"A dwarf who lives and works at the general store. He's hot-blooded and tends to push his luck, but even if he'll never admit it, he's a hard worker and an honest man deep down. And above all else, he absolutely loves to eat."
―Official Website Description[1]

Doug (ダグ, Dag, Dagu) is an eligible bachelor in Rune Factory 4. He was a dwarf who had shown up in town one day and now lives with Blossom. He helps her run the general store on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although he often complains about how boring the work is and even falls asleep on the job, Doug loves being able to help Blossom, not that he'd ever admit it. He has his reputation and image to protect and if people found out that he's got a sweet side when it comes to his mother figure then it would ruin everything. Despite going to great lengths to hide and deny it, Doug cares deeply for Blossom and constantly worries about her health. Doug's fretting, and the rash actions he takes to help Blossom from time to time, in turn, make her worry about him.

Before coming to Selphia, Doug lived with his father and his clan somewhere in or near the Sechs Empire. One day he happened to leave on his town and returned to find that his whole clan had been killed. Distraught, he agreed to help the Sechs spy on Selphia after being told that the one responsible for his clan's death was Ventuswill, who lived in that town. When he first arrived, he never smiled and rarely spoke. Nowadays, some people feel as though he talks too much.

Although Doug was sullen when he first came to Selphia, he's warmed up to the citizens by the time Lest/Frey arrived in town. He's friends with Vishnal and Kiel and from time to time, he can be found hanging out with the two in Kiel's house. He likes to tease the two, but is just as likely to be subject to their light jests. However, he harbors a secret that prevents him from fully opening up to the town, which is closely linked to the plot. For this reason, Doug's FP or LP will not rise above 3 until the second part of the plot has been completed.


Favorite Gifts:

"Whoa, you made this yourself? That's awesome!! Thanks a lot!"

Tempura Bowl


"Whoa, cool! You got me something I like. Thanks!"

Rice, Onigiri, Baked Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri, Bamboo Rice, Egg Bowl, Omelet Rice, Rice Porridge, Milk Porridge, Risotto


"What, you're giving me some [item]? Great! Thanks!"


"PFFT! H-hey! What, was that supposed to be a prank or something? If you're going to give me stuff, at least make it Omelet Rice or something."

Bread (eg Raisin Bread, Toast, French Toast, Steamed Bread, Butter Roll, Jam Roll)

"Hey! Don't go givin' me trash!"



  • Headstrong, Stubborn boy - by Blossom
  • Bastard - by Dylas
  • Pebble-brained Dwarf - by Dylas
  • Dumb Dwarf - by Dylas
  • Midget - by Dylas
  • Shrimp - by Dylas


While he gets along well enough with most of the town, there's one person Doug just can't see eye to eye with: Dylas. The two are near incapable of being in the same room without arguing. Even when forced to see things from the other's perspective and trying to apologize for a previous fight, the two still end up yelling at one another. However, many of the townsfolk suspect they care about one another quite a bit, and the two have been known to show small, friendly gestures, such as secretly giving one another birthday gifts, or showing concern when the other is in danger. When You enter water ruins, Doug saves you from a monster. He mentions Dylas meaning, Doug and Dylas are both around the same age. Though in Rune Factory, as stated by Zaid dwarves are normal sized, he is still called "shrimp" and "midget" by Dylas.

Doug loves anything that keeps him active or involves food, but has a short attention span for most other activities. Festivals like the Buddy Battle or the Eating Contest excite him, but Fishing Tournaments or Crop Festivals don't interest him much. While he loves to eat, and can ingest unhealthy amounts of rice, he's not overly skilled at cooking. On White's Day he'll even mention that he baked so many cookies that didn't turn out right that he's stuffed from having eaten the duds.

He has a bit of an ego, and likes to think of himself as tough. He enjoys training and can be boastful at times, but is quick to agree that he's not the strongest person in town.

Despite being a dwarf, Doug isn't good at any sort of crafting activity. His clan died before anyone could train him, and he's self-depreciating about his lack of skill when it comes to making accessories or weapons.

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Plot Involvement

In the first arc of the story, Doug is at odds with Frey/Lest, trying to stop them from gathering the Rune Spheres. After his motives are thrown into question, he steps back and puts his trust in them. In the second arc, Doug exposes information about the Sechs and gets injured several times trying to help stop them.

The Together Trio

Clorica, Amber and Doug created a group called "The Together Trio". They started a course called "Get it Together Course." Doug joined in the group because "a girl(Clorica/Amber) asked him to hang out". They wanted to do something else as their daily routine, or become more active. On the first day, they went to meet their first expert, 'Expert Forte'. She joins them for exercise, as "a disciplined mind, means a disciplined body". She later lead them on a "light jogging", they met at the plaza, then had some "sparring practice".

The next day, the three of them went to meet 'Expert Arthur'. Upon hearing their 'course', Arthur offered them to help with his work. Doug didn't really want to, but he agreed to help afterwards. Arthur then gave them the paperwork, he asked them to stamp the forms and told them that the paperwork was not the most difficult job, but it is nonetheless important. After a few minutes, Doug was bored, so he went outside, bringing much to Lest/Frey's doubt of their 'help' to Arthur. Arthur, being an optimist, believed that they were doing their best in their own way. After done 'helping', Clorica thanked Arthur for teaching them, Arthur thanked them back for helping with his work instead. They went out not a moment after. They promised to meet again tomorrow. Clorica was having fun working, even though Doug thinks they should really do something other than 'work', Amber was just happy to be a part of the group.

The next, the trio went to see Margaret, calling her 'Expert Meg'. Margaret had heard about them studying on how 'to get it together', she decided to teach them something that will help them foster their sense of rhythm. At first, they didn't understand it, Margaret then explain that rhythm isn't just important in music, but in everyday life. She tells them that keeping a rhythm in performing their daily activities regularly such as "sleeping regularly" and "eating three square meals a day". She believed that by setting and keeping up a proper daily rhythm will help them keep it together. She began the lesson by starting the music, she then starts teaching them how to keep in rhythm by having them keep up with her dance moves. Doug was a bit sloppy, but he still tries to keep up. On the second 'phrase', Doug fell, and didn't seem wanted to rise up. After the lesson, he felt dizzy, and wasn't sure he can dance some more. The three of them had a small meeting afterwards. Clorica said that the next lesson will be the last, Doug didn't really understand the lesson, but was a bit sad that the lessons were almost over.

On the following day, they went to see 'Expert Dolce'. Dolce said that she doesn't have anything to teach them. But after Clorica, Amber and Doug persuade her, Dolce agreed after being called a 'Teacher'. She began teaching them to keep it together by always keeping calm under any cicumstances. Suddenly, Pico came rushing to hug Dolce, but Dolce dodged and Pico accidentally fell into the river. Then, Dolce wanted them to try keeping calm, but Doug was not sure how to. Clorica sees Vishnal just walking by the street, and called him to join them. Dolce wanted Vishnal to be their 'practice opponent', Vishnal asked what kind of practice opponent it was, Dolce replied by saying to let the three of them just beat him up. The three of them had beaten him up, leaving Vishnal all bruised up. Dolce said that the lesson is over, then she brings Vishnal over to the clinic. Clorica announced that their "Get It Together Course" has already finished. Doug was happy that the course is finished, Amber was also happy that they all worked hard. Doug asked Clorica why she just give away a 'lukewarm' reaction. Clorica still wasn't sure if she really can keep it together. Doug and Amber tells her that she had more of it together than both of them. Clorica is grateful that she improved. She said that "The Together Trio" finally had to break-up, but she is sure that their experience together will last forever.

Title Screen Dialogue

"It's Rune Factory 4 yo."
―Doug's dialogue at the title screen.


"Doug: Tomorrow's Dylas' birthday.
Lest/Frey: Are you going to get him a present?
Doug: Are you freaking stupid?! There's no way I'm getting him Corn Cereal!
Lest/Frey: Uh-huh. Sure. Corn Cereal?
Doug: Hey! No laughing!
―Doug's dialogue with the protagonist the day before Dylas's birthday.
  • "Well, take it easy."
  • "Yeeeeah. I don’t like bread. It’s pure evil, you know? It’s a spongy energy vampire of food."
  • "The most annoying part of helping out around the store is taking stock."
  • "Not bad, huh?"
  • I'm starving!
  • You can tell me anything.
  • Hey, welcome!
  • Is this rice?

Gallery and video

Rune Factory 4- Get It Together! Event

Rune Factory 4- Get It Together! Event



  • Doug shares a birthday with Max from Rune Factory 2 and James from Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.
  • Nicknames the female protagonist can call him after the confession event are Mr. Doug, Sir Doug, Douggie, Fresh and Baby (although he won't let you choose the last two and isn't happy with the rest, either). Nicknames he offers to call you are Li'l <Name>, Princess, Princess <Name>, Dear <Name>, and Honey (to which he then objects).
  • If the female protagonist asks Doug how long had he liked her for while they are dating, he'll reply with "Um... I don't know... Maybe since I saw you for the first time?"
  • Zaid's tribe was also killed off by humans, hinting that Doug and Zaid are from the same tribe, that and the fact that they both have silver eyes which all of those in Zaid's tribe had.==References==