...
" I yelled at them to get the
hell inside if they're eating."
And then they just ran off.
What is WRONG with you?!
"That's not how you treat
Nice kick, Meg!
[Received @アイテム0@.]
"The restaurant was pretty busy
Yeah...I'm beat.
"You gave it your all today,
Yeah, you're a great waiter.
"Don't you think so too,
Hey, don't ask around!
Why not?
I think he is.
Not really.
Wha? What are you saying?!
Awww, don't be shy!
"Admit it, hearing @しゅじんこうくん@
compliment you made you
"Dammit, let me clean and close
the store already!"
"Looks like there's a long way
to go until you can impress
"...Pfft. Who cares, anyway?
@しゅじんこうくん@'s not the boss
of me..."
This is delicious!
Mmm, it really is!
SO freaking good!
Porcoline's cooking is brilliant!
"I agree. He's a world-class chef,
for sure."
"Well, of course. That pretty much
goes without saying."
"And just why do you feel the
need to point that out?!"
"I'm agreeing with everyone,
that's all! Sheesh!"
"I never thought I'd eat anything
this delicious in my entire life."
"Only problem is, once you start
eating it, you just can't stop!"
"Perhaps that's the source of
Porcoline's girth."
"Yeah, when he cooks for himself,
he probably has the exact same
"I'd get fat too if this is what
I had to eat everyday."
"I don't think it's that he can't
stop eating, though, but that he
won't. He's a total glutton."
"Yeah, rather than flavor...
It's more the act of eating that
he enjoys. "
"It seems today's lunch is nothing
but fish."
I got a lot of fresh fish today.
It's a good day. A very good day.
"I'm glad we have sashimi here. 
It's hard to eat broiled fish."
"Me, I'm glad for the broiled
"One mustn't pick and choose so
much. Best to eat what you're
He's right. Don't be picky.
But you don't like milk, Leon.
But I'm special.♪
What the hell...
What about you, Vishnal? 
There's nothing I won't--
You don't like turnips, right?
Be honest with us, please.
"Porcoline, can you whip up
something turnip-based for
Vishnal here?"
"Hey, Porco! A nice, big, heaping
order of the turnippiest turnips
you've got for our buddy Vishnal!"
Here you go!
Wh-What is wrong with you two?!
"As a butler, you shouldn't be
picky. Consider it a professional
You can do it, Vishnal!
This is so cruel!
"...Okay, so we've got the food,
but where are the ladies?"
Who knows?
"Well, at least we can relax and
enjoy a meal."
"What kind of man are you?!
Come on, Kiel, back me up here!"
I'm fine with things as they are.
I agree with Kiel.
Stop staring at us.
"Sorry, Doug. 
Afraid you're on your own here."
You guys are hopeless.
All right! Let's eat!
"Wait, Vishnal. What are you
It's @アイテム0@.
Looks yummy. Can I have a bite?
"Certainly, if I may have some
of yours in exchange."
Sure. Here you go.
Many thanks. And for you.
"Okay, let's eat! ...Geeeh?
Where'd mine go?!"
"I'm sure I don't know what you
mean. You must've eaten it
already and simply forgotten."
"Ehhh?! B-But, I haven't even
had one bite..."
"They say the memory's the first
thing to go, you know."
We'd better eat while it's hot. so weird...
...Hmm? Oh, Leon. It's you.
You seem bored.
Not especially.
"Don't try to hide it. You have
nothing to do right now, do you?"
"I think you're the bored one
here, man."
"How's your fishing going these
Umm... Not bad, I guess.
What have you caught?
"Mast trout and squid, mostly.
There's a lot of both in this
What else? Anything interesting?
"Geez, if you're going to be this
bored all the time, get a hobby!"
Did you catch the big one?
"No, there aren't any big fish
around here to catch, really."
"What? No, I definitely just saw
a really huge one over there."
What? Where?!
"Right there. Get in close to the
surface. You should be able to
see it."
"Maybe you need to look...
Ughh! Damn you, Leon!
Ha ha! Catch you later, sucker!
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@...
Who do you like better, me or
"Dammit, Leon, what kind of
question is that?!"
"Hmm? I'm just trying to determine
which, of the two of us,
@しゅじんこうくん@ likes better."
Yeah, I got that!
So? Which is it?
You're both #1 in my book!
What? What are you...?!
"Good for you, Dylas. But I'll
get you for this later."
What the heck is even going on?!
Don't cry, Dylas.
I wasn't about to!
"Good answer. And let's not ask
questions like that again, Leon,
okay? It's embarrassing!"
"Hey, Dylas... I have something
I wanted to discuss with you..."
"(What could it be? He looks
pretty serious...)"
What is it? Maybe I can help.
Oh, thanks. It's about Forte.
"Forte...? Wait, don't tell me...
Yep, exactly!
"She tries to cut me every time
I give advice to Kiel."
...Excuse me?
"I'm just telling him what he
needs to say and do to be a
fine, upstanding man."
"But every time I do, she starts
blushing, and then she gets
violent! So what do I do?"
"Sounds like you know exactly
why she's getting angry, but
you just...don't care."
Dylas, here. It's a +carrot+.
Uh, yeah...and...?
"Oh, come on! Fine, then. This
is for you, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Uh, erm...
Swing it to the right.
Swing it to the left.
Do you really think...
Swing it up.
Swing it down. can lure me with this...?
"Well, well. Fancy seeing you
in a place like this."
"A place like what? What are
you implying?!"
"Anyway, have a seat,
"You can sit next to me. Right
"W-Wait. I think it's more
comfortable over here."
"So, @しゅじんこうくん@? What are
you going to do?"
"Which side are you on? Which seat
will you take?"
"I think I'll go take a bath now
or something."
Sounds good.
"Hey, can you pass me that over
Huh? Oh, this?
You guys seem like good friends.
"We were just talking about you,
"Don't worry, though. Nothing
too racy."
Uh...that's good, I guess?
Actually, Dylas likes yommrrff--
"Yogurt. I like yogurt.
And that's ALL."
"Unless you'd care to have me
share something about you too,
"Man, nothing's been going my way
lately. My concentration's really
a few fish short of a hatstand."
"I don't think that means what you
think it means."
"What are you talking about? It
means it's getting worse and
worse, doesn't it?"
No, it means you're crazy. 
"Which might not be too far off,
come to think of it..."
"No, that can't be right...
Are you making this up?!"
"Sounds like something I'd do.
But no, I'm quite certain."
God, you are such an idiot.
...Takes one to know one!
Why is it cold in winter?
"Why are you talking about winter
in summer?"
I'm just curious.
"Okay, then. The reason it's cold
in winter is because the position
of the sun is-- "
"Y-You know, maybe I'm not all
that curious after all..."
You don't like winter, huh?
"I can't move in a cold weather. 
That's why."
Are you an animal or something?!
"Mmm. No sense complaining about
it, though, I guess."
"Maybe we should eat something
warm this winter."
"Yeah... How about we all go
for some hot-pot together?"
The heck're those?
Ah, these are documents.
"You're a place
like THIS?!"
"Hey, now! What's that supposed
to mean?!"
"Don't worry. I have no intention
of working HERE."
"Again with the intonations! What
have you got against this place?!"
"It's just paperwork. I can finish
it after I go home."
"Hey, Doug. You know what to do,
Give those here. I can help you.
Huh? Um, but...
It's easy enough for Doug, right?
"Hey! What's that supposed to
This is my job, though...
"C'mon. It's all right. Is there
any reason we CAN'T help you?"
Well, I guess not, but...
Then that settles it!
You tell him!
...Thank you very much.
"Next time, though, you gotta pay
me, okay?"
"Who do you think is the most
popular guy among us?"
(There he goes again...)
Hmm... I'm not sure.
Let's ask @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Out of the three of us, who
would you say is the biggest
None of you gits.
"Wh-What are you talking about? 
It can't be me..."
"Did I really lose to this
"So you prefer cool-looking men,
"Hmmm... I just don't see it,
I see, I see...
Oho! Really?!
"Man, you've got awful taste,
you know that?"
Hey, now, don't be jealous!
"Just don't get carried away.
It doesn't mean anything."
"I always knew you were a good
judge of character!"
I see...
"Crap, I thought for sure I'd get
It can't be you. Not a chance.
I never thought you'd pick me.
Damn it all...
"I didn't expect you guys to be so
Shouldn't even have asked.
"The truth will remain forever
clouded in mystery. But that's
okay! Right, everyone?"
"Right. I'm getting tired of 
talking about this anyway."
What's that supposed to mean?!
It means what it means!
Hey, guys. Listen up.
"Fishing is a war of attrition,
between us and the fish."
"It's only us and them out there.
A sacred moment in time. A quiet
time for a personal battle."
Man, it's just fishing...
"Quiet! Don't you dare disrespect
this fine recreation with your
dismissive tone!"
If you'll die!
Wha?! How?! Why?!
Listen, Doug.
"It's life and death out there.
For me, anyway. I stake my life
on it. It's a matter of pride!"
"It is not JUST fishing. Is that
He's right, Doug.
"You shouldn't have said ""just.""
You're sealing your fate when
you do that. Dylas loves this."
Sheesh! S-Sorry...
Hmph. As long as we're clear.
Ugh! I just don't get it!
Fishing is soooo boooring!
What did you just say?!
"Ha ha. They're like brothers, 
aren't they?"
"You think so? They seem like
mortal enemies to me..."
"Hey Arthur, this is from
"Ah, wonderful. Please thank him
for me!"
"Why don't you thank him in person
next time you're at the
Haha. That's a very good point!
"I'll try to eat there as much as
I can, as I can't keep having you
deliver food."
"Arthur, are you that busy with
"...Guess I don't need to ask,
really. You clearly are."
"Since I love what I do, I often
lose track of time."
"But perhaps there is...a limit to
how much one should enjoy his job?
"Yeah, don't worry, I don't see
that ever happening to me."
"It's not just the work, though.
I also just love this town, and
all the people in it, so much..."
"...Yeah, I can understand that.
Still not going to make a work-
aholic out of me, though."
"Oh, please don't get me wrong!
My words aren't meant to
insinuate anything about you."
"I just genuinely think this is
a fantastic town."
"Yeah, I know. And so does
everyone else."
"(Arthur's got glasses on display
here, too. Glasses everywhere!) "
"That one's made from a light and
soft material."
"It's quite remarkable, as it's
entirely sturdy, yet comfortable
enough to be worn for days!"
"One of the most popular pairs of
glasses around today, if you ask
...Which I didn't.
"Well, you were looking at it,
though, no?"
"Er, I guess. But I was just
marveling at how ma--"
This one over here--
All right, that's enough!
"Dylas, would you like to try on
this pair of glasses?"
No, no. No thanks.
What are you guys up to?
Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"I'm trying to show Dylas just how
wonderful glasses can be..." having him try on a pair.
But he simply won't do it!
"I don't need 'em. My eyesight's
totally fine."
"But don't you think he'd look
great in them, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
Not as great as you.
I think I'd look better.
"See? @しゅじんこうくん@ agrees
with me."
"Gah, stop it! Put those hands
"(Though, if @しゅじんこうくん@ wants
to see them on me that much...)"
"Gah, what is wrong with me?!
Shake those thoughts from your
head, idiot!"
Who, m-me...?
Phew...thank goodness...
"It's nice of you to say that,
"Oh, of course! Why don't you
try this one?"
Phew...thank goodness...
Plush toy, huh? Hmph...
Sure seem to like flowers...
What's that huge statue...?
"I don't understand why it's here.
Doesn't seem to have much form
or function to offer."
Human-faced statue...?
"Can't imagine what the sculptor
was thinking, but...I guess if
people like you are buying it..."
"Is that a snowman? Won't it
"...It's hard to comment on
art like that."
What's that anchor used for?
Whenever I see a ball...
" makes me want to kick it or
something. Just...move my body,
you know?"
"What a huge stuffed animal.
It's...a Rune Saurus, right?"
"Let's see what's on the docket
for today..."
"Okay, I should be done with
everything by the day after
"Answers always lie in numbers,
no matter what the situation."
"I always refer to them whenever
I'm beginning a new task."
"It's hard for me to stop, too,
as numbers can be...addictive."
But to be honest...
"...I'd pick you over numbers any
day. (Though both can be equally
complex, I suppose...)"
"Why are you so interested in
"I used to manage international
trade at the royal capital."
So it came quite naturally...
"At first I was trying to impress
my father after he'd issued an
entirely unreasonable order."
"But it seems like, all this time,
my true goal was to find my
"...It's like trying to find a
needle in a haystack, I know, but
I'm glad I finally realized it."
Porcoline's a truly generous man.
"He always prepares food for
"...and I really can't thank him
"The other day, a bird landed
in my hand, and as I was
gently caressing its plumage..."
"...I saw Porcoline staring
at me with wistful, hungry eyes."
"If he'd made one move toward
eating the poor thing, I'd've
had no qualms about slapping him."
"Whenever I see something cute,
I tend to lose my head a bit..."
"So please don't ever show me any
eyeglasses, okay?"
"Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@. Will you
take a look at this pair of
"Can anything ever be more perfect
than this?!"
"They look pretty ordinary to
So very cute...
Both you and @子供ちゃん@...
...are my precious treasures.
Hee hee...
"This pair of glasses... Isn't it
just wonderful?"
"Is it special in any way, or is
it just an ordinary pair of
"You sure seem to love eyeglasses,
"I love everything that's cute,
not necessarily just eyeglasses."
So...glasses are cute, then...?
"Porcoline's a genius when it
comes to cooking."
"It's rare to encounter such
complex flavors."
He has a wonderful talent.
I agree!
We can do even better!
So do you, @アーサー@.
"His hard work has inspired me
to work harder these days as well.
For that, I'm grateful. "
...for both you and @子供ちゃん@.
"That's a good attitude to have.
Let's give it our all!"
"@子供ちゃん@ is watching us
too, after all!"
No, I'm just an ordinary person.
"I need far more skill, and more
achievements under my belt,
before I can be called a genius."
"There are certain people who are
regarded as geniuses even in the
field of business."
"They can easily do things that
are difficult for ordinary people
like myself."
"...But that's about all they have
going for them. Whereas I...have
a different approach to battle."
Well, that takes care of that.
Next up is...
"How's it going? Are things
shaping up as we discussed?"
"No worries. Your first concern is
taken care of, and the other is
just about ready."
Good to hear.
@アーサー@ seems really busy...
"Oh, please excuse me. I have
someplace to be, I'm afraid."
He always seems so busy...
Oh, what a cute bird...
"(He wasn't so busy that he could
avoid looking at cute things!)"
"All right, I must consult the
day's schedule."
Are you working again?
Well, not this time.
"I want to spend as much time as
I can with you."
No, it's for the meals.
"Porcoline will get worried if I
don't show up on time."
"The other day, I was too
focused on my work, and didn't
realize it was already midnight."
"Later that night I went into the
corridor, thinking I'd heard
"...and I stumbled upon a warm
meal placed on the table. It was
a pleasant surprise. "
"Thank you very much for taking
over the duties and responsibili-
ties of the @姫@."
"But please don't push yourself
too hard."
"I think it's you that needs more
rest, @アーサー@."
"You don't have to worry about me.
I'm quite used to this."
"But...thank you very much for
your concern."
"Cute things have healing power,
you know."
That's true.
What about me?
What about @子供ちゃん@?
What about @子供ちゃん@?
"When I pet cute things, I lose
track of time."
"Sometimes it's already the next
*PAT* *PAT*...
U-um, @アーサー@...?
"Oh, I'm sorry. You were just so
irresistibly adorable!"
Very cute, of course!
Very cute, of course!
"But a bit too full of energy.
I have trouble keeping up!"
"Haha. Seems like you've gotten
a good feel for fatherhood."
"Haha. Seems like you've gotten
a good feel for motherhood."
"I can't manage to sleep at night,
as I simply can't stop thinking
about Illuminata..."
"Where did she get that pair of
Yes? Is something the matter?
You have bedhead.
Just calling your name.
Oh! Thank you very much.
"I could barely pull myself out of
bed this morning. I haven't slept
in that bed for a very long time."
"Aha, thank you, I suppose.
I'm flattered!"
Oh, yes, @しゅじんこうくん@?
"...Nothing. I just wanted to call
your name."
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
scare you."
"Not at all. There was a very
cute looking chipsqueek over
there that caught my attention."
"But now that you're here, all
other cuteness pales by
"There are many unique items from
the east."
"Take a look at this cloak. Isn't
it interesting?"
What do you think of my clothes?
"I'm dressed like a traveler so
that I can easily blend in."
"I guess the definition of
blending in changed while I
was sleeping."
"...Hmm? Did I say something
"Items from the east have always
been popular."
"I'm trying to decide which of
these commodities to import..."
"Would you help me choose,
Woolies are nice.
"They certainly look soft and
You've never touched one?
Well, um...
"...I'm actually not good at
such things..."
"They're just so cute that, once
I touch them..."
"...I'm afraid I'd never want to
let them go."
Now, time to work.
"I'm helping this town for my
own benefit too, you know."
You are?
"Indeed. There's someone I'd like
to protect within these walls."
"By improving the reputation of
Selphia, I can expand my business
"You look busy as ever,
I must say, I am.
"To tell you the truth, I didn't
like working at first."
"But working used to be my only
motivator, so I kept at it."
"However, I've recently come across
something new to motivate me. Rather,
"...Maybe I loved everything all
along, and desensitized myself
to the very emotion..."
Pardon me...
"Perfect! It looks wonderful on
"Umm, what did you just put in my
hair, exactly?"
"Oh, it's a historical piece, so
please don't break it."
"They occasionally discover
historically significant items
in this region."
"And such items are sent to the
capital for preservation."
"When I was there, I was the one
who would receive them."
"Oh, @アーサー@, your button's
coming off."
Huh? Oh, you're right!
"Well, the sewing kit's right
"W-wow, you're pretty handy with
"I do the housework whenever I
have time."
You do it yourself?
"Cooking, cleaning...I can handle
most of the basics."
"I grew up being told to take
care of myself. It's not very
Princely, I know."
"Have I ever told you that I was
raised by the Royal family's head
"Porcoline somehow reminds me of
him...though I can't quite put my
finger on why."
"They're completely different,
both in terms of appearance and
"But I wish for nothing more than
to be a father just like him."
"@アーサー@, your shirt's not
buttoned right. "
Oh, you're right!
"That explains why I felt a bit
choked up..."
"I'll bet you have a knack for
doing housework."
I do.
...Not really.
As I suspected.
"Whoever marries you will be a
lucky gentleman indeed."
Oh, that's surprising.
But, no matter!
"The other day, I was asked by
a client if I'd gotten in
anything special."
Had you?
How did you answer?
Not particularly.
"But I told him I've found someone
I'd like to protect."
Women love sweets, don't they?
Not necessarily.
I love you.
I see. That's good to know.
I'll see you later, then.
Uh, okay...
Oh, is that so...?
Are you trying to buy a present?
What? Well, erm...
"Uh, I'm sorry. I have to go
What was that all about...?
Huh?! Uh, yes, well...
Th-thank you very much.
What about you, @アーサー@?
...Of course I love you too.
From the bottom of my heart.
"I bought this at a town I stopped
in during a business trip..."
"Yes. Since you said you love
"I was going to get you something
sweet, but you didn't seem to
like such things very much."
"Yes. I've chosen something that
I greatly enjoy, in hopes of
sharing my love of it with you."
Will you accept it?
...Yes. Thank you very much.
"Choosing presents for people is
fun, isn't it?"
"Especially when it's for someone
"I often think about you when I'm
dealing with imported items."
Whether you'd like them or not...
"Your smiles give me motivation
to try harder."
Of course, @子供ちゃん@ too...
Today was another great day.
"It's all thanks to you, 
"I can't tell you how often I've
wished I weren't a prince."
"I rarely ever saw the benefit to
bearing such a title."
But now...
"I feel like I could see myself
from a different point of view."
"I rarely ever saw the benefit to
bearing such a title."
"Although I can't ever proclaim
this in any official statement..."
"...coming to this town, and
meeting you..."
" the one thing I truly
appreciate about being a prince."
"Love thyself tomorrow."
"I've often heard this saying from
my butler, who trained me as a
"I didn't really understand it
back then, but I think I do now."
Love thyself tomorrow.
"I want to cherish every decision
I make."
"Hee hee. I just wanted to call
your name. That's all!"
Just wanted to call you.
I'm happy to be with you.
"Hee hee, looks like you got me
this time."
"As long as you keep smiling,
I'll be happy too."
It's time to get some work done.
"Unlike before, I now have
someone I wish to protect here."
"I received a letter from a
client congratulating us on
our marriage."
"The letter said, ""she must be one
special lady to make you want to
marry her."""
I wonder how he knew...
I won't be working today.
"It's nice taking a day off to
relax and talk with you."
Of course, @子供ちゃん@ too.
"The other day, Vishnal and I were
"'s quite magical that I'm
at the castle now..."
"Perhaps this is what people call
"Yes! That is exactly what I think
as well!"
I happened to hear from Kiel...
"...that a rumor's been spreading
about us."
And what they're saying is...
"A visiting prince married this
town's lovely @姫@."
That's the rumor.
"...A prince married the @姫@
of this town."
"This turns the heads of many a
traveler, it seems."
I love you.

What are you doing?
Oh, you really are just bored.
Dylas: So I am. So what?!
Dylas: C'mon. I'm going swimming, and you're coming with.
Frey: Wha?!
WHA?! Am not!
Oh, really?
Ugh, what kind of guy do you take me for?

This town has a great airship.


...Though I don't care much for the figurehead...

You always come talk to me for some reason
Is there something you wanted to ask me?
Hm? Well...
I guess I like milk and carrots
Carrots? You're like a horse.
D-Don't call me a horse!
Oh yeah, weren't you a horse when you were a monster?
Dammit... go away!
...Shut up.

That bastard...
Did something happen between you and Doug again?
We just don't get along, always ending up at odds with one another.
They say the more you love, the more you fight.
...the horse and the rider don't get along?
...You're trying to piss me off, aren't you?
Porcoline has accepted all sorts of people into his home.
Me, Arthur, Margaret...
He must be quite a man to do all that.

Finally Friends
It's not bad getting to know people.
I'd never thought I'd be so interested in others.
I'm glad to hear that.
There are more things I want to know about you.
So...will you continue to be my friend?
Thanks. That makes me happy.
I-is that a no...?
I was just messing with you.
Dammit, don't make fun of me!
Hey, if you're about to go somewhere dangerous, take me with you, okay?
B-because, I might be able to help you out, y'know?
What'll you do if something happens when you're all alone?
Okay, I will.

no see

Lover Dialog

You know, you might not believe me, but...
I...actually do love you.
...You know me too well...
I-I'm not lying! Come on, you've gotta believe me!
...I know. I was just messing with you. Sorry.


Aren't I fun to be with?
Is it boring...being with me?
N-not at all!
Sorry...I'm just bad at expressing my feelings.
So...don't look at me like that...
Hee hee. I knew that all along.
H-hey! You tricked me, didn't you?! You tricked me into saying something sentimental!
Whoa! Stop it!
I'm never going to smile for you.
Oh, but you just did!
Jealousy Dialogue
Did I do something wrong?
I heard a rumor and it's got me a little, uh, concerned.
...Y'know, never mind.
Just remember that I only have eyes for you.
I hope you feel the same for me.
That's all.