"A man displaced in time, with clearly visible horse-like features. Quiet, clumsy and antisocial, he's often misunderstood by others and is the source of numerous rumors throughout the town."
―Official Website Description[1]

Dylas (ディラス Dirus) is an eligible bachelor in Rune Factory 4.

Dylas has a monster form called Thunderbolt (ライデン "Raiden") that Lest and Frey must defeat in order to date him. He is also the first bachelor in the game to have a monster form with the other being Leon. After Lest/Frey defeats him, he will move in with Porcoline and Arthur, and can often be found fishing.


Dylas is a very awkward person, leading to him often sounding curt. Despite his generally serious demeanor, he is actually a kind and gentle person, with a bit of a short temper. On first impression, he is rather cold and dismissive. It will take some time before he warms up to you or anyone else. Dylas also seems to have friendly rivalry with Doug, both of them getting on each other's nerves. They are constantly arguing with each other. Their relationship is somewhat similar to Dolce and Pico's. You have to battle him in the Water Ruins, as Thunderbolt, in order to unlock him.

Dylas shares traits with his monster form. Specifically, he has a horse tail and his hair is shaped like a mane.


Favorite Gifts:

"Whoa, I can have this? Cool! Thanks. I love this stuff."

"Oh, I love these! Thanks!"

"Wait, this is--! And it's for me? Thanks. I love this stuff."

Milk Porridge, Tuna, Lover Snapper, Lover Sashimi, Glitter Snapper, Sunsquid


"[Item], for me? Thanks. I like this stuff. "

"For me? I like this kind of thing. Thanks."

"Oooh! Sashimi! ...Ahem! Thanks."

Milk (M), All Fish, Carrot, Milk, Milk Dishes, Sashimi


"[Item], for me? Hmm. Thanks, I guess. Now, if I had some Carrot... Never mind."

"[Item], for me? Hmm. Thanks, I guess. If you're giving me Milk (S), you could bring more and I-- Never mind."

"[Item], for me? Hmm. I don't mind it. Now, if I had some sashimi... Never mind."

Cheese, Stew Salmon Onigiri, Tempura Bowl, Mayonnaise, Egg (M)


"'Ugh! I hate these. I was hoping for a rarer fish than this."

"'Ugh! I hate these. If you're going to give me something, at least make it sashimi, okay?"

"'Ugh! I hate these. If you're going to give me something, at least make it Milk Porridge, okay?"

Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cookie, Chocolate Cookie, Yam of Ages, Flan, Strawberry Jam, Grape Jam, Marmalade, Glazed Yam, Chocolate, Honey, Dumplings, Pancakes

Battle Information

DylasSprite Level Health Attack
18 1120 126
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
28 7 25
Strength Vitality Intelligence
67 51 7
Default Weapon Fighter Gloves
Weapon Type Fists


Lightning Strike

Party up and off

Leaving Party"Oh, look at the time."

"Sorry, but I've got prep work to get done for tomorrow. Later"


  • "Hey."
  • "You look good."
  • "With you, I'm... uh, nothing."
  • "Hm, not bad."
  • (When dating) "Baby"

Battle Quotes

  • "Get outta here"
  • "Go home!"
  • "That's... nothing...!"
  • Knock out: "Daaamn...!"


All of these nicknames come from Doug

  • Gelding
  • Mr. Horsie
  • Horse-face
  • Nag
  • Bastard
  • Swayback Nag
  • Stallion


  • If you don't have any business with me, then don't talk with me. I don't have any free time to be concerned with you.
  • A human...
  • Do you have some business with me?
  • Hurry up and disappear. Or else...
  • Dylas laughing during wedding event


  • He is often called names that are in relation to horses, much to his annoyance.
  • He is the second oldest bachelor in Rune Factory 4. This is probably due to the fact that he came from a different time period, but not nearly as ancient as Leon.
  • Out of all the characters in Rune Factory 4, Dylas will cuss the most and admit he's pretty foul-mouthed.
  • Nicknames the female protagonist can call him after the confession event are Darling, Dally, Mr. Dylas, Bro Dylas and Big D (which embarrasses him, but he concedes). Nicknames he offers to call you are Honey, Sis, Young Lady, Princess <Name> and Dear <Name>.
  • Marrying Dylas results in the player's child inheriting the rune ability double kick and lightning attacks.
  • Raiden the name his monster form in the original Japanese version is a reference to the Shinto God of lightning, thunder and storms.