First Generation Requests

Get This for Me

Reward : 100 G


Go and fetch me "The Fighting Bull's Horns"!

Talking to Douglas, he asks Kyle to bring him a bull horn from Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing. Tanya's got her eye on it. He'll give Kyle 100G in return. Douglas will accept any bull's horn.

I got into a Fight with Mana

Reward : 100 pieces of wood.


Douglas' Letter

I can't bring myself to give this letter!

Douglas got into a fight with Mana. He wrote her a letter to apologize. He asks Kyle to give it to her for him. Giving the Mana, she reads it out loud.

"Dear Mana, Yesterday was just a big misunderstandin'. see..."

Mana totally forgot about the argument. She asks Kyle to tell him that he's not mad. Talking to Douglas again, he asks if she's still mad. He asks if she said anything about eloping. Kyle refuses, but Douglas concludes that Kyle must have convinced her to run away with him. Kyle tells him to calm down, but Douglas says he doesn't know what he'd do if he lost her. Kyle tells him that he isn't mad anymore. Douglas is overjoyed and thanks Kyle. He gives him 100 logs.

Let's Talk about This Like Men

Reward : A tool, Empty Bottle.


Douglas asks who Mana likes

There are times when men need to talk about things like men.

Douglas tells Kyle that it seems Mana likes someone. He rejects all answers until only Kyle is left. He says that Kyle'll never get Mana as long as Douglas' still breathing. Kyle says he understands, making Douglas feel better. He gives Kyle an empty bottle as a reward.

You must complete all of Douglas and Mana's request before you are able to marry her.

I Challenge You!

Reward : Engagement Ring

Second Generation

Can Someone Deliver This Thing?

Reward : A page for the spell book Medication : Missing Page 2.